Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RK's Amazing cosplay!!


I haven't posted posted in a while because I had to get signed up for school, go on a short vacation and overall I was just plain BUSY!

Keep it Nurby! RK

The last of the anime drawings

Yes I do realize that some of them are better then others. The ones of Edward Elric, Alphonze Elric, Winrey Rockbell, Envy (All from Full Metal Alchemist) and Kon (From Bleach), was done with a reference picture and the rest were all made up. The ones that were made up are NOT nearly as good as the ones that I had a reference picture for. I suppose that Haters Gonna hate though. Right?

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

And more anime drawings...

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

More Anime Drawings

Awkward pose, much?

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Anime Drawings

I use to have a ton of sleep overs with my friend B*****. Her pen name is PrincessAnime and we use to love to draw together. One day I skyped her and she asked if I ever was gonna post the pictures that I drew. I made a promise, so I wanted t keep it!

Dedicated to PrincessAnime.

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Have you noticed??

Have you noticed that I like to go "..." a lot? Like heres an example. Uhhh.. I can't find one... Sorry. HAHAHAHA! I MEANT THAT LITERALLY TO AND IT TURNED OUT WITH THE ...'S I GUESS IT'S JUST NATURAL TO ME! :D... Woow.. I got really excited over that huh?... Yeah.... I gotta go....

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

How to make an AMAZING sock thing!

A clean sock (Preferably NEW)
A marker (Preferably Black and a sharpie)

The dumbest and mot pointless thing to find on the art drawer.. Don't worry I am starting to post more often so don't..... Don't..... Don't get get upset!... Hehe! I said don't get upset for the lack of a better thing to say...
Yes. I know. My hat is awesome. You can get it at Burlington Coat Factory. That is if you even have a Burlington near you and they sell those..

Keep it Nurby! ~RK and Molasses