Monday, August 15, 2011

Fact # 8: Donald Duck

Did you know that in the Disney cartoons, Donald duck represented what we are because of his attitude problems and Mickey Mouse represents what we should be because of his kind nature?

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Watch as I endeavor in the question of why the sky is yellow, and discover a strange bird...

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My Feet Are Flying!

My feet are flying around! I can't stop getting my groove on! Watch as I struggle with the hardships..... of dance. (I am narrowing my eyes and moving my head weirdly as I say this. Haha!)

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CB'S Stop Motion Films

This film rated A for Awesome

Enjoy! I made a few stop motion films! WARNING: They are so awesome, you may go blind.

Esme's Relief

  "Just give me a chance!"
  "I'm sorry."
  "But why not?"
  "You are too young!"
  "I am only two years younger than you!"
  "I know! I just need to do it alone."
  "But why?"
  "You wouldn't understand."
  "I wouldn't? Just try!"
  Esme looked into her younger sister's eyes. Though she wouldn't admit it to herself, Esme wasn't a little girl anymore. She was old enough to come this year.
  "Elsie, I love you, and I don't want you to see this."
  "But I am old enough!"
  "Do you really want to see it?"
  Esme was going to a Hanging Day to see her cousin hang. "Elsie, I don't want you to have to see this. But if you really want to see something you can't un-see..."
  Esme looked into her sister's excited eyes. "Okay, well, come on, then."
  When they arrived, they found a seat at the Tyburn Gallows. When Jack Ketch put the noose around her cousin's neck, she looked away. Esme couldn't watch. But when she turned back, her cousin was standing behind someone in a tri-corner hat holding a scroll. The King's Pardon! Their cousin was saved at last!
  When the messenger announced the King's Pardon to the gathering, some booed, but many cheered. When her cousin was allowed to leave the Gallows, Elsie ran up to him and hugged him.
  "What did you do, anyway?"
  "I didn't do anything!"
  "Is that why you got the King's Pardon?"
  Their cousin nodded.
  "I'm so glad!" She hugged him again and Esme joined them. They all walked to their carriage not far away and road off.

        "The best part of life is when you almost lose it."
   --Esme Fletcher


HEEY HEY HEYYY!!!! How is everybody!? Sorry, my grandmamy needed visiting!!!

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