Saturday, July 21, 2012

Searching for the Art Drawer II TRAILER

The Art Drawer Studios and CB Productions present. . .

The movie will be filmed BY December of this year. 

How to Make a Heating Pad/Microwavable Beanie Bag

Hey guys! Its RK again.. I still haven't uploaded any pictures to my photo blog... Because I'm a procrastinator... :D But, I have a video for you! It's about how to make a microwavable heating pad/beanie bag. You can put it on cold feet, cramps, sore necks or backs etc, under your knees, or any where that you are cold. You can put them under your bed covers to warm up your bed before you go to sleep as well! I can't directly upload the video 'cause don't know how to on the computer I'm using. So I gave you a link instead.

How to make the beanie/heating pad:

-Fabric/old T-shirt
-Sewing machine and thread
-Buck wheat/Rice (Buckwheat is recommended)

Written instructions:
1) Iron out two pieces of fabric. If you don't have fabric use an old T-shirt. Put a book on top of the fabric and trace around it with fabric chalk, or if you don't have fabric chalk you can use an alternative: bar soap.
2) Cut around the outline of the book. Make sure that your two pieces of fabric are the same size.
3) Sew only 3 sides of the beanie with a sewing machine. You should now have a pouch. Flip the pouch right side out and fill 1/3 of the way with buck wheat.
4) Making sure that all the buck wheat is at the bottom of your pouch, sew the open side of your pouch closed with the sewing machine. Then trim any excess fabric off.

How to make the Beanie Case:

-Fabric/ old T-shirt
-Sewing Machine and thread
-Your beanie

Written Instructions:
1) Iron out some fabric. Cut out a piece 2 times as LONG as the beanie plus an extra inch. Make it the same WIDTH of the beanie plus an extra inch.
2) Flip the fabric to the side you WON'T see when you make the case. Then fold the fabric over about a centimeter on both sides of the fabric. When you fold it, iron it so it stays.
3) Sew along the folded parts of the fabric to make a seam.
4) Flip the Fabric over to the side you WILL see in your end result.
5) Fold the fabric over a little less then half way. Iron down so that the fabric stays in place. Fold other side of fabric so that it over laps the first fold.(It should be folded so that you can't see the side of fabric in your end result).
6) Put your beanie OVER the almost done case to see if the beanie will fit inside. If the beanie will fit, then sew the sides together.
7) Flip your case right side out.

How to put the beanie in the case, How long to microwave it, and other important things:

Written instructions:
Microwave for about one minute, depending on how hot you want it. To put the beanie in the case, Stick the bottom of the beanie in one of the flaps. Then pull other flap over beanie. You can buy Buckwheat in the produce section of a grocery store. If you can't find it ask someone who works there. If they don't have it you can use rice instead, but buckwheat just works better.

If you have any questions, or need clarification, please feel free to ask! I really hope you like this creation!! It comes in handy at winter time too!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK