Sunday, December 23, 2012

Apocalypse 2012 Horror Movie

Six friends went out on a 'hunt for the apocalypse,' just for fun, but none of them came back. This is the footage from their camera.

Just kidding! This is an improv movie my friends (Kelli, Gabbi, Scarlett, Marissa, Briella) and I did while on our hunt for the apocalypse. It was a lot of fun to make, and I love our plot! We did this while at Gabbi's house for our apocalypse party.

So, did you survive the 2012 apocalypse? Remember, we all got to pretend stuff happened so we can tell our children and grandchildren our war stories and such. Did ya see those zombies? Heh heh, they were terrible, right?

Random + Writing,

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My posting relapse

Hey everyone!! Its RK again... Omigosh, I am very sorry I haven't posted anything in..... almost....... a year..... O____O wow has it really been that long?! Well anyways I am going to make it a personal goal that if I find somethng interesting, motivating, or fun then I will post about it!! Right now I am feeling very motivated and organized and prioritized enough to start posting again! I just can't type fast enough to get all my thoughts down!!! AAAH!! Well my next post might not be the most interesting, but after reading it I'm sure you will be able to accomplish.... *in whispery voice* ANYTHING.  Okay! I'ma go type it!! :D

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Monday, November 19, 2012

Haunted House: Night Of

The haunted house was on Oct 27, 2012. I had a bunch of stuff to do after that with drama so I couldn't write about it yet. Anyway, it was amazing! My whole schpeil was about no one ever bringing my grave flowers, and how I was so upset that they were going to Grandmother's House (the plot of the HH was that they were going to Grandmother's House) instead of visiting me! It was a lot of fun and everyone did a super awesome job!

We had probably 20 groups of about 20 people, and each person was a $3 dollar donation to the Henegar Center, so we made a lot of money! But, of course, having fun and giving the little ones a fun experience was the main goal! :D

One of the groups had to be sent through backwards for reasons I don't know. So we got about a minute to try and figure out what the plot was going to be since they started at Grandma's House, where it usually ended. So it was just that they were running away from Grandma instead. It was our least happy and nice group! The other ones at least answered. And in Grandma's, they are supposed to dance  to funny Halloween music and have fun, but they just stood their while our Grandma danced.

ME: Oh, you all went to grandmother's house, didn't you?
GROUP: -_-
ME: She is not a very fun person to be with, now is she?
GROUP: -_-
ME: Well, did you at least dance?
GROUP: -_-
ME: Well, then! But I know I can assume you brought me flowers!
ME: Then you are not welcome in MY graveyard! Go on, then!
GROUP: -_- (leaves)

So, yeah.

But I didn't get any pictures, I apologize. There wouldn't have been any light, after all! It was a great acting experience for me, and I think I would like to participate in future Haunted Houses and similar improvisational things like that.

Have you every been to a Haunted House? Have you ever worked in one?

Random + Writing,

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Haunted House: Building Phase

Today we built the sets! It was amazingly fun!

I was the first there. Alone. In a dark, abandoned place. Yeah. Then more people came! Yay! But we still couldn't find Miss Pam. Then we found her down in the basement, through several drapes and walkways. She gave us buckets and boxes to carry and sent us off through the rooms of the abandoned haunted house. It was all these dummies and actually scary stuff, but it was all about 3 years old and completely untouched. We were to ransack the place for any props and such we could find. We ripped all these fake cockroaches off the walls, took all these spice jars and cups and all the scary stuff. I think the best find was this goblet with skulls as the stem! Another great find were actual animal bones. The girl with us freaked, and I wanted to examine it, but they wouldn't let me. (***not a find as in we took them with us***)

We went through room after room doing this, and all we had were two flashlights (one of which was mine). It was completely dark. No A/C, either. But we made it!

More people came and we took them down and went in all the rooms again and got even more stuff. We finally came to this one room that was too scary for any of us to go through. Probably didn't have anything, either. It was a room FILLED with hangers. With something on them that looked like a head and shoulders. With sheets over them. With blood on it. BODY BAGS HANGING FROM THE CEILING!!! One of us went through, not sure who, and we never saw them again......... Until they came back out. We left the basement and collected the foam headstones from the stairs.

We came out with our loot and loaded it into the Henegar basement (we had been in the high school basement). Then two more people came. We all worked and did stuff.

Mrs Pam gave us these carpeted stage dividers. They were rectangles with these little feet on the bottom. Used to divide a scene, or as a backstage, maybe. We took the elevator to get the four of them to the first floor, then got them down the basement stairs (finally). We did stuff after that down in the basement, looking for things. Mrs Pam them walked us through what the haunted house would be like. Really cool!!!

We blew up inflatable pumpkins, too, and went through props. We have the scarecrow scene set up, and the fortune teller's set almost done. :) I am going to be in the cemetery!

We danced around together for a while, but then it was four and we had to leave (we were to be there from 1 to 4).

I had a lot of fun, and it was an amazing bonding experience for all of us! I think we are better friends now after being scared and startled together for hours! All the people there were from our cast, so we were all friends already. Now we have even more trust for each other and will be able to perform with each other even better than before!

Random + Writing,

P.S. Don't forget! Next Saturday, October 27!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Haunted House

A children's haunted house is coming to the Henegar Center for Performing Arts! [Live in our area? Here's the link!] And guess what? I am acting in it!

Miss Pam, my drama teacher at Stage1Stars at the Henegar Center, asked us to participate! A lot of our cast signed up to help, so there will be a bunch of friendly faces in the midst of the scariness! I signed up to be a cemetery character. I already have a costume funeral dress: black with black lace up the arms. I am going to be sort of a Woman in Black type of ghost. My friend Priscilla will be a mad scientist! Not too scary, but kind of creepy-halloween-y!

It also counts as community service hours! If you live anywhere near the Henegar, please come join us! Contact my teacher, Pam Mankowski at If you don't want to be a part of it, but want to send your little ones, click the link towards the top of the post! That has the flier and info on it.

The haunted house will not be all bloody and gore-y or anything. It is for little bitty kids, so just a little creepy and fun!

It has been my dream for years to be a part of a haunted house! It is creepy role-playing and costumes for people who want to be there with you! Or, really, DON'T want to! ;D

Maybe I will put up pictures from the haunted house? I don't know.

October 27th, 2012! I am excited!

Also, just missed the closest Zombie walk! Oct 11. Last week! Argh! I misread the article. I thought it was today, but the one in the article actually said Downtown Orlando, not Downtown in my town. Huff!

Random + Writing + Haunted Houses and Zombies,

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween!: Detached Eyeball Crochet Pattern

I'm still alive, I promise! Sorry it has been so long, but I have been practicing crochet and making lots of different things, and now I am pretty good!

