Saturday, December 24, 2011

Coming Soon: Solar Penguin Dance Party

This one won't live up to your expectations. I just did this one for fun. Coming soon, there will be a dance party video that will ROCK YOUR OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD'S SOCKS OFF! Woot!

Look for it soon on the one and only ART DRAWER!

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The Art Drawer Logo Contest 2 - Entry 1

moonembrace -

Thank you very much! Your logo is under consideration, and it looks to be very promising!

The Art Drawer

Rain and Thunder (Artistic Video)

Rain and Thunder is Our Plunder
Time Duration: 1:01 minutes
Music: Rain and thunder is Our Plunder Soundtrack (Garageband Music by CB. Rights Protected.)

This is a video. An actual video that really complements my vision. It worked out just as I had hoped it would, which is unusual for my videos. This is the first one I am really happy with (though I quite enjoyed my editing technique on my One Man Show). I hope you enjoy.

I had this vision of a rainy day, and music, and all of the artistic perspectives, so I composed some music on Garageband. I mapped out these points in the music where it didn't fit right, and I marked it, calling it a "Crow." I divided each Crow Section and wrote in a shot sequence for each shot on a Legal Pad (Legal Pads are very good for video notebooks). I then either found the shots in iPhoto (our photo-holding application on our Mac), or went out and shot them right then and there. This video is the final outcome of my artistic vision, and I do hope you enjoyed. Please give me feedback, whether good, or bad. I am currently studying videography, and I would like to know what I could do better.

Steps and hints to getting better at guitar: Beginners

1.) Make sure that you learn how to change from chord to chord.
2.) Learn new chords.
3.) After learning the easy chords start learning some harder ones.
4.) Learn the B Major chord.
5.) Learn the F Major chord.
6.) Learn easy songs.
7.) Learn a moderately-difficult song.
8.) Learn a hard song.
9.) Learn how to tune your guitar using the fret-method flawlessly. (How to video will be posted soon)
10.) Learn how to tune your guitar by ear, flawlessly.
11.) Play a friend or family member a song. This will boost your confidence and help you to avoid stage fright.
12.) Perfect the C G and D chord. These are the most frequently used chords.
13.) Practice for about an hour a day (or more!)
14.) Time. You need to make sure you have plenty of time to practice the guitar.
15.) Learn theme songs to a few favorite shows!
16.) Try to learn 1 song or more every 2 weeks. Not required but a good idea!!
17.) Warm up before playing.
18.) Don’t stop for mistakes. You can’t be perfect and the more you don’t stop to fix a mistake the more it will appeal to people and yourself that perfection isn’t what playing the guitar is for but for fun.
19.) Try learning how to read music rather then tab!!!
20.) Learn how to hold a guitar properly.
21.) Use finger exercises. As weird as it may sound it REALLY helps with flexability, and can help you move your fingers around easier. Here is a video link to teach you a few you can do:
22.) Learn to not put your thumb over the guitar neck. Do: Don’t:
23.) Did a string break? No problem! They don’t cost a lot of money to fix. Just take it to a music store and you will pay about $5 to $10 to replace it.
24.) When do I change my guitar strings? When they break. When they start to change color. Or when they just wont tune properly. People who practice and play more tend to need to buy strings more frequently.
25.) Make sure you know the names of each string. The thickest string (E) is the bottom string. Not the top. Start memorizing the strings from bottom to top. Eddy Ate Dynomite Good Bye Eddy, is a good what to remember the strings names. top→EADGBE←bottom.