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Hey guys! Sorry! I am not good at keeping people updated (BFHJGJGJK) So I will have more posts (lagndtyjt) later.(zxdwhn jg 0bfbh n)2r VB )ERTvervvvv xswfvd bhtnhtjm gk,wy,,hm hm h ng)

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JUST REACH 600! WOW! Right? Sometimes the stat thing acts up... Yesterday it say 813... Yeah, that's not happening anytime soon....

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How to play Breathe Me On guitar By: Sia Furlur

Hey Guys! I am very sorry if my voice was so quiet... It's not that I was speaking quiet, It is just this dumb video and sound quality.... POOR! Anyways Here is what I said incase it sounds like I am mumbling the whole time:
Hey guys! You've got RK here with a video tutorial on how to play.. Breathe Me, by Sia Furlur, so umm, Here it goes! Alright! Your gonna take your index finger and put it on the first fret on the second string (B) Take your middle finger and put it on the second fret of the third string. (G) Take your ring finger and put it on the third fret of the forth string (D) And take your pinky finger and put it on the third fret on the first string (e) now play, the third string *strums G* and go to the second string. *strums B* and then just do that four times. *plays G and B strings four times* Okay. Then take your middle finger off the.. Fret board or the neck what ever you wanna say, and do the same thing. *plays G and B strings four times* Then... Put it back down and play the fourth string the. play the first stri- No, Then play the second string. (So play fourth then second) and do that two times. *plays D and B strings two times* then play the fourth string, and then the first string four times. *plays D and e strings four times* and then all together it would sound like this. *plays melody* and then thats all you have to play! You just loop that through the entire song!! ^^ if my instructions were too hard then go onto Youtube.com and look up How to play "Breathe me" by Sia and then uhh.. The user name is ze77en soo Look uo this on Youtube.com aaand thats where I got MY instructions from so I hope you guys learned something new today and I'll see you in the FURTHER FUTURE! Alright this has been a video tutorial by RK! See you guys soon! Keep it nurby!!

Wooow! I said a lot! huh? That was a lot of typing!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

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Hey everyone! I have been checking my Bumpy gmail each week and guess what emails I got?

None. Only stupid emails from some website I don't even remember ever subscribing to. :(

PLEASE just email me SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING. I would love to get hate mail from you! Any mail really! Even good mail! What EVER you want to do, just SEND IT.

Thanks a lot!

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I AM SO SORRY. Our computer was in the shop with a disease (it had a virus) and it is back now! RK disappeared again by the looks of it, so I will be making up for all the facts soon. So sorry! To make it up to you, we will have two facts a day, going in order of the current fact, and in chronological order of the missed ones. Thanks for your patience, and even your lack of it!

Random + Writing, (Oh how good it feels to be able to TYPE that)

Monday, August 22, 2011

To draw

You always look at something inspiring and go home and try to draw it. Paper by paper it just WON'T turn out right. You start to get frustrated and give up. You look up how to draw hands, feet, poses. Nothing works. Dedication does. If we want to get good at something we always think it has to be perfect first time around. The truth is, It takes a while to get use to something. We need to dedicate our time to something we love, and be inspired by almost everything. I love to draw but does it turn out right every time? No. Absolutely not. If you want help with drawing, don't look up HOW to draw it. Look up and image of what you are trying to get better at drawing. Then simply just draw it. I have a very hard time figuring out how to shade and how to draw hands. Thats why I have two drawing books. One for nothing but practice. the other for nothing but my finished products. I know how exactly some of you feel.. My source would be experience.
Be intrigued.
Be Inspired.

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

iPod Touch and no computer

Hi everyone sorry for grammar i am on an ipod touch so it is easiezt o have runon sentences. ourcomputer got a vius and wont work so nkw we can only use our touch. :( if i get a chance, i mightpost from school. sry bout no facts! i have been busy, and right when i decided to post one our computer decudes it doeznt work. :( well, c u l8r

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Tofu Song

Remember how I said I was going to make a Tofu Song in the comments of RK's super awesome Guitar post? Well, since I am an even bigger copycat, I made a music video for it. Enjoy, and CREEPY.

Thanks for watching! Special thanks to RK for this idea! Comment or rate if you like it!

The Girl, The Ghost, and The Train Ticket *UPDATED!*

A girl is having a normal day, and suddenly, a ghost train appears! What happens next, nobody expected!

Special thanks to Princess Anime from the Blog Frog for playing Esme in this video. Thanks!

With Princess Anime playing Esme, and me, CB, playing Genevieve, our film-day together couldn't have been more fun! I hope you get together with you again, soon, Princess Anime!!!

(Thank you to my parents, LB and GB for camera work, and to GB for playing the Train Conductor.)