I might be alive, but this eyeball isn't! In my soon-to-be long line of Halloween-themed patterns comes a detached eyeball! Created originally for my dad to take to work and sit on his desk, this eyeball will spruce up any candy bowl or empty table this halloween.

If you cover you eye with your hand while holding the tip of the red,
it swings all grossly and it looks really cool/funny/disgusting/all three.

UPDATE: If you use a smaller hook, like a G, and attach the red a bit farther back, it makes it a LOT better. I don't like how the one in the picture has this weirdly shaped iris and pupil, but I made a new one with a lighter and brighter blue and the things I mentioned and it turned out a lot better!

Yarn: Black (pupil), Blue/Green/Brown (iris), White (white of eye)
Crochet hook: J/10 (6.00mm)

R[#]: Round [#]
sc: single crochet
dec: decrease
inc: increase
*_* [word]: In between ‘*’ is order of pattern, word after is how many times to repeat the pattern
--: continue for as long as desired
ch: chain
Sk: slip knot

Worked from pupil to back of white of eye (back of eye will not be exposed)
R1 Magic ring 3 (3)
(Iris Color)
R2 *2 sc* around (6)
R3 *1 sc, 1 inc* around (9)
R4 *2 sc, 1 inc* around (12)
R5 *3 sc, 1 inc* around (16)
R6-7 *1 sc* around (16)
R8 *3 sc, 1 dec* around (12)
R9 *1 sc, 1 dec* around (8)

Worked from middle of eyeball down into cone shape
R1 Attach red at eighth round (16)
R2 sc 1 in each (16)
R3 1 dec, 2 sc (12)
R4-5 sc 1 in each (12)
R6 1 dec, 2 sc (9)
R7 sc 1 in each (9)
R8 1 dec, 2 sc (7)
R9 dec 2, sc around (4)
R10-- sc around (4)
Join together so there is no hole in the red. 
Ch 12 from the closing, tie off.
Sk, then work 7 stitches on the chain from the closing of the cone.

Random + Crochet,

Saturday, September 8, 2012

How To Crochet a Teardrop Animal Tail

I am crocheting a fox right now! The creator of the pattern I am using has asked for it not to be shared anywhere, so I won't be posting that (but you can see it here). With no disrespect to the designer, I didn't care for the tail much, so I went searching for it around the internet. I came across a tumblr blog with the perfect pattern for it, but it was for sale, not free (see that blog (Sweet N' Cute Creations) here. It is the Fennec Fox post). SO, I had to make my own since I didn't find another one I liked. Thankfully I recorded the rounds I did. I don't believe the longer part of the tail was recorded right, but the teardrop bit is right.

The following words are going to be or people searching keywords for this kind of tail:

Teardrop, fox, tail, white, red, poof, amigurumi, crochet, rounds, single crochet, puffy tail, puff, animal, free, pattern, how to, tutorial,


Yarn (Maybe white for the tip and another color appropriate for your animal)
Crochet hooks: Size K/10, and size H/8 (K/10 can also be the hook size you used for the rest of your animal; H/8 is just a smaller size than the regular size you are using)
Yarn scraps

If you don't know how to increase, decrease, and magic circle, try these links: IncreaseDecreaseMagic Circle.
SC= Single Crochet, or the regular crochet stitch.
R19 through 27 are the long pat of the tail. Adjust to fit your own animal.

   In White:
R1: 3 stitches into magic circle (3 stitches)
R2-4: One sc each stitch around (3 stitches)
R5: Increase each stitch (6 stitches)
R6: Increase each stitch (12 stitches)
R7: Increase each stitch (24 stitches)
R8-16: One sc each stitch around (24 stitches)
   Switch to Red (or other color)
R17: sc each stitch around (24 stitches)
R18: Two decrease, two sc (16 or 17 stitches)
R19-21: sc in each (16 or 17 stitches)
R22: Two decrease, two sc (12 stitches)
R23: Two decrease, one sc (9 stitches)
R24-27: sc each stitch around (9 stitches)
End with a slip stitch and cut, leaving a long tail to attach it to your creature!

I hope I helped and didn't cause frustration! I had to do some weird stuff with the tip of mine because i went to long at the very beginning and hd to tuck it in a sew it with the hook and do lots of weird stuff, so it may not turn out right... Ha, that is how all my tutorials seem to be, huh?  Haha! :)

'Sweet N' Cute Creations''s Amigurumi Fennec Fox pictures AND 'Nimoe's Blog' ( inspired me to create this tail. Thanks to them!

Random + Writing,

P.S. If you find anything wrong with this pattern, or figure out if R18 and 19 had 16 or 17 stitches, PLEASE do comment to me and I will adjust it! :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Where's Waldo Funny Comic

Where's Waldo has troubles of his own.

Slenderman Funny Comic 4: Slender-DOWN!

The Slenderman weight-loss program.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Slenderman Funny Comic 3: Slenderaphel


Slenderman Funny Comic 2: Slender, Ender, and Voldy

Here is the second picture I made of Minecraft's Enderman, Slenderman, and Harry Potter's Voldemort.

Slenderman Funny Comic

So, Slenderman is this monster based off of a German tale. He is really pale with no real facial features, he wears a business suit, has really long arms that he can change the length of at will, and tentacles. He lurks in the shadows and does not make any noise. He has been found (in the story, not in real life) with dead children in trees (ew, I know!). Some believe that since we have never seen him killing anyone (actually we have never seen him at all, but still), he may be protecting us from a greater evil. He is said to be linked to trees somehow. I dunno.

So, because I hate scary things, I giggled at the ghostly and made fun of him with my friends last night! This is the comic that arose from all the jokes (created using Google Docs Drawing document):

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ukulele Chord Charts

Thinking of learning to play the ukulele? Here are the uke chords! These are not in any way property of the Art Drawer, but they are very helpful for those obscure chords you have no idea how to play! :D

If you have double-sided printing, you can print it on one sheet of paper and it is amazingly helpful!!!

I hope this helps!

Random + Writing,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I have started playing piano again after 2 or 3 years! I am having my dad reteach me. My first song right now is a 'Level Two' of Fur Elise. :) It is a lot of fun! But I still get the low A and low E confused! I am gonna get it soon, though! I can't wait to get better at piano because it offers a wider range, I guess? And just a different technique than guitar/ukulele. :D

Speaking of ukes, I really want to bring my ukulele to school for general music class, but I love it too much to let it be in any risk!!! I wish I could get a pocket ukulele, but the reviews don't sound too good and they are really expensive, so that doesn't sound like a very good option. Here is the review I read on it: Pocket Ukulele Review from If you are a musician or person with common sense, what do you think about it? Or especially if you have one, what do you think about yours?

