Thursday, June 13, 2013

Goodbye, old friends

So, as you can see (if anyone still reads these), we are pretty much no longer posting anymore. RK and I are still friends, but it is hard for anyone to maintain a closer-than-glue relationship from opposite corners of the country. We are still perfectly wonderful friends, but we are friends of faith that we remain that way. We have spoken 2 or 3 times in the last year, though I do not believe us to have grown apart at all, if you can believe that. I have made a couple new friends, and RK has, as well, but none replace either of us, I am sure.

Enough rambling about that, now.

The Art Drawer has been going for nearly two wonderful years, and for that we are proud. We have posted our feelings, our work, and our interests in this website. But I believe that has come to a close.

I have not consulted RK about this, but seeing as neither of us have posted for 6 months, I think she will agree when I say that we have finished with The Art Drawer. It served its purpose, which was a place for us to continue to work together and be connected, and to show our work to the world. And it has done just that, and more for us. It has served us well, and I still love our website, our place, our Art Drawer. But its work is done, and we must now retire the poor old thing.

We are not deleting the website; our things will still be here; but we are finishing with it once and for all. It is time to lay the idea of The Art Drawer to rest. Our long absence will become a permanent one, and this blog will fade from our and your memories, but it will still be here. 


Waiting for you to discover it again.

Random + Writing, for the very last time,