Monday, July 30, 2012

My Writing Process

So I am in the middle of the script for the 'documentary' of Searching for the Art Drawer II. No spoilers here, I'm afraid, though I do think I know where it is going.

The point of this post is that my writing process is weird. I come up with the title, then I write a list of the characters. Then I picture a scene somewhere in it. Then I write a little bit of the beginning. Then I write an outline and usually change the beginning. Then I continue writing the script until I have an awesome idea and change the beginning again, or some other part. I usually end up deleting a character and/or adding a new one. Then, when I am about to finish, I get all happy and write a flimsy end that I change RIGHT WHEN I FILM IT. In Searching for the Art Drawer I, at the end, I was going to have CB read the Nerds' note and say something like, 'The Nerds!' but instead, while I was filming, I decided to end it with 'I must rendezvous with... someone.' And I, personally, liked that better! I am sure glad I did it, too, because of the sequel/prequel (no spoilers, see?). If I hadn't, it would end without a cliffhanger, and that never works for MY sequels! :D

So that is a little bit of the months ahead for me! Right now, I am on the 'write an outline and change the beginning.' I am not totally done with the outline yet, though. I can say that Sweepy will probably return! ;D That wasn't a spoiler because I am unsure.

Random + Writing,