(You may have watched this video before December 24, 2011. I have added a couple things. Over all, it is the same. The video itself is now called "The Girl, The Ghost, and The Train Ticket: Revisited")

YAY! 2

We have just hit 400 views! Our next goal is 450, so everyone, spread our link! Thanks to all who have read us, and may there be many more posts for you to enjoy!

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P.S. Look out for two new videos by CB!

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I Am At My Grandma's House

Hi sorry about any typos and punctuational mistakes. On my Grandma's iPhone. More later

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Fact of the day # 11- Feeling sleepy?

Scientists are unable to explain the study done in 1998 that if you shine very bright light on the back of someone's knees it resets a persons sleep-wake clock

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Escape of the Institute

     Sarah stared out her window, yearning to be there with the trees and the bugs. But she knew she never would. No one who went in here ever comes out, she thought. It was only a matter of time before It happened. When the Institute falls. Then, Sarah and Henry and all of the Members would be free again.
     Sarah shuffled back to the bed. She felt restless again, so she got up and walked to the door. She jiggled the handle, but she knew it would never open. The doors were always locked at the Institute. Sarah felt like the walls were leaning in on her, getting closer and closer until they would crush her. She glanced at the clock. It read 4:00. It was time. She walked to her closet and took out the thing she had been saving for this very moment.
     She lifted the heavy hammer and walked to the door again. She lined up with the handle. Then she reared the hammer back and brought it down with a satisfying Smash!
     She ran as quietly as she could out into the hallway, still holding the hammer. She unlocked all of the handles of every door, and the people started pouring out behind her. As she turned a corner, she saw a dark shape. She shrank back against the wall. When she opened her eyes again, she saw this it was Henry. He had the most of the Members with him.
     "Are you all ready?" Sarah asked them all. They nodded solemnly back. As the sea of children came closer, she was glad to see the rest of the Members concealing themselves in the middle of the crowd. She watched as they dragged six bound and gagged Institutioners with them.
     "Our hostages," Henry said, following her line of sight.
     "Perfect," Sarah waited for the rest to get to them, and they set off towards the Astronomy Tower. They were to wait there with the hostages while the Leader got Mr Crønnbehri.
     Exactly ten minutes later, as planned, the Leader was striding towards them with Cønnbehri's shoulder in her grip.
     "Let us go," She said when she had reached them.
     "Then we shall let them go," The Leader pointed to the hostages that were perched precariously on the edge of the tower. Henry let go of this hostage for a second, watching him wobble on the edge. When he was about to fall off, Henry caught him.
     Sarah observed Crønnbehri's panicked face as he watched Henry's trick.
     "Us, or them?"
     Crønnbehri thought for a moment. "Them," he answered.
     "Them?" The Leader repeated. Crønnbehri wasn't supposed to say 'them.'
     "Yes. I wish to keep you," Crønnbehri strode away, leaving the Members dumbfounded. Henry let go of his hostage, deep in thought.
     When he started to fall off, Henry said, "Oh!" and caught him at the last minute. They all looked to the Leader for what to do next.
     "Let them go, then," She said, a faint smile on her face.
     "Aaah???" A hostage said through her gag.
     "It is Crønnbehri's fault. He wanted us more than you. Do you want to do something about it?"
     Sarah was starting to understand. She grinned and shook her hostage over the edge, but held on. The hostage yelled, and exclaimed, "Yes! Yes! We'll help you!" Or, at least, that is what Sarah thought she said through the gag.
     "Good," The Leader said. "Let them down," The Leader rubbed her pointy ears, as she often did when she was excited.
     "Now," she said, "we begin the Revolution! We will free our kind and bring a good name to our families! Let us be free! In the name of Gremlins, we will be free!"
     "Gremlins!" The Members shouted. Everyone yelled and cheered. Many flapped their wings.
     "But first," she continued, "we need to un-gag the hostages," The Member pulled the gags from the Institutioners' mouths. "And next," she went on, "We will be rid of this place!"
     Everyone cheered again.
     "We will help you!" A hostage yelled. "We will get you out of here!"
     The hostages started walking.
     The Leader waved her hand and fourteen Members rushed forward and seized them.
     "You will kindly escort us out by your guard friends."
     The hostages started walking again, letting the Members hold their shoulders. They led everyone down the steps and into the Hall. They nodded at the guards as they walked past, and soon they were out.
     Sarah felt the cool breeze, and watched the trees swaying. They soon came to a forest. As the Institutioners led them into the forest, the Leader was talking to them.
     "We are so close, my friends!" A cheer went up. "We will soon reclaim our kingdom! After two-thousand years, we will return to power! Gremlins will rule the earth once again!"
     When they came out into the open, Sarah saw something she did not expect. She saw tall buildings, and cars driving around. There was smoke coming up every which way, polluting the air her ancestors had breathed thousands of year ago.
     "Institutioners!" The Leader barked. "You have led us astray! Take us back to the real world!"
     "That is the real world," A hostage explained. "The Institute was trying to protect you from what the world had turned into. You have killed your own race. You will now need to fend for yourself. Good luck."
     The hostages shook off the Members and disappeared into the forest.
     This was definitely not the place that Sarah had dreamed about.

Fact of the day # 10: Eye Balls!

Did you know the human eye consists of 2,000,000 working parts!?


Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

RK's Stop Motion!!


Sorry that the pictures are so small. One day I might repost it, in a bigger size.

Keep it Nurby! ~ RK


Just because I like CB's stop motion piano and I am a big copy cat, I made one for guitar! It also has lyrics!

Fried chicken is so sweet!
Something that I like to eat!
Oh that succulent meat!
It will never ever cheat!
Because I'm comin' up with lyrics that is so cool, you made yourself look like a fool!
Maybe even a mule..
So I pushed that mule into the pool.
When he got out he started to drool,
'cause the fried chicken smelled so good.
Just like that cedar wood.
Ohh, he was in the hood.
That chicken was marinating in the curd,
cause when he was alive he was nerd,
and RK is a nurb
Keep it nurby! YEAH!

Curd: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curd

YAY! 300!

We have reached 300 views! Thank you to everyone who reads us! Our new goal is 350 views! Thank you for reading, we all appreciate it, and we love very one of our readers. This blog started as a simple way for two friends to communicate publicly from opposite corners of the U.S. Now, our popularity is climbing, and we are all really excited about how much everyone has been reading our blog. We spend a long time compiling facts, and writing the posts, and making the videos, so we feel really loved when the views are high.

Thank you to each and every one of you! You have encouraged us to keep writing. Thanks guys!

Random + Writing,

~Keep it nurby!

Fact #9: Dwaaaaack! Fwaaaantweeeeoooeeee!

The title above is what Donald Duck would say when saying his first and middle name. Did you know that Donald's middle name is Fauntleroy? Now, that's a funny name for a duck!


Random Interesting Facts and Laws!: http://m00cow007.tripod.com/id3.html
Donald Duck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Duck
Donald Duck - Users Cwnet.com: http://users.cwnet.com/xephyr/rich/dzone/hoozoo/donald.html

For more, visit: http://www.google.com/search?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=1G1GGLQ_ENUS383&q=donald+fauntleroy+duck&oq=donald+fauntleroy+&aq=0&aqi=g1g-v3&aql=&gs_sm=c&gs_upl=15666l20395l0l21648l18l15l0l8l8l0l834l1947l1.

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Fact # 8: Donald Duck

Did you know that in the Disney cartoons, Donald duck represented what we are because of his attitude problems and Mickey Mouse represents what we should be because of his kind nature?

Keep it Nurby! ~RK


Watch as I endeavor in the question of why the sky is yellow, and discover a strange bird...

Thanks for watching1

My Feet Are Flying!

My feet are flying around! I can't stop getting my groove on! Watch as I struggle with the hardships..... of dance. (I am narrowing my eyes and moving my head weirdly as I say this. Haha!)

Thanks for watching! 

CB'S Stop Motion Films

This film rated A for Awesome

Enjoy! I made a few stop motion films! WARNING: They are so awesome, you may go blind.

Esme's Relief

  "Just give me a chance!"
  "I'm sorry."
  "But why not?"
  "You are too young!"
  "I am only two years younger than you!"
  "I know! I just need to do it alone."
  "But why?"
  "You wouldn't understand."
  "I wouldn't? Just try!"
  Esme looked into her younger sister's eyes. Though she wouldn't admit it to herself, Esme wasn't a little girl anymore. She was old enough to come this year.
  "Elsie, I love you, and I don't want you to see this."
  "But I am old enough!"
  "Do you really want to see it?"
  Esme was going to a Hanging Day to see her cousin hang. "Elsie, I don't want you to have to see this. But if you really want to see something you can't un-see..."
  Esme looked into her sister's excited eyes. "Okay, well, come on, then."
  When they arrived, they found a seat at the Tyburn Gallows. When Jack Ketch put the noose around her cousin's neck, she looked away. Esme couldn't watch. But when she turned back, her cousin was standing behind someone in a tri-corner hat holding a scroll. The King's Pardon! Their cousin was saved at last!
  When the messenger announced the King's Pardon to the gathering, some booed, but many cheered. When her cousin was allowed to leave the Gallows, Elsie ran up to him and hugged him.
  "What did you do, anyway?"
  "I didn't do anything!"
  "Is that why you got the King's Pardon?"
  Their cousin nodded.
  "I'm so glad!" She hugged him again and Esme joined them. They all walked to their carriage not far away and road off.

        "The best part of life is when you almost lose it."
   --Esme Fletcher


HEEY HEY HEYYY!!!! How is everybody!? Sorry, my grandmamy needed visiting!!!

~Keep it Nurby! ~RK

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We are sorry. The internet is currently under construction. The World Wide Web will reopen on:
December 12, 3061. Thank you for your patience, and sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. 
Thank you,
The Internet

Coming Soon!

I have a friend from school. She has a blog and her pen-name is Princess Anime. She is super funny and nice! She's coming over to my house on Friday, and we are going to film a movie! It is about a girl to meets a ghost who lost her train ticket, so now she can't get to the Other Side. I play the ghost named Genevieve. PA plays the girl named Esme. (I always thought that Esme was such a pretty name!...) Genevieve wears this old dress and looks really old fashioned, and she speaks funny. Esme is modern and sympathetic with her. I won't tell you any more, because I don't want to spoil it for you! Ooooh I can't wait!!!!!!

Here is PA's blog: www.princessanime-theblogfrog.blogspot.com

Fact #7: 1 Minute: 17¢

Did you know that if you earn $20,000 a year, a minute of your time is worth a little over 17¢. If only school paid that much...


Random and Interesting Facts and Laws: http://m00cow007.tripod.com/id3.html

I am not good at math, so I am not sure how, but you could write an equation that solves it, I guess... I couldn't find it anywhere else, but I am guessing that it is true... If any mathematicians are out there reading this, tell me if it is wrong, please! The comments are set for Anyone, so you can comment even if you don't have a Blogger. :)


We just reached 200 views! So, to celebrate, we will be posting lots of funny and random posts throughout the week! I just wish RK was here to see it... She hasn't talked to me for five days! I really do how she is okay...

Lets celebrate, everybody!

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Dear RK,
Are you OK? I have emailed you 100 times, and you haven't answered... Sorry I've been hogging the blog for a few days, but you aren't here! I hope nothing has happened... If something has, I understand, but I am only worried about you. I know you aren't ignoring me or anything. :) Get back soon! We all miss you!

Random + Writing + Love and Worry,

Fact #6: Bath Time!

In Kentucky, every citizen is required to take a bath at least once a year. Imagine how stinky that would be if they didn't! And to think, it was necessary to make that a LAW. I guess no one was... P.U.!


Random Interesting Facts and Laws!: http://m00cow007.tripod.com/id3.html
Fun Factz.com: http://www.funfactz.com/weird-laws/in-kentucky-us-every-citizen-is-required-by-1816.html
Answers.com: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070701054247AAJ76M0

For more, visit: http://www.google.com/search?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=1G1GGLQ_ENUS383&q=required+bath+in+kentucky&oq=required+bath+in+kentucky&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=4365l11116l0l11167l27l12l0l8l0l0l914l3084l4-1.0.3l4

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Fact #5: Oklahoman Whaling

Did you know that it is illegal to whale hunt in Oklahoma. Think of how many whales will be saved in the Oklahoman Sea!!! By the way, here is a map of the U.S. incase you have no idea why this law is funny.  Oklahoma is the state That is pointing and is right above Texas.

Random Interesting Facts and laws!: http://m00cow007.tripod.com/id3.html
No Whale Hunting in Oklahome <<One Man's Voice: http://www.robert-gonzalez.com/2009/04/01/no-whale-hunting-in-oklahoma/

How to Write a Book, Part 1: The Very Beginning

This week, we are learning how to write a book. Everyone has read a book. Today, we are writing fictional books. This means it isn't a true story. If might be realistic fiction, where is could have happened, but didn't, or historical fiction, where the events and maybe some of the people were real, but the main characters most usually were not. Sometimes it is a real person, but not usually.

First of all, think of an idea. It could just be the first few sentences of a book. You might to have an idea to begin with. Just write. I can almost guarantee to you that by the next couple of paragraphs, you will be incubating an idea in your head, fertilizing it. Soon, it will grow into an elaborate set p for your characters, situations, and ultimately, the climax.

"If you wait for inspiration to write, you're not a writer, you're a waiter."
--Dan Poynter

Also, once you have the faintest sliver of an idea in your head, you ned to make the beginning interest the reader. Later, once your idea is fully grown, you will almost have to go back and change it a bit to fit the story, but even before then, you need to figure out a first-draft way to get readers interested. Here is the first few paragraphs of an untitled book I am currently writing:

It was a morning much like last week’s in the city of Starna in the great land Grimfalia. Not too hot, not too cold. But is was too... Something. Dark? At least, that’s what Belva LeRenard thought as she got ready for Evening Day. Evening Day was when the people of Grimfalia celebrated the coming of night, which lasted one thousand years.
By now, Belva was ready. She was wearing the Red Shawl of Livetronte. The shawl depicted a raven holding six snakes and six swords in it claws. Belva was also wearing the official robe of Lockenesk. The robe was black with stars and had the raven embroidered on the front. She picked up her satchel.

Next, once you have written your first couple of paragraphs, you will have a hatching idea in your mind. Above, I had only barely created the essence of Belva. Later in the novel, though, she had taken a her own shape. She was fun loving, adventurous, and rushed head first into everything without a second thought (which she usually ended up regretting afterwards). Soon, your main character will take shape to, growing and changing in your mind. Pretty soon, control will be out of your hands in into theirs. At least for me, they do everything of their own accord, and I only write it down. (Yes, yes. It seems like I m trying to show off or something, but I'm not!)

Anyway, after you have written your first paragraphs, the story will start. The mystery, or the problem, or the situation will come into focus, come into play, or begin. These next paragraphs of my novel were the ones that began the story.

She went downstairs to say good bye to her grandmother.
“Minniline?” She called to her grandmother. “Minniline, are you in here?”
“Minnie weft,” Belva felt a tug at her gown and look down to see her brother Peter clinging to her, tears in his eyes.
“Petey, what did you say?”
“Minnie weft.”
“Where did she go?”
“There,” The five-year-old pointed to the ground.
“Peter,” she said, crouching down to look him in the eye. She grasped his shoulders. “Where did Minnie go?”
“She went down. She said, ‘No more of this. I will go now.' She said, 'Say bye-bye to Bevvie.’ And she went down.”

See, above, the mystery, the situation started. Now the readers are wondering. Where is Belva's grandmother? What does Peter mean by saying that she went 'down?' Also, if you want (all of this is only a suggestion), you can make it a bit tear-jerking. This wasn't really, but it is a bit of an example.

Peter, I-” Revelation poured over her. Minniline was dead.

A better example would be: (This isn't from my novel)

  "But where are you going?"
  "I don't know."
  "Where will you live?"
  "I don't know."
  "What DO you know?"
  "I love you. Take care of everyone. America is our last hope. Wish me luck, Eva. Goodbye," He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and a hug. Eva was too shocked to say anything.
  "Goodbye," Eva said, her voice cracking. She watched her brother walk away from her, head high, shoulders back. He is so brave. She thought. Eva had grown up with her brother. She had always looked up to him, looked to him for advice. And now he was gone, and never coming back. 
  He disappeared into the sea of bodies. Is this the last time I will ever see him?She watched him board the boat, and it began the set sail. She saw him leaning over the railing, waving to her. 
  She shook her head and turned away, failing to see her brother waving to her out of distress, signaling to help her. A man grabbed him and they disappeared.

  I don't think you will have cried, and if you did, you are a sissy. ;) Anyway, you see how I started it out where it just jumps into the story? And then you kind of start reading, because you don't know what is going on. I made it a bit tear-jerking, but not so much that it was sappy. I also thought I'd just start it out where it is all, Who grabbed him? How did he know he needed help? Why didn't he ask anyone else for help? Why just her?

  That is all we are doing for now on the beginning. In the next installment of How To Write a Book, we will learn a bit more on the beginning. In the next next one, the rising actions, and then the climax, and then the falling actions. Also, in another writing workshop, we will learn about character development. 

Questions or comments? Just click on my profile and then Send Me A Message, or email my secondary email,  ItsBumpyBackHere@Gmail.com

Thanks! (I don't bite!)

Random Chapter Writing: #1

  "But where are you going?"
  "I don't know."
  "Where will you live?"
  "I don't know."
  "What DO you know?"
  "I love you. Take care of everyone. America is our last hope. Wish me luck, Eva. Goodbye," He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and a hug. Eva was too shocked to say anything.
  "Goodbye," Eva said, her voice cracking. She watched her brother walk away from her, head high, shoulders back. He is so brave. She thought. Eva had grown up with her brother. She had always looked up to him, looked to him for advice. And now he was gone, and never coming back. 
  He disappeared into the sea of bodies. Is this the last time I will ever see him?She watched him board the boat, and it began the set sail. She saw him leaning over the railing, waving to her. 
  She shook her head and turned away, failing to see her brother waving to her out of distress, signaling to help her. A man grabbed him and they disappeared.

