Monday, August 29, 2011

How to play Breathe Me On guitar By: Sia Furlur

Hey Guys! I am very sorry if my voice was so quiet... It's not that I was speaking quiet, It is just this dumb video and sound quality.... POOR! Anyways Here is what I said incase it sounds like I am mumbling the whole time:
Hey guys! You've got RK here with a video tutorial on how to play.. Breathe Me, by Sia Furlur, so umm, Here it goes! Alright! Your gonna take your index finger and put it on the first fret on the second string (B) Take your middle finger and put it on the second fret of the third string. (G) Take your ring finger and put it on the third fret of the forth string (D) And take your pinky finger and put it on the third fret on the first string (e) now play, the third string *strums G* and go to the second string. *strums B* and then just do that four times. *plays G and B strings four times* Okay. Then take your middle finger off the.. Fret board or the neck what ever you wanna say, and do the same thing. *plays G and B strings four times* Then... Put it back down and play the fourth string the. play the first stri- No, Then play the second string. (So play fourth then second) and do that two times. *plays D and B strings two times* then play the fourth string, and then the first string four times. *plays D and e strings four times* and then all together it would sound like this. *plays melody* and then thats all you have to play! You just loop that through the entire song!! ^^ if my instructions were too hard then go onto and look up How to play "Breathe me" by Sia and then uhh.. The user name is ze77en soo Look uo this on aaand thats where I got MY instructions from so I hope you guys learned something new today and I'll see you in the FURTHER FUTURE! Alright this has been a video tutorial by RK! See you guys soon! Keep it nurby!!

Wooow! I said a lot! huh? That was a lot of typing!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK