Saturday, September 8, 2012

How To Crochet a Teardrop Animal Tail

I am crocheting a fox right now! The creator of the pattern I am using has asked for it not to be shared anywhere, so I won't be posting that (but you can see it here). With no disrespect to the designer, I didn't care for the tail much, so I went searching for it around the internet. I came across a tumblr blog with the perfect pattern for it, but it was for sale, not free (see that blog (Sweet N' Cute Creations) here. It is the Fennec Fox post). SO, I had to make my own since I didn't find another one I liked. Thankfully I recorded the rounds I did. I don't believe the longer part of the tail was recorded right, but the teardrop bit is right.

The following words are going to be or people searching keywords for this kind of tail:

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Yarn (Maybe white for the tip and another color appropriate for your animal)
Crochet hooks: Size K/10, and size H/8 (K/10 can also be the hook size you used for the rest of your animal; H/8 is just a smaller size than the regular size you are using)
Yarn scraps

If you don't know how to increase, decrease, and magic circle, try these links: IncreaseDecreaseMagic Circle.
SC= Single Crochet, or the regular crochet stitch.
R19 through 27 are the long pat of the tail. Adjust to fit your own animal.

   In White:
R1: 3 stitches into magic circle (3 stitches)
R2-4: One sc each stitch around (3 stitches)
R5: Increase each stitch (6 stitches)
R6: Increase each stitch (12 stitches)
R7: Increase each stitch (24 stitches)
R8-16: One sc each stitch around (24 stitches)
   Switch to Red (or other color)
R17: sc each stitch around (24 stitches)
R18: Two decrease, two sc (16 or 17 stitches)
R19-21: sc in each (16 or 17 stitches)
R22: Two decrease, two sc (12 stitches)
R23: Two decrease, one sc (9 stitches)
R24-27: sc each stitch around (9 stitches)
End with a slip stitch and cut, leaving a long tail to attach it to your creature!

I hope I helped and didn't cause frustration! I had to do some weird stuff with the tip of mine because i went to long at the very beginning and hd to tuck it in a sew it with the hook and do lots of weird stuff, so it may not turn out right... Ha, that is how all my tutorials seem to be, huh?  Haha! :)

'Sweet N' Cute Creations''s Amigurumi Fennec Fox pictures AND 'Nimoe's Blog' ( inspired me to create this tail. Thanks to them!

Random + Writing,

P.S. If you find anything wrong with this pattern, or figure out if R18 and 19 had 16 or 17 stitches, PLEASE do comment to me and I will adjust it! :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Where's Waldo Funny Comic

Where's Waldo has troubles of his own.

Slenderman Funny Comic 4: Slender-DOWN!

The Slenderman weight-loss program.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Slenderman Funny Comic 3: Slenderaphel


Slenderman Funny Comic 2: Slender, Ender, and Voldy

Here is the second picture I made of Minecraft's Enderman, Slenderman, and Harry Potter's Voldemort.

Slenderman Funny Comic

So, Slenderman is this monster based off of a German tale. He is really pale with no real facial features, he wears a business suit, has really long arms that he can change the length of at will, and tentacles. He lurks in the shadows and does not make any noise. He has been found (in the story, not in real life) with dead children in trees (ew, I know!). Some believe that since we have never seen him killing anyone (actually we have never seen him at all, but still), he may be protecting us from a greater evil. He is said to be linked to trees somehow. I dunno.

So, because I hate scary things, I giggled at the ghostly and made fun of him with my friends last night! This is the comic that arose from all the jokes (created using Google Docs Drawing document):