   Evelyn McWheedon sat on her stoop. She was waiting. Not waiting for rain, or to see her father's carriage pull up, or even for the mail. She was waiting for a pigeon. She was sitting in agonizing anticipation for her pigeon, Adéle, to show up. Six weeks ago, Evelyn had sent her to France to carry a note to her friend, Amélie. Evelyin peered into the red and purple sky, thinking of all the terrible things that could have happened, when she saw a white speck in the distance. She craned her neck to see what it was as it flew erratically over her house, and it doubled back and landed, haphazardly, next to Evelyn. It was carrying a package. What in the world?... Evelyn thought as she untied the package. Adéle flew off to her perch in the chestnut tree. 
  What Evelyn unwrapped was amazing. Terrifying, but amazing none the less. Evelyn reached gingerly in and held up a brass ring, inset with a scarlet gem the size of her knuckle. When Evelyn held it up the light, she saw a flash of green in the gem. She could feel its power surging through her fingers.
  She saw another flash of green and a twig snapped behind her. She gasped and turned around. 
  "I wondered when you would see me," A woman was standing behind her.
  "I am... Someone. Names don't matter right now." 
  "But, how--"
  "That ring you're holding? Yes, that is one of the most powerful artifacts on earth, and if you let it out of your sight, you will be guilty of putting existence in danger. Do you understand?" She didn't wait for Evelyn to answer before continuing. "Either you give it to me our you hold the biggest responsibility that has ever existed."
  Evelyn stood, and looked at the ring. 
  "Good," the woman said. "Now hand it to me."
  Evelyn put the ring in her pocket and stepped backwards a few steps. "Adéle!" She called, and a white streak shot out of the tree and hovered over her. Evelyn turned and ran. She had no idea why, but she knew that this woman was bad news.

The Midnight Meeting (My One-Man Show (As Heard Of In my Script Video))

If you watched my How To Write A Script video, you will have heard of a One-Man show. Here it is! Enjoy, and remember: I used the same technique as I told you about in my other video. I scripted it myself, did the camera work myself, edited it myself, and as you can see, acted both parts myself. It wasn't easy, but I sure am happy with the results! (To see my other video, click HERE)

Did you like it? Thanks for watching. Please, give me feedback in the comments, and click on your mood after watching this video below. Thank you!

Random + Writing + Acting + Editing + Camera-Work, 

Learn to Draw CB's Characters

Today we learn how to draw a few characters that CB made up! Enjoy, and bask in the AWESOME!

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Third Day Of School *UPDATE*

It was so much fun! The day went really fast, and I actually ORGANIZED my binder! Now it closes right! Woohoo! It went really fast, and Mrs Olinger is HILARIOUS! She told us stories about spiders and stuff. She is a natural story teller! Haha! I think changing classes makes the day go faster! We played a math game in math that wasn't too math-y. I walked in and saw the board numbered with dots in the middle of each line, and I was thinking, "Oh gosh. We are doing multiplication! Oh no!" But ti was just a setup for the game. :) If you haven't started changing classes yet, you will like it. If you have a good binder and all your supplies, you will do fine. No need to be nervous! Questions about changing classes? Suggestions for me? (Boy, do I need them!) Email ItsBumpyBackHere@gmail.com! Thanks!

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Third Day Of School

Dad is taking me this morning! Also, my ant bites don't hurt anymore, only, I think I got a splinter in my foot... :( School's gonna be awesome! (ALMOST) Can't wait!

To be Updated.

Random + Writing,

P.S. Sorry about how little posts there are each day, now. Those first two days where there were a lot was when I was still out of school. Now I am in school, so I only have time for a few.... :( I am sorry RK hasn't been posting! I think she has been spending more time with her family (I am OK with that)! Good luck at school, RK, and all our readers! We love each and every one of you!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ant Bites!

WA WA WA! I just got seven ant bites on one toe and on the bottom of my foot. :( Wish me well! THEY ITCH AND HURT LIKE-- Bell...

Motion Induced Blindness

This is a video one of my friends showed me. It is so cool! It is on YouTube by ATIseminars, not by us. We are in no way taking credit for this video and are in no was affiliated with ATIsemiars or any of their videos. For more videos like this, visit their YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/ATIseminars

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw101eBziHI&feature=player_embedded for the video, or watch it below. Please share this link and video with your friends and family!

Isn't it cool? Follow the directions at the beginning. Every once in a while, I would look at the yellow dots to see if what you thought happened really happens, and it DOES! Cool! Also, you will NOT actually go blind! :D

Have fun, but i warn you: You will watch it ALL       THE       TIME. ;)


Again, The Art Drawer's authors take no credit for this video. We are in no way affiliated with ATIseminars or any of their videos. Thank you for watching, and please subscribe to ATIseminars.