Random + Writing,

Friday, August 17, 2012

Anniversary bust

Ugh. So neither of us did anything. But that doesn't mean we don't care. Now, before you click off of this because you think it is gonna turn into one of those sappy posts, don't. I just want to say, I LOVE YOU!

You ever have one of those amazing ideas and it is kind of an Ah HA! moment? Well, I had one 9 days ago. I thought, hey! I will write and film some anniversary stuff! But then I didn't. School, and homework, and crocheting. But these are not excuses. I just can't think of ANYTHING! Maybe Searching for the Art Drawer II will have something to do with the anniversary? (<-- I just had and Ah HA! moment there!) But I dunno. SO! Before you unfollow or decide we are boring cause we forgot about our own anniversary and haven't posted in 9 days, remember that a lot of my Art Drawer time is going to be spent writing the script for SFTAD II, and unless you don't want to see the sequel, cut me some slack!!! ;)

So this was basically an apology post... ugh, I AM boring!

Random + Writing + SFTAD II,

P.S. SFTAD II = Searching for the Art Drawer II

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One Year Anniversary

That's right. We have been sharing art and weirdness with you for a YEAR. An entire year! Throughout this week and probably some of next week, RK and I will be presenting things about our anniversary. Belated, of course, but in celebration! :D So for the next couple weeks you will be overwhelmed with anniversary stuff! Get ready. It's about to get serious.

Random + Writing + 365 ENTIRE DAYS, YO!,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crocheting and Knitting *UPDATED AND CHANGED!*

I am updating this post, because I felt it was wrong! I LOVE to crochet! I made myself a cell phone holder, I have made a few bags, I made a crocheted crochet hook case! It is a lot of fun! I may post a how to crochet tutorial sometime soon. Also, I am going to post a very basic How to Loom Knit tutorial! I noticed all of my loom knitting tutorials were assuming you already knew how to loom knit! I think I will try and make a video for that, because I actually can only use visual things for instructions... I don't know WHY I write my tutorials with no pictures...

Do you crochet or loom knit? Or needle knit? I find that pretty hard right now. Maybe with more practice I will get it! :D

Random + Writing,

Monday, July 30, 2012

My Writing Process

So I am in the middle of the script for the 'documentary' of Searching for the Art Drawer II. No spoilers here, I'm afraid, though I do think I know where it is going.

The point of this post is that my writing process is weird. I come up with the title, then I write a list of the characters. Then I picture a scene somewhere in it. Then I write a little bit of the beginning. Then I write an outline and usually change the beginning. Then I continue writing the script until I have an awesome idea and change the beginning again, or some other part. I usually end up deleting a character and/or adding a new one. Then, when I am about to finish, I get all happy and write a flimsy end that I change RIGHT WHEN I FILM IT. In Searching for the Art Drawer I, at the end, I was going to have CB read the Nerds' note and say something like, 'The Nerds!' but instead, while I was filming, I decided to end it with 'I must rendezvous with... someone.' And I, personally, liked that better! I am sure glad I did it, too, because of the sequel/prequel (no spoilers, see?). If I hadn't, it would end without a cliffhanger, and that never works for MY sequels! :D

So that is a little bit of the months ahead for me! Right now, I am on the 'write an outline and change the beginning.' I am not totally done with the outline yet, though. I can say that Sweepy will probably return! ;D That wasn't a spoiler because I am unsure.

Random + Writing,

Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to make Pajama Shorts!! :D

Hey guys! I went to the store today and saw this cute fluffy fabric, and it made me think of pajamas. We bought the fabric and I put together a tutorial for you, about how to make PJ shorts! :D **Editors note: I said in one of the videos that you don't have to make the shorts two layers... I take it back!! Make the shorts have two layers!

-Fluffy, soft, or cute fabric of your choice
-Fabric Chalk
-Shorts or shorts pattern (You can get shorts cheap at a thrift store)
-Ribbon (optional)
-Sewing machine (recommended) or Needle and thread

Step One:

Written instructions: Get a pair of shorts and cut ONE of the sides of the shorts. Then cut the part of the shorts that goes in between your legs. Iron the shorts, so they are flat and easier to work with.

Step Two:

Written instructions: Place the shorts on the fabric you're going to use and trace the shorts with fabric chalk, or bar soap. Cut along the line.

Step Three:

Written instructions: Flip over both pieces of fabric, so that you see the underside of your fabric. Stack both pieces of fabric on top of each other, and then sew both pieces together on every side except the two sides if you lay the fabric horizontally.

Step Four:

Written instructions: Flip the fabric right side out... That's all you really have to do for this step so watching the video is completely pointless.. :I (and find ribbon that you like ;) )

Step Five:

Written instructions: Measure how long your shorts are with a tape measure or ruler. Then take that length and measure X amount of inches on your ribbon. Add an extra 2 feet or so. Once you cut your ribbon, fold the ends over about a centimeter and sew a seam, so the ends don't fray. Next measure how tall your ribbon is and put that measurement on the top of the shorts sew a line that is as tall as your ribbon down the top of the shorts. Then sew the two sides together and sew the part that goes in between the legs to the rest of the shorts. (PS its easier to understand if you watch the video)

Step Six:

Written instructions: Cut two slits about in inch apart on the front of the shorts. Then where the seam was, cut a slit in front, and on the other side of it to make it so you can thread the ribbon through.

Step Seven:

Written instructions: Attach a safety in to one of the sides of the ribbon, and put it through on of the slit in the front. Then when you get to the seam, make it go out the first slit and back in through the other. To move the ribbon through bunch up some fabric in one hand and with the same hand grab the safety pin through the fabric and with the other hand pull the fabric so it un-bunches. As it un-bunches it will also have pulled the ribbon through. When you get back to one of the other slits, pull it through the slit, then take the safety pin off. Make the ribbon even and you have successfully made a pair of PJ shorts!! They also make wonderful gifts!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

(P.S. Here is a picture of the outcome:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Searching for the Art Drawer II TRAILER

The Art Drawer Studios and CB Productions present. . .

The movie will be filmed BY December of this year. 

How to Make a Heating Pad/Microwavable Beanie Bag

Hey guys! Its RK again.. I still haven't uploaded any pictures to my photo blog... Because I'm a procrastinator... :D But, I have a video for you! It's about how to make a microwavable heating pad/beanie bag. You can put it on cold feet, cramps, sore necks or backs etc, under your knees, or any where that you are cold. You can put them under your bed covers to warm up your bed before you go to sleep as well! I can't directly upload the video 'cause don't know how to on the computer I'm using. So I gave you a link instead.

