Tuesday, August 9, 2011

CB'S How-To's: How To Write A Script

Hello! Welcome to CB’s How-To’s. Today, we are teaching you how to........ Write a script! I have written lots of scripts, and I have performed some. I did a one-man show of a script I wrote. The genre we are learning today is fantasy. These instructions will also work for realistic, and science fiction. Also, I will be assuming you already have an idea. I am also expecting it to be for a video, not a play, though these instructions will also work for a play.

Here is what you will need: A computer or pencil and paper; A good idea; Your imagination!

First, you need to come up with temporary names. Maybe, Sam, or Betty, or Frank. Something short to write. When you figure out the name that you will use in your final draft, you can change all of those to the right name. Or maybe you already have a name in mind. Then you can just put down that name at the beginning.
Next, start your idea. You need to present it in a way that catches the viewers’ attention. Maybe Laura says, “Frank, why did you do it?” or Betty says, “Anastasia, how could you?” Depending on your idea, it might be a question or a conversation.
Second, introduce a bad guy, or an antagonist. Maybe she is an evil witch, or even an ordinary person. Maybe she is threatening your hero or heroine.
Third, after you have launched into your story, and after the climax, maybe throw in a red herring. This means to twist the story. Maybe a bad guy is really a good guy.
Now, once you have done everything, you need to wrap it up. Maybe a reuniting between sisters, just to find out that one of them has to leave.
Finally, after you have edited it and spellchecked, acted it out and uploaded it onto the computer, add special effects or something that jazzes up the video.

Thank you for watching! Good luck with your scripts, and may there be many more!
        Also, a video of my one-man show may soon be found in a following post.*

        *I have posted it! Click HERE to view it!

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