Fact #4: FortUSAne Cookies

Did you know that fortune cookies were actually invented in AMERICA? NOT CHINA! How crazy is that??? The beloved cookies were invented in 1918 by Charles Jung! That is why they are only given out in Americanized Chinese and Asian restaurants.


Second Day of School

I am sort of happy, sort of sad... :(/:) I don't know which... Wish me more luck!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fact of the day # 3

Look out people of New York! Did you know that a plant has started growing in New York and other northern states called Hog weed? You may just be thinking, ''Yeah so? A weed how interesting....'' It isn't just any weed. If touched this weed can cause blisters or scars that lasts for years! And that's not even the worst part, It can also cause blindness.

This plant poses a serious health threat; see your physician if you think you have been burned by giant hogweed. If you think you have giant hogweed on your property, do NOT touch it.
Contact between the skin and the sap of this plant occurs either through brushing against the bristles on the stem or breaking the stem or leaves.


OHNO! UNO! *Update!*

Actually, it went fine. I have Mrs Miller as homeroom. She is soooo nice and a really great teacher. Then I go to Mrs Egan for science, then to Mrs Nelson for reading (novels, and such), and then to Mrs Wright for writing, and grammar (pretty much English) (Wright and write. Easy enough to remember!) Then, finally, the long anticipated social studies teacher, Mrs Olinger. She is really nice and funny, but she is strict when she needs to be. I love social sudies this year, because I love Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece (and probably Rome too. The mythology was pretty much the same). And this year the entire sixth grade itinerary changed, so we are learning about all the ancient civilizations, like the Aztecs, Egyptian, Greeks, Romans, Mayans, Inuits, Chinese, all of them! I like all of my teachers!

Also, we got a new principal. His name is Mr Dunkel. He changed the seating at lunch from military style, where all the seats were arranged like this:
|                                                                      |
| (person)__(person)__(person)__(person)__(person)|

To regular, where the seats are like this:
| (person)    (person)     (person)     (person)     (person)|
|                                                                      |
|                                                                      |
| (person)__(person)__(person)__(person)__(person)|



Good luck with your big day!

Random + Writing,

How to Knit: Knit Stitch


Skein or ball of yarn of your choice of color.
2 knitting needles

Yay! Cheers to my first video tutorial!! Sorry for the poor video quality!! I only had a camera built into the computer! I must say it's very convenient! I hope you guys learned something new today! Have fun knitting!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

How to make a white board

Picture frame (With glass)
Printer paper
Dry erase marker
Optional: Velcro

Step 1: Take Every thing out of the picture frame you are using. EXCEPT for the glass.

Step 2: Start placing desired amount of printer paper into, frame. Suggested 3 layers or more.

Step 3: Place the backpiece in the frame. (The part that you can prop your frame, or hang it with.)

Step 4: Hook the hooks onto the frame.

Step 5: Write.

Step 6: (Not required) Take the rough part of velcro and stick it to one part of the picture frame. Take the softer part of velcro and put it on the dry erase marker. Then when you are not using the pen, velcro it onto the frame.

Keep it Nurby. ~RK


Yesterday, there was one more day of summer. Today, there are none. Are you ready for school? I'm not! Why can't the summer parakeet come out and see the shadow of its birdseed so there are six more weeks of summer? :( I guess I'll have to brave it. I got Mrs Miller. She sounds nice! Wish me luck everybody, and good luck to you on your big day!

Random + Writing,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011



CB'S Books: Coming Soon!

I am currently writing a few books. Right now, the one with the most progress is an untitled one. For now, its temporary title is Any Given Ailment.

A girl named Belva LeRenard her little brother Peter, and her two friends, Amadeus and Eveline, and Eveline's little sister Beverly set off on a journey in the great land of Grimfalia. When attacks of a serpent called a Slange are reported, the children are blamed. Can Belva, Amadeus, and Eveline prove themselves worthy of living before it is too late? Will they defeat the Slange? Is evil really too strong?

I have posted a picture of the Slange in another post. You can see it by clicking HERE.

CB'S How-To's: How To Write A Script

Hello! Welcome to CB’s How-To’s. Today, we are teaching you how to........ Write a script! I have written lots of scripts, and I have performed some. I did a one-man show of a script I wrote. The genre we are learning today is fantasy. These instructions will also work for realistic, and science fiction. Also, I will be assuming you already have an idea. I am also expecting it to be for a video, not a play, though these instructions will also work for a play.

Here is what you will need: A computer or pencil and paper; A good idea; Your imagination!