How to make the beanie/heating pad:

-Fabric/old T-shirt
-Sewing machine and thread
-Buck wheat/Rice (Buckwheat is recommended)

Written instructions:
1) Iron out two pieces of fabric. If you don't have fabric use an old T-shirt. Put a book on top of the fabric and trace around it with fabric chalk, or if you don't have fabric chalk you can use an alternative: bar soap.
2) Cut around the outline of the book. Make sure that your two pieces of fabric are the same size.
3) Sew only 3 sides of the beanie with a sewing machine. You should now have a pouch. Flip the pouch right side out and fill 1/3 of the way with buck wheat.
4) Making sure that all the buck wheat is at the bottom of your pouch, sew the open side of your pouch closed with the sewing machine. Then trim any excess fabric off.

How to make the Beanie Case:

-Fabric/ old T-shirt
-Sewing Machine and thread
-Your beanie

Written Instructions:
1) Iron out some fabric. Cut out a piece 2 times as LONG as the beanie plus an extra inch. Make it the same WIDTH of the beanie plus an extra inch.
2) Flip the fabric to the side you WON'T see when you make the case. Then fold the fabric over about a centimeter on both sides of the fabric. When you fold it, iron it so it stays.
3) Sew along the folded parts of the fabric to make a seam.
4) Flip the Fabric over to the side you WILL see in your end result.
5) Fold the fabric over a little less then half way. Iron down so that the fabric stays in place. Fold other side of fabric so that it over laps the first fold.(It should be folded so that you can't see the side of fabric in your end result).
6) Put your beanie OVER the almost done case to see if the beanie will fit inside. If the beanie will fit, then sew the sides together.
7) Flip your case right side out.

How to put the beanie in the case, How long to microwave it, and other important things:

Written instructions:
Microwave for about one minute, depending on how hot you want it. To put the beanie in the case, Stick the bottom of the beanie in one of the flaps. Then pull other flap over beanie. You can buy Buckwheat in the produce section of a grocery store. If you can't find it ask someone who works there. If they don't have it you can use rice instead, but buckwheat just works better.

If you have any questions, or need clarification, please feel free to ask! I really hope you like this creation!! It comes in handy at winter time too!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CB's Strange Art

I have just created a blog for my crafts and such! See it at! Thank you! I will post craft tutorials and more on CB's Strange Art! You guys are awesome!! :D

Monday, July 16, 2012

Loom-Knit a Cell Phone Pouch

I was inspired* by something I saw on Pinterest, but I went back to try and find it to give credit for inspiring me, but I sadly could not remember where I found it. So if you have seen a pattern or tutorial for these little striped monster cell phone pouches similar to this pattern, please tell me so I can credit them. :) Thanks!!

*(Though I did create this pattern myself)

What You Will Need:

  • Two balls of yarn, any colors (you will knit with these as one)
  • Straight knitting loom (I used about half of the pegs on the red Knifty Knitter)
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

How To Make Them:

To make the case itself:

  1. Cast on 8 pegs (counting both sides, 16 pegs in all).
  2. Knit 28-29 rows and bind off, leaving a long tail of both colors.
  3. Using the yarn needle and tail, sew the farthest left stitch on the bound-off end to the farthest left stitch on the first row. Do the same on the other side: Sew the farthest right on the bound-off end to the farthest right stitch on the first row.
  4. From the bound off end, count out (going down) 8 rows and sew the farthest left eighth stitch to the bound-off end. Do the same on the other side: Count eight rows and sew the farthest right eighth stitch to the bound off end. Now there should be a short flap. Sew the rest of the open sides closed (NOT THE SLIT THE BOUND-OFF END AND THE BEGINNING END CREATE!!). Now it should look somewhat like the picture.
  5. Turn it inside out.

To make the hand strap: 

  1. On your loom, cast on two pegs (counting both sides, 4 pegs in all).
  2. Knit 10-12 rows and bind off, leaving a long tail of both colors.
  3. Knot the tail from the other side of the strap so that it will not unravel.
  4. Using the yarn needle and tail, sew all sides of the end of the strap to the back of the pouch. You will sew it to the middle of the 2nd and 3rd stitches from the seam. Cut the yarn. Knot the end of the yarn still on the needle to the other end of the strap. Do the same on the other side: Sew the end to the middle between the 2nd and 3rd stitches from the seam. Make sure both sides are securely on.
  5. Cut off any long strings that are left.

(Tested) OPTIONAL: A loop and button:

  1. In the middle of the two center stitches on the top of the largest pocket (the bottom one), sew a large button.
  2. This will feel very strange to do: Using both colors as one, cast on 1 peg. There will be one peg on each side. So, in all, two pegs are used. Bring your working yarn outside the first peg, and wrap it bak around to the peg across from it, creating like an S. Repeat this process until there are two loops on each peg. Knit regularly, and re-wrap the pegs the same way to make there be two loops on each peg again. Knit 8-12 rows, depending on HOW big your button is. Bind off by picking up the loop NOT connected to the working yarn. THEN pick up the other loop. Bring the first loop over the second loop and drop it. Cut the working yarn, leaving a good size tail. 
  3. Once satisfied, tie a small knot on the loop where you want the top to be. After you tie this knot, there are two strands coming out of it.
  4. Directly up from it, on the smallest pocket (top), use the strands coming out of the knot to tie the loop to the case.

Now you are done! If you added the loop, you can keep more than your phone in your pouch! You might keep your wallet, change, etc.

Feel free to put my tutorials on your blog or website, but please give the Art Drawer credit! :) I would love for you to send us a link if you do! :D (If you already have put our tutorials on your website before I told you that you could, that is okay, too!)

Random + Writing,

P.S. If you like this idea, but want something a little different, maybe more secure, check out my post "Loom-Knit a Button Pouch." This version has the large pocket the same, but the top is a lid that folds down over the bottom and fastens with two buttons.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

[UNTESTED!!!] CB's Hot-To's: How To Make a Bird Puppet (Sock loom)

Make a cute little UNSTUFFED, knitted bird puppet!

What you will need:
Adjustable sock loom (adjusted to any size)
2-5 different colors of yarn (body, beak, mouth, white[eye], black[eye])
Yarn hook
Yarn needle

BODY - Begin just like a sock. 

BEAK - When you get to the heel, switch to another color (probably orange or yellow) do it exactly as you would, but decreasing to ONE peg, then back out. [OPTIONAL: Right after you get down to one peg, you can switch to another color for the inside of its mouth. Probably pink.] Knit a few rows around. Do another heel in the exact place of the first and in the exact same way. [OPTIONAL cont'd: Do the pink when decreasing, and switch to the yellow or orange when increasing.] 

HEAD - Switch to the first color of yarn. Continue knitting and finish like you would a sock (and DO tie off). 

EYES - Using a yarn needle, for the white of the eyes, sew an asterisk shape, or a star-like shape. Do this on both eyes. Then sew a much smaller asterisk of black in the middles of the white for the pupils. 

WINGS - Adjust the loom so that it is 2 (technically 4) pegs closer to the stationary short edge. Do (only) a heel out of the body color. Again, decrease to one peg, then increase. Tie off. Do another of these. With a yarn needle, sew them closed (separately) and then sew them to the body of the puppet in their appropriate place.

I admit, I have not tried this, I only thought of it because the heel on my sock that I am making turned out like a beak. I have no idea if all of this would work right. If you know that it would not work right, please tell me in the comments. Or even if you have a concern, please tell me. Or especially if you have tried this! Unless someone confirms that this method would work, and unless you have lots of yarn, I suggest not trying it because it probably wouldn't work... Sorry! I feel kinda guilty, like I am giving you wrong info... I am not! It is just an idea!!! ;D

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sock Loom!

I got a sock loom today! It is a rectangle of metal pegs that are closer together. It has a sliding short side of pegs to help vary in sizes. It is pretty much a tighter, and adjustable round knitting loom. It is very easy to make socks on this type of loom.

Please check out some video tutorials on how to knit socks like this. I doubt instructions I write will do you much good. ;)

More updates to this post soon, so check back in a bit! :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Forth of July and Photography

Happy Fourth guys!!... Oops.. I'm late... Awkward... Okay not really, but I have made the page for my photography! It's really cool actually! I honestly havent uploaded any pictures YET but I will very soon! I just have to get somebody to help me figure out how to upload pictures onto the computer first. And I have to find a USB cable. :3 Don't worry I'll get the pictures up soon! You can subscribe to the page before I post the pictures so that when I do post the picture an email will be sent! I'm sure you'll love them! I'm actually not that bad!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Loom Knit a Ball (Round and Straight Looms)

Check out these in instructions from These instructions are not mine, they are copyright Becky Hardy, 2006. NONE OF THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS ARE MINE. I did not create these directions or change them in any way.

Using a Knifty Knitter Newborn Loom (blue loom)
  • Using 2 strands of worsted weight, 4 ply yarn held together, e-wrap the loom 3 times around. Leave a 6" tail at the beginning. 
  • Double Knit  (2 wraps lifted over 1 wrap) around and around until a ball is formed.
  • Remove with the gathering off method. (Like you would for a hat top).
  • Gather it tightly.  Stuff with fiberfil.  Then thread the initial 6" yarn tail into a yarn needle, and weave it in and out of each stitch on your initial round.
  • Gather tightly and weave ends under several times.  

(The copyrighted stuff ends at this point)

Now you know! This could be used to create a stuffed animal or anything else that takes a sphere. In the picture on the linked page where these directions originally came from, the ball looks to have about 15 rows, 7 or 8 stitches across. If you can count them more accurately, please do comment to us and tell us YOUR number!

You should also be able do this on a straight loom. Same stitch as the above directions.

Knit a rectangle, 8 stitches wide, 5 rows. Tie off regularly. Cut a long string from the ball of yarn and tie on end to on of the top corners. Use a yarn needle (not a knitting needle) and draw the string through the top row of stitches, away from your knot. Gather it and tie it so the top row has become like a corner. Do the same with the bottom (different string). Turn the points towards the inside and sew some of the open side closed. Stuff it with stuffing. Tada!

I tried to do it on a straight loom exactly as the round loom instructions say and I made a cucumber. SO I gave it to my dog as a new toy! :)

If you find it is easier another way, or have better instructions please do comment or email them! Thank you very much!


If a window pops up when you click a link (like a post title) and it asks if you really want to leave the page and the window says that it has something special for you, click Leave Page. If you click Stay on Page it might do something bad to your computer. Just a warning!!

July 4th Crafts!

It is the Fourth of July again! The time of year when your poor dogs are scared of the fireworks. D:< ;) But that's another story. Without getting sappy, July 4 is when we honor our freedom that we have in America (don't live in America but still want to make the gloves? I am getting to that)! Here are a few crafts to do in celebration!

Patriotic Fingerless-Gloves
Now, let's get one thing straight: A lot of you don't live in America, so you have absolutely no use for these. That is okay! You can make these in any color; I just needed a July 4 craft, so I used these. ;D

What You Need:

  • A rectangular loom at least 20 pegs longways (doesn't matter, but I used the Knifty Knitter set)
  • A loom-knitting hook
  • Scissors
  • Three full balls of yarn in three different colors (you WON'T use all of it, unless you have really big hands)
To Begin:

