Tuesday, August 9, 2011



CB'S Books: Coming Soon!

I am currently writing a few books. Right now, the one with the most progress is an untitled one. For now, its temporary title is Any Given Ailment.

A girl named Belva LeRenard her little brother Peter, and her two friends, Amadeus and Eveline, and Eveline's little sister Beverly set off on a journey in the great land of Grimfalia. When attacks of a serpent called a Slange are reported, the children are blamed. Can Belva, Amadeus, and Eveline prove themselves worthy of living before it is too late? Will they defeat the Slange? Is evil really too strong?

I have posted a picture of the Slange in another post. You can see it by clicking HERE.

CB'S How-To's: How To Write A Script

Hello! Welcome to CB’s How-To’s. Today, we are teaching you how to........ Write a script! I have written lots of scripts, and I have performed some. I did a one-man show of a script I wrote. The genre we are learning today is fantasy. These instructions will also work for realistic, and science fiction. Also, I will be assuming you already have an idea. I am also expecting it to be for a video, not a play, though these instructions will also work for a play.

Here is what you will need: A computer or pencil and paper; A good idea; Your imagination!

First, you need to come up with temporary names. Maybe, Sam, or Betty, or Frank. Something short to write. When you figure out the name that you will use in your final draft, you can change all of those to the right name. Or maybe you already have a name in mind. Then you can just put down that name at the beginning.
Next, start your idea. You need to present it in a way that catches the viewers’ attention. Maybe Laura says, “Frank, why did you do it?” or Betty says, “Anastasia, how could you?” Depending on your idea, it might be a question or a conversation.
Second, introduce a bad guy, or an antagonist. Maybe she is an evil witch, or even an ordinary person. Maybe she is threatening your hero or heroine.
Third, after you have launched into your story, and after the climax, maybe throw in a red herring. This means to twist the story. Maybe a bad guy is really a good guy.
Now, once you have done everything, you need to wrap it up. Maybe a reuniting between sisters, just to find out that one of them has to leave.
Finally, after you have edited it and spellchecked, acted it out and uploaded it onto the computer, add special effects or something that jazzes up the video.

Thank you for watching! Good luck with your scripts, and may there be many more!
        Also, a video of my one-man show may soon be found in a following post.*

        *I have posted it! Click HERE to view it!

How to Knit: Knit Stitch


Skien or ball of yarn (Your choice of color)
Two Knitting Needles

Hi guys! RK here with her first video tutorial on how to knit a basic Knit Stitch! I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I want to apologize about the poor video resolution. I was using a camera built into the laptop but I must say it is VERY convenient! You can buy knitting needles at WalMart in the craft section sometimes or at any craft store. If you do not have any craft stores or WalMarts near you it is always a good idea to check any store that has a crafts section! I hope you learned something new today and I hope it helped!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

The Empty Toothpaste Tube by CB

You give it a squeeze,
Nothing comes out.
You even say please,
And now you just pout.

You hit it on the sink,
And still only a drop comes,
You squeeze til your face is pink!
And the only thing you can get are those little dried crumbs.

You flatten it out,
Just to get some slime,
To clean out lunch's sauerkraut,
All to find that there was new tube there the whole time!

Fact #2: E-ART-h

This is not completely opinion. Have you ever looked at the word Earth and figured something out? The fact of this is in the spelling, not the opinion behind the spelling.


See, in the middle of the word, you find the word ART. If you take that out of the word Earth, it becomes Eh.

I take this to mean that a world without art is boring. You know, Eh! That is an opinion, but today's fact of the day is in the spelling.

Random and Writing,


Feel free to use this fact on your blog or website. Yo are not required to put our link on your site, but it is much appreciated. Thank you! ~RK and CB

Drawings I Have Done (CB)

Here are some drawings I have done in the past:

This one is a raccoon I drew a while back for a book I was writing:
His name is Sam. He is based off of an injured
raccoon that wandered into our yard.

This is a drawing of a girl for a short story I wrote called Estelle's Rainy Days:

This is Estelle

This one is of a mythical creature I made up for a book I am writing. The creature below is called a Slange (pronounced Shy-awn-yah), Norwegian for Serpent, I think.
The Slange

I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to give negative or positive feedback (Yeah, let's do positive, what do you say? No, say what you mean. (: )

20 Things That People Typically Get Wrong About My Name

1. It is with an O, not an E.

2. I know it is unusual and a boy name. Why don't you believe it's my name?


4. Dear intercom speaker person at school: When you call and say, "Mrs Teacher, would you please send Connor B down to the office? His parents are waiting for him!" It isn't really a mistake that my parents asked to check out their daughter.

5. One C. Two O's. Two N's. One R. NO E'S. What is so hard about that???

6. I am a girl.

7. I am a girl.



10. I don't mind my name, so stop asking.

11. Yes, I know my name is strange.

12. Okay. You have a brother named Connor. I don't care.

13. Sure, sure. Yes, you know a boy named Connor.

14. I AM A GIRL!!!!

15. Mm hmm, you saw a boy on TV named Connor, yeah, real cool.

16. Can't you see, I AM A GIRL.

17. No E. I tell you, and it is in one ear, out the other.

18. I am not from Ireland.

19. I am not from Scotland. My name is only Connor.

20. When you go on Registration Day at school and find out what teacher you have, it is not a mistake that someone name Connor got on the girl's side of the list, so stop laughing.