Monday, August 8, 2011

Nurb? Whats an nurb?

You may notice I like to reference myself- (so do my friends and family) -as a 'Nurb'. Yes 'Nurb' is one of my nick names, that my brother and I came up with, because of my personality..

Lets do some math here to figure this "Nurb" thing out...

Noob+Nerd= Nurb

Okay, Now you are just annoyed..

You: a 'U'? SERIOUSLY!?
Me: Okay the lets do some geometry!
You: O____________O

O. Lop of O's head and O becomes U.. Take the middle of your e out and put it on the bottom. Flip the new 'e' upwards and your e is now a u.

Keep it Nurby.~RK

Blogs to Read!

Some great blogs to read:

The Quibbler (An Almost Diary of Luna Lovegood) by Connor B
A funny log of the fictional character Luna Lovegood (The author in no way takes credit for any of the Harry Potter characters, books, or movies.  Harry Potter characters © Warner Bros Pro. and JK Rowling. This blog is in no way affiliated with Warner Bros Pro. or JK Rowling)

Words of Birds by Molly J and Connor B
The adventure of two birds that somehow become best friends.

Q and A by Eva R
The random arts of a creative person

The Adventures of Sam the Raccoon by Jamie Well
The adventures of the fun-loving raccoon that is longing for a place to be

Recipes Around You  by Celina E
The instructional site that offers fresh recipes for YOU! (The author in no way takes credit of the recipes posted on this site)

My (Kinda) Diary by Molly J
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Thoughtdrops by Celina E
The blog about nature and her quirky thoughts

The Miscellaneous Drawer by Connor B
The blog about, well, everything

Enjoy these witty reads!

Just a Tip...

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Fact # 1: Keyboard!

The most used part on a keyboard is the top row of letters! Thats because it contains all of the vowels except for 'a'. Speaking of the top row of letters on a key board, did you know back in the day when they used typewriters, they wanted to make it easier to spell 'typewriter' so they put all the letters in that word on the top row of a keyboard! Try spelling it in the comments section! Also tell us if you learned something new today!

Keep it nurby!~RK

Vote! Vote! Vote!

What should CB's next post be about? Make your ideas as random as me! (And that's REALLY random!) Thank you! Please post your ideas in the comments. :D

Rain by CB

It falls from the sky like a drop of the sun,
It always falls, no intent of stopping, it ne'er slows,
It always insists on dropping, it stops for none
It does what it will, goes where it goes.

It touches thy skin like a silken wing,
Encasing thee in a heavenly trance,
Stopping thy worries, and numbing thy sting,
Making thee feel secure, even when relying just on chance.

Wetting thy face, drenching thy clothing.
Thee has always bade that on another day, it come again.
Falling, falling, whilst the freezing wind is blowing.
Thee is found always peering at the sky, looking at the clouds, hoping for rain.

My Poor necklace..

Tis now broken. The charm looks like this:^

it has a smiley face inside like this: . .
.................................o v o


Vote on which one you like best!

Rhymes by CB

It rolls off your tongue,
Tumbling over itself,
'Til it hits the ground.

Winter's Cold by CB

T'was a quite cold night,
Ne'er had I dreamed such a plight
Would befall me now.

Wind by CB

You never see it,
You cannot touch or hold it,
Yet, you know it's there.

Rain by CB

It falls from the sky,
Pounding the earth with its drops,
And soaking the land.

The Water Cycle by CB

The sun carries it,
The clouds will dispatch of it,
And all starts again.

What will you pull out of your drawer?

Pencils? Your wig??

Pants?! (You had a weird day yesterday..)

We Find All this and more.