Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sixth Grade Christmas

In my class, the 6 people in our grade have decorated the pod for Christmas (the pod it the in between room between classrooms. Sometimes called the office, too). We have Christmas lights around the whiteboard, tinsel streamers around the door, bells, stockings, Christmas trees, and ornaments. But the most fun of all is the Secret Santa! We are getting gifts for each other. I got a present already. Also, since one of the kids in my class might not be here on Friday (our Opening Day), he showed his to his recipient today, but the recipient can't have it till tomorrow. Mine is already wrapped. In the morning, I need you to email me, reminding me to bring the Secret Santa gift ( The funny thing is, we haven't told our teacher, and we didn't have permission to decorate, but she saw it and didn't object... I wonder how she will react on Friday when we give and receive? O.O Laul!*

Random + Writing + Christmas,

P.S. Sorry if you don't celebrate Christmas! That is perfectly fine! No reason it wouldn't be! If you don't celebrate Christmas, in the comments, tell us a little bit about what you do during the holidays, or what you celebrate instead. We would love to learn about your culture! :D

*Instead of thinking L-O-L, I actually think 'laul,' as in 'Paul.' I also think 'burb' instead of 'B-R-B.' Haha!