Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Art Drawer Logo: Conclusion

The votes are in! The new logo for the Art Drawer IS.....

Da, dada DAA!! The new Art Drawer logo is the bow-tie, drawn by Yours Truly! Thank you for your submissions, which were all very beautiful! Wonderful job everyone, and thank you for participating in one of the most important events in all of Art Drawer History!

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Sew Your Own Cut-Open Avocado!


  • Dark green felt
  • Light LIGHT green felt
  • Bright brown felt (pit. This means that this color shouldn't be very dark, or too light. More bright beige than anything)
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Stuffing
Set up -
  1. Cut out an avocado-shaped shape out of the light green felt.
  2. Place it on the sheet of dark green. With a good, black pen, trace around the light green, but a bit larger than the shape. MAKE SURE YOU TRACE FARTHER AWAY FROM THE LIGHT GREEN SHAOE TOWARDS THE BOTTOM (THE FAT PART)
  3. Cut out the shape you have marked with the pen.
Skin -
  1. Fold the dark green over. Slide long scissors into the crease, and cut it in half, more or less.
  2. Trim off a tiny bit from the straight side, curving a bit of the top, and a bit of the bottom.
  3. Place them on top of each other, and sew the straight(-ish) edges together.
  4. Flip it 'inside-out.' This means the seam is not sticking out from it and it is not flat; the seam is more on the inside and the rest is curving around it.
Inside -
  1. Place the light green shape even with the top of the dark green. Sew them together, shifting them so that the edges of the dark green are sewn to the edges of the light green, even though they are of different sizes. DO NOT SEW IT ALL THE WAY!!! Stop about 2 - 3 inches from finishing, but don't tie-off yet.
  2. Don't turn it inside out, this time. Leave the stitch on the outside, not doubled over on the inside. Stuff it (NOT TOO MUCH!!!) and finish sewing it up.
Pit -
  1. Cut a circle out of brown felt. Hold it up to the light green of the inside of the avocado. If it looks about the right size, put it back on the sheet of felt and cut a circle about 7/16 of an inch larger (not in square inches; in size going away from the center)
  2. (See step 4 before starting step 2) Line up the small circle with the larger circle's top and sew them together, shifting it around, just like the avocado itself. DON'T SEW IT ALL THE WAY UP!!! Stop about 1 inch from finishing, but don't tie-off, yet.
  3. Stuff it really big. The smaller circle should stay rather flat.
  4. The larger circle will be too large to sew onto the smaller one, because its circumference (distance around it) is so large. Double it over a tiny bit in a few places once you have stuffed it so that it looks better. (FROM STEP TWO: READ STARTING HERE) If you wish, you can do the pit similar to how you have done the avocado (cutting the larger into two pieces and rounding, then sewing it together so that its circumference is closer to the smallest).
  5. Place it towards the bottom of the light green of the avocado (the small circle should be touching the avocado). (This might be kind of hard...) Sew the pit to the avocado using the seams you made when making the pit. Try and have it centered, so that it is not closer to one side than the other. Tie off when finished.
  6. Make any finishing touches, like snipping off strings, cleaning p messy stitches, etc., etc., etc.

Avocado! These show the color of the skin, a pretty good version of the color of the inside, and the placement of the pit. (As you can see from the lower right corner of the photo, the Art Drawer does not own this picture)

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ART DRAWER! We have shared our art for the 2000th time! We have finally reached 2000 views. Thank you to all of our friends, close and far!!!

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