TIP: Write down the measurements of what you do so you can exactly replicate it to make the second one.
  1. Before threading your loom, 'measure' you hands on the loom. Put the widest part of your palm flat on top of the pegs. Count how many pegs it touches (probably 4-6 pegs). Double that (8-12) and maybe add another peg, too make sure it isn't TOO tight (9-13. These are only ideas of what it might be like. Other measurements are fine). If you think it might be too loose, don't add another one. You can take one off, even, if you want. Stretching is better than too loose!... Probably. ;D Just make sure it is an odd number.
  2. With the number of pegs you came up with, thread that many pegs (If you got, say 13, then on ONE side, count out 13 and thread up to there). Knit like normal for as many rows at you want. If you want them to cover the entire length of your lower arm, then knit that many. If you want it to fit just like gloves, then knit that many. BUT STOP AT THE VERY BASE OF YOUR THUMB!!!!!!!!!!!  TIP: Begin with any of the three main colors. If you are making your gloves long, you can do any pattern you like. If they are shorter, probably stick with one until you get to the thumb.
  3. When you get to (the length it would take to get to) your thumb (for some, after many rows, for others, almost right away), make something called a Non-Placket Button Hole. After you have knitted the last row until your thumb, on the center two pegs (across from each other), take the loop of yarn and move it over to either roy the adjacent pegs (left or right). On the peg across from the center peg, move it in the direction opposite it. (Clarification: Look down on the loom. If you moved one loop to the right, move the other to the left, so they are going in different directions)
  4. Next, with the color you were using, thread the pegs again, but this time STOPPING just before the center peg. Bring in another color, and do the same, stopping before the center peg. Knit regularly, but always leaving out the center peg. 
  5. Soon there should be a hole in your work where the center pegs are. See if that hole is big enough for your thumb. TIP: Trace down the side of your pointer finger (the edge closest to your thumb). Trace down to your wrist. You will have touched the skin right net to your thumb. That part of your thumb is what you need to make sure fits through the hole. For many, the base of their thumb is probably 2 1/2 to maybe 4 inches. If the hole is not big enough yet, do another row with the two colors, still skipping the center. If you were satisfied with the size of the hole, choose a color to continue with. You could continue with the color you were using just before you began the hole, or you could use the color you added in, or you could use a third color. If you are choosing one you already have on your loom, just cut the other color away, leaving a LONG tail (to make sure it doesn't unravel). If you are adding in another color, cut both leaving a long tail.
  6. Whichever you decided to do, thread all of what you had, going over the hole. You still won't be able to knit the middle because it only has one loop over it, but on the next row you will be able to. Continue for however long you want, but keep in mind: Your finger's knuckles aren't that far from the top of the base of your thumb. You might even want to go a few rows over your knuckles. READ THE NEXT STEP BEFORE COMPLETING THIS ONE!
  7. You are going to make what is called a placket out of a different color. It is where the edge of something is thicker and stronger than the rest of it. It is where you double the number of loops you use, so you would take two bottom loops over two top loops. When I made these, I actually ran out of that color, so I was only able to do three loops on it, so I took two bottom loops over one top loop, and it worked fine. You can make however many rows plackets you want! :)
  8. When you get to the point where you want to stop, tie off as usual. Cut a long tail. Because you switched colors, and if you have a small placket, and if the two tails are on opposite sides, you will tie the placket tail and the previous color's tail together in  knots a few times. NOTE: If the tail are on the same side, that is okay!
  9. Thread a large needle (yarn needle) and sew the open side together, forming a tube. Knot all of the tails to stitches near them, do any little touch-ups, all that ending stuff.
  10. Now do all of that again! On Step 4, if you used a different color for half of it, don't worry about doing it backwards; since you are using a rectangular loom, you can just fold it the other way and tie it. :)
This project inspired by: You know, you could use this one just as well! :)

Star Hanger

This is very fast and easy! Also, you can do any shape, but I will just be calling it a star.

What You Need:
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Maybe a pencil for tracing
  • Tape, glue, or staples
  1. Cut out a star shape on two-four sheets of paper.
  2. Fold each one in the very center, and tape or glue them together at the center. If you want, tape or glue a folded string to the center to use to hang it. Keep each piece folded towards it's other half.
  3. Adjust them so each half are evenly positioned.
  4. Now, wherever you look at it, it looks like a star!

Puff-Ball, Pom-Pom Thing

I forget what it is called, but it is sometimes on the top of hats and it is kind of fluffy... Anyway, you can make these really fast and easily and hand them around the house.

What You Need:

  • Yarn (red, white, and blue, OR a R.W.&B. multi-color, or any color you like)
  • Scissors
  1. Wrap yarn around three fingers at least 30 times and cut the yarn from the ball.
  2. Cut another string and tie it AROUND the middle of the wraps (not THROUGH the hole, AROUND all of it) VERY TIGHTLY!!!! If you want, just before you do this add in a shorter string and after you tie the other string, you can tie the shorter one to itself to make a hanger for it.
  3. Cut through the loops.
  4. Cut the strings shorter and fluff them up. Cut the strings so that the ball looks circular.

Enjoy the 4th of July! I hope your pets don't get too scared!


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hey guys.. It's RK.. Long time no post huh? Hah! Well I am back!! With a new interest!!! DRUM ROLL PLEEEAASE!!!! *Drum roll* PHOTOGRAPHY!! I am going to start a new blog with photos I have taken. I hope you love it!! You should come check it out. I havent made the blog yet but I am going to make it in like... 5 minutes. :) Also, remember the drawings I posted last year? Well I have gotten so much better at drawing.. Im still an amature, but way better then before :D Well bye for now!!!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Drama Camp

A couple weeks ago, I went to a drama camp at the Orlando REP! It was called 'How Do I Get That Part?' and it was instructions on how to do an audition. We learned a lot of stuff that I knew nothing about. What I learned was:

   Introducing yourself. Slates consist of your full name (f and l), what you are performing, and (usually) what production, book, etc. it is from. Example: 'My name is Connor Doohicky and I am presenting a monologue from 'Romeo and Juliet.''

   Your monologue is what you would present. It is a paragraph or two from a play, book, movie, etc. that is only one person talking (you). Some auditions have a one-minute time-limit. To be prepared for that, make sure all of your monologues are a little under one minute.

   Make sure your monologue is not too common. 'To Be, or Not to Be' is probably the most-done monologue. Choose something that shows off your talents, fits your type, and is a bit uncommon. (e.g. I did a monologue from 'Holy Musical, B@man!'. How many of you have heard of that? Ah-ha. Thought so.)

   Be sure to ground yourself (or follow the stage-directions you have blocked for it), and DO NOT FIDGET. If you stand straight and confidently with your hands at your sides, you will look like the great performer you are!

   Don't bring any props. For some reason (which I TOTALLY don't get! ;P) props are a big no-no if you want to get the part.

   Your 'outro' is just a simple 'thank you' and maybe you can state your name one more time.

   Dress up, but not too fancy. Just look nice and professional. DO NOT WEAR A COSTUME!!! It just doesn't work.

Cutting a Monologue:
   What if your monologue is over one minute? Then you trim it down! Read through it several times, marking off sentences that are unnecessary.
   Example monologue (crossed out is red): 'I love cotton candy. It is very yummy. It is so good. Yum, yum, yum. I love the taste of it. And so many colors! Pink and blue and red and orange and green and purple and dark green! I love cotton candy so much! One[ce] day I was at the carnival and I saw some cotton candy for sale. Some guy was selling it. It looked good. I said I want some! A[a]nd I really wanted some. Yum yum yum! I love cotton candy!'
   So, bad monologue all together, right? Don't use that. But the point is that it repeated itself or gave useless information or information that we could already figure out. Like if you love cotton candy, then you probably like the taste of it. Anyway, unnecessary info, useless info, unnecessary sentences, repetitions. Those are a few of the things you can trim out of a monologue.

Types of Directors:
   These are a few kinds of casting directors:

Regular: Will pay attention to you, and be polite.

Welcoming: Very friendly. This can sometimes throw you off, but just keep going. They LIKE you!

Stone-Cold: No laughing at your jokes. No expressions. No feedback. No nothing.