First, you need to come up with temporary names. Maybe, Sam, or Betty, or Frank. Something short to write. When you figure out the name that you will use in your final draft, you can change all of those to the right name. Or maybe you already have a name in mind. Then you can just put down that name at the beginning.
Next, start your idea. You need to present it in a way that catches the viewers’ attention. Maybe Laura says, “Frank, why did you do it?” or Betty says, “Anastasia, how could you?” Depending on your idea, it might be a question or a conversation.
Second, introduce a bad guy, or an antagonist. Maybe she is an evil witch, or even an ordinary person. Maybe she is threatening your hero or heroine.
Third, after you have launched into your story, and after the climax, maybe throw in a red herring. This means to twist the story. Maybe a bad guy is really a good guy.
Now, once you have done everything, you need to wrap it up. Maybe a reuniting between sisters, just to find out that one of them has to leave.
Finally, after you have edited it and spellchecked, acted it out and uploaded it onto the computer, add special effects or something that jazzes up the video.

Thank you for watching! Good luck with your scripts, and may there be many more!
        Also, a video of my one-man show may soon be found in a following post.*

        *I have posted it! Click HERE to view it!

How to Knit: Knit Stitch


Skien or ball of yarn (Your choice of color)
Two Knitting Needles

Hi guys! RK here with her first video tutorial on how to knit a basic Knit Stitch! I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I want to apologize about the poor video resolution. I was using a camera built into the laptop but I must say it is VERY convenient! You can buy knitting needles at WalMart in the craft section sometimes or at any craft store. If you do not have any craft stores or WalMarts near you it is always a good idea to check any store that has a crafts section! I hope you learned something new today and I hope it helped!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

The Empty Toothpaste Tube by CB

You give it a squeeze,
Nothing comes out.
You even say please,
And now you just pout.

You hit it on the sink,
And still only a drop comes,
You squeeze til your face is pink!
And the only thing you can get are those little dried crumbs.

You flatten it out,
Just to get some slime,
To clean out lunch's sauerkraut,
All to find that there was new tube there the whole time!

Fact #2: E-ART-h

This is not completely opinion. Have you ever looked at the word Earth and figured something out? The fact of this is in the spelling, not the opinion behind the spelling.


See, in the middle of the word, you find the word ART. If you take that out of the word Earth, it becomes Eh.

I take this to mean that a world without art is boring. You know, Eh! That is an opinion, but today's fact of the day is in the spelling.

Random and Writing,


Feel free to use this fact on your blog or website. Yo are not required to put our link on your site, but it is much appreciated. Thank you! ~RK and CB

Drawings I Have Done (CB)

Here are some drawings I have done in the past:

This one is a raccoon I drew a while back for a book I was writing:
His name is Sam. He is based off of an injured
raccoon that wandered into our yard.

This is a drawing of a girl for a short story I wrote called Estelle's Rainy Days:

This is Estelle

This one is of a mythical creature I made up for a book I am writing. The creature below is called a Slange (pronounced Shy-awn-yah), Norwegian for Serpent, I think.
The Slange

I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to give negative or positive feedback (Yeah, let's do positive, what do you say? No, say what you mean. (: )

20 Things That People Typically Get Wrong About My Name

1. It is with an O, not an E.

2. I know it is unusual and a boy name. Why don't you believe it's my name?


4. Dear intercom speaker person at school: When you call and say, "Mrs Teacher, would you please send Connor B down to the office? His parents are waiting for him!" It isn't really a mistake that my parents asked to check out their daughter.

5. One C. Two O's. Two N's. One R. NO E'S. What is so hard about that???

6. I am a girl.

7. I am a girl.



10. I don't mind my name, so stop asking.

11. Yes, I know my name is strange.

12. Okay. You have a brother named Connor. I don't care.

13. Sure, sure. Yes, you know a boy named Connor.

14. I AM A GIRL!!!!

15. Mm hmm, you saw a boy on TV named Connor, yeah, real cool.

16. Can't you see, I AM A GIRL.

17. No E. I tell you, and it is in one ear, out the other.

18. I am not from Ireland.

19. I am not from Scotland. My name is only Connor.

20. When you go on Registration Day at school and find out what teacher you have, it is not a mistake that someone name Connor got on the girl's side of the list, so stop laughing.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Nurb? Whats an nurb?

You may notice I like to reference myself- (so do my friends and family) -as a 'Nurb'. Yes 'Nurb' is one of my nick names, that my brother and I came up with, because of my personality..

Lets do some math here to figure this "Nurb" thing out...

Noob+Nerd= Nurb

Okay, Now you are just annoyed..

You: a 'U'? SERIOUSLY!?
Me: Okay the lets do some geometry!
You: O____________O

O. Lop of O's head and O becomes U.. Take the middle of your e out and put it on the bottom. Flip the new 'e' upwards and your e is now a u.

Keep it Nurby.~RK