Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Newscast Taping

I was in a taping of a newscast yesterday. It wasn't like, CNN or something. It was an assignment to write a transcript for a Greek/Roman "newscast." We all did other projects, but one of my friends, who also writes scripts, wrote a transcript and we all participated (there are six 6th graders in my class. All the rest are fifthies. d(; ) I played Persephone, goddess of gardens and flowers. Sarmasi played Demeter, goddess of agriculture, who is also Persephone's mother. Bigab played Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle strategy.  Macreon played Larry Zuza (a play on the host of the CNN Student News show, Carl Azuz). Scarlett Telsarct played Dionysus, god of wine (the actress was a girl). And Rasim was our technician (all of their names were scrambled for security. Those aren't ACTUALLY their names).

Anyway, we all played our parts pretty well, and we recorded it in our school's newsroom. It was a lot if fun! If I can get access to it, I will post it here.

Random + Writing,