Disrespectful: Texting, maybe. Just not paying attention. If they aren't going to pay attention to you, you don't want to be in their show! BUT STILL BE RESPECTFUL. They might know people that could get you further into the business. ;)

Audition Bag:
   A survival kit, basically. What might be in this bag:

Extra resumes, head-shots, etc.: You never know how many you'll need!
Tape, Staples, Stapler, etc.: What if you need to keep together some resumes and head-shots?
Repertoire binder: A binder that has all of your monologues, songs, etc. Maybe a journal to mark which monologues got you a part or went well, or a list of the auditions you attended.
Gum or mints: Garlic smells bad.
Things that help you memorize: If you learn by ear, a tape recorder on which you have recorded your song or monologue. If you learn by sight, make sure you have the paper with your presentation on it. If you learn by smell-- umm.... huh?

   If the director liked your audition and wants to narrow down his choices for who the cast, he might hold callbacks (I am using 'he' generically). If you are given a callback, it is probably a good sign! Callbacks are usually a cold reading, where you are given a script you have never seen before and asked to perform it. You will be given maybe 10 minutes to look over the script. Sometimes you will have another auditioned reading the other lines with you. If so, be nice to them and laugh with them (you don't want to act in a scene with someone you don't like, so why not act in a scene with someone you DO like?)! Other times, the director might read the other lines, and he might read them stone cold. It gives your awesome acting a chance to shine!
   Just read it with emotion and make sure to pay attention so you don't lose your place. Even if you have memorized it, don't just not use the script. You don't want to risk realizing you really HAVEN'T memorized it, or even just losing your place.

So that's that! It was really fun and the teachers were amazingly nice!

Random + Writing,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

To Artists That Don't Feel Like Artists (A post to help you feel as amazing as you are)

On my ukulele post, I got a comment from Anonymous. This was their comment:

Sup' I'm the guitarist she's talking about.
So far I'm still not to good but slowly getting somewhat better. :P
I wish I had a blog. But I don't think I'd be allowed. Plus, I doubt I'd get taken seriously. Maybe when I'm older.

I was not happy. You know why? Because they thought you had to be older and taken seriously to be an artist. That is definitely not true. Here was my comment back:

Taken seriously? Are you comparing yourself to us? We aren't taken seriously at all! Far from it! We just have a few people from around the world that either keep stumbling across our blog or maybe just enjoy our ideas and craziness. And no matter how old you are, people can take art seriously. One of the famous composers (Beethoven, I think) started when he was four. His dad and friends had a strings band or whatever you'd call it, and during practice they took a break and went into the kitchen. They heard beautiful violin music coming out of the room they had just left. When they came back in, it was Ludwig van Beethoven. How do you think they reacted? Half probably dismissed it. Didn't take him seriously. He went one to be one of the greatest musicians in history. Half of them did take him seriously and realized his work as music. So no matter how people react to you, taking you seriously or not, you can definitely go on to become a musician. What am I saying? You can definitely be a musician right now. Never give up your art, your feeling just because of how someone reacts to it. Art is not about the way people react to it. It is about the feelings behind it, the journey you took to create your work of art. And if art has that definition, everyone is an artist because life is about the journey, too. So everyone's life is a masterpiece. You better treat your life like one.

That commenter probably won't ever see this, but I want them to know that every single artist stands behind them. There are billions of artists that feel just like them somewhere out there. Every single artist supports them in their journey on finding their artwork. Every single artist gives their love to every other artist. Artists feel how connected one another are, so we give love and strength and wisdom to each other. If you ever need someone to lean on, any of you, not just this commenter, just look at a painting or listen to some music, or watch a play, read a book, anything! Just something artistic. Through our art, we can feel the feelings that the artist put into the art, the feelings they had on the journey to creating it. And one of those feelings is always love. So feel that love through the art. And please, please, please know that you are NOT ALONE. You have the entire world standing behind you and holding your hand. Because everyone is an artist creating their life's story. And they will help you on your journey. Because not only is your life journey art, but art is your life journey as well.
I want every artist to stay strong and never stop fighting. RK and I, and every single person in the whorl, give our love to each and every one of you.

Wishing you safe travels on your life journey,

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ukulele UPDATE!

I can now play Dynamic Duet from Holy Musical B@man pretty well!!! :D I have played it through about 6 times (it is an awesome song!)! It is helping me practice switching chords during the song. I thought singing while playing would be hard but it is really helpful to the rhythm and tune! :D

As you can see, I am NOT in love with the ukulele, and I am NOT excited and happy about it.

Haha. I bet I fooled you! I AM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED AND I AM IN LOVE WITH MY UKE! It is just so much fun to sit and play music!

Random + Writing + Updates,


Yesterday I went to a thrift store with my grandma and behind the counter was a ukulele. Now, for a while, I had been wanting to start playing it, and when I saw it I wondered if it was my chance to get it! I asked the lady about it and she said it was 8 dollars! Keep in mind, new ukuleles are usually around 100 dollars. This one was in pretty good condition (for a thrift store uke) and it could easily have been 50 outside of the thrift store. 8 dollars was a great deal! So, of course, we got it.

Later, when my dad came home he helped me tune it. This morning I set out to learn the main notes! It is really fun! :D

Now my three school friends and I have the two main musical talents: Voice and instrument! In our group we have Uke and voice, drums and voice, guitar and voice, and violin and voice.

RK, you play guitar right? How long have you been playing? 'Uhhh... Blackbird?' was really good! :D



P.S. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make or buy (a cheap something to use as) a Uke shoulder strap? I kinda need one so I can stand and play. :) Thanks!! If you have any suggestions just write them in an email to me at or as a comment below! :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Artsy Shtuff

Hmm... I am thinking of doing some more videos. A while ago (around the time of Callous in Blunderland) I wrote a silent movie. About a minute long. I might film that soon. I want to to a comedy song! My friends at school and I have been into singing and music lately. I Amin loooooove with performing and I am in love with the acting troupe starkid! They are amazing singers and actors. They have done five musicals so far (A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, Starship, a very dirty one that I will not name, and Holy Musical B@man!) and six productions in all if you count Little White Lie. They are all on YouTube and you can search them if you want! Anyway, we did medleys and bits of some of the musicals and my drama friend Alpscirl and I might do a medley of HMB!!! So I might write another song like the tofu song. A different style perhaps. Ooooh!!! Maybe I could write a funny song and sing it in all different styles? Could be interesting. My gosh, I've missed the Art Drawer. Random + Writing, CB

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New years resolution and uh.. other stuff? :D

So I know this is my excuse every time, but I have been soooo busy with middle school... Well at least i have good grades :D. One of my new years resolutions is to get better at the guitar. My second is to post on this wayy more.. I mean come on! The last post was in like what? December? I suppose everyone needs a break now and then! Well I have gotten better at the guitar which is amazing! I will post a video of what I know of Blackbird by the Beatles so far! (which isn't the entire thing!!) Hey and did you know that the Beatles is a play on words? The Beat-ls? :D Welllll I also figured out that Lavender Soda tastes reallly good!!! :3 Yumm! Sorry It's been so long!!

Keep it Nurby!~ RK

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Art Drawer is Back

The Art Drawer will be returning soon. We are treating its injuries in our HQ, but it will be as good as new in a few days. We cannot explain the circumstances or events that occurred having to do with the Nerds or the Art Drawer's disappearance. We did operate under secrecy, as we should have the entire time. We regret posting the beginning of the Art Drawer's plight, for it gives much information to our HQ's location. But so many of you have undoubtedly viewed it, that there is no point in taking it down. We will be unable to tell you the goings on regarding the Art Drawer or the nerds until its full recovery, or until the facts are unclassified.

Contest: Who can gather the most facts or almost-facts from 'Searching for the Art Drawer' first? We will post the facts you all come up with once you email it to us at:

Thank you for your understanding in this time of loss. ;)

Random + Writing,

P.S. The Art Drawer is completely safe.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Searching for the Art Drawer

Something strange has been going on here. The Art Drawer and RK are missing, and there are strange informants. Can CB, P.I. save the Art Drawer and the world?

Random + Writing,

Rating: G
Style: Film Noir (1920's film style (detective movie))
Run time: 19:09*

*Fast forward 4 minutes. There is accidental black there.

Random + Writing,


The Art Drawer is missing. So is RK. I have no idea what to do, but I need to do something. Something needs to be done, whether by me or not. I will try to gather as much information as possible.

Dear Art Drawer,
I miss you. I hope you come home safely.

Dear RK,
Please please please come home! I miss you more than anything, and I need you back. Please be okay!

Random + Writing,
CB, P.I.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Anyone good with a PC??

I just realized just how terrible the quality of my videos are... I'm SO sorry! I got a new camera and computer (I now own my own PC, and I use to own a Mac so I'm not use to it...) and I don't have any editing software, much less can I even get the videos onto the desktop.. Or post them.. I have a few idea's for videos but I have no clue how to get them onto the Art Drawer... :( Is there anyone who is good with computers?? Email me please and I will tell you more details about the problems I am having with my computer and posting videos!! I appreciate ANY help I can get! <3 YOU ALL!!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Disappearance? No.

RK thinks that some people called the 'Nerds' are going to kidnap the Art Drawer. Isn't that crazy? The Art Drawer is very well protected. It isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Tell me in the comments what you think is going to happen. Ha!

Random + Writing,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA and PIPA: Save us!

PIPA and SOPA are federal acts that can potentially wreck the internet. It is supposed to be stopping copyright infringement and online piracy by censoring the web of all things that are not owned by the writer, or artist, etc., like the Art Drawer (possibly). It will be voted upon by Congress on January 24, 2012. It is taking COMPLETELY down YouTube, Wikipedia, all fan-made websites, fan art websites, fan fiction websites, drawing tutorials of TV characters, EVERYTHING. Two of my own blogs could be taken down (Harry Potter-referencing ones).

Click here for more information! This is a blog I did with six of my friends. I wrote the first post! It gives you information about PIPA and SOPA and how we can make a difference in their rulings (not as in, take away Congress's power, but to change their decision).

(The link is:

Random + Writing - THE WEB!!,

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Past Year

**NOTE: I saved this as a draft and forgot to post it...

The past year has been a wonderful one! We have written short stories, posted weird videos, posted funny videos, posted some videos with a point, some without. We have realized that people all over the world are (hopefully) enjoying our weirdness (if not, why do you keep coming back, any of you?). We have probably gotten a few more viewers from Seattle. I don't know. I wasn't there. But we were together all year long, even though we were apart (keep reading! It isn't gonna be sappy!... Okay, maybe a little, but read on!).

I really do entirely curse the day,
When those UHaul trucks took my RK away.

 (^not promoting or de-promoting. Just making a metaphor^)

Thanks for sticking with us through all the weirdness; and let me tell ya, there was a LOT of it.

In the coming year, we would continue to make funny and cool videos, and write cool stuff, and do whatever it is RK does, but, as we all know, that is the Apocalypse. 

The Art Drawer

Random + Writing,

Keep it Nurby!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan 08

January 8 was our 6 month anniversary! Just wanted to mention that. It is the 13 right now, but I just noticed it so yay! Let's celebrate really fast right now! Yay! Streamers! Cake! Yay! Oh no, it has peanuts in it, I can't have it! Poo! Oh well, I guess I'll just have a chocolate. Yum! Okay. Done celebrating. :D

Random + Writing,

Monday, January 9, 2012


I go to drama class every Monday, and we just got back to it after the break, so this was everyone's first day back. Anyway, there were SO many new people, and we were running short in scripts to do. We had all decided on a light-hearted, lightly funny serious one with a deeper meaning, but not, like, sad or dark, or anything. I mean, serious can be a little sad, but it isn't all sad...


I have taken it upon myself to write one by next week. :)

If any of you are fellow playwrights or writers, feel free to email us any scripts or ideas you have! I will not take credite for them or anything. :) I mean, if I write the play with your idea, I will take the writing credit, but I will say something like, "Originally by so-and-so," or something.

I hope I can do it! :D

Thanks guys!

Random + Writing,

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Callous in Blunderland (A One-Man Show) (Family, Comedy)

A girl (CB) named Callous ventures into the mysterious world of Blunderland, meeting all sorts of new friends and foes. When she makes a very big mistake, she wonders if she will ever sort it out.

Written, produced, and directed by CB. A one-man show!

Thank you for watching!

This production brought to you by:
The Art Drawer, CB, GB

And Viewers Like YOU!

White Rabbit...CB
Centshire Pig...CB
Mad Hotter...CB
Queen of Hearts...CB
Poker Player...CB
The Art Drawer...Itself
The Art Drawer Voice...CB

Directed by...CB
Filmed by...CB
First waking scene filmed by...GB
Views of Poker Player filmed by...GB
Story by...CB
Written by...CB

I forgot to mention:

Costumes and Props provided by...CB

Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed. Please, don't hesitate to give feedback!

Random + Writing,

P.S. I apologize for being so late! It was supposed to be filmed and edited many, many months ago, around the time that I wrote it, but I didn't. At least it is here now!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Coming Soon: Callous in Blunderland *UPDATE!*

Yay! Camera charged, and I filmed every bit of it. I am currently snatching bits and pieces and building my video! It IS a one-man-show, so be prepared! It is pretty cool.

I have a rather large costume and prop collection, so I have a wide variety of things to use in the video.. I just couldn't find a visor hat... Oh well!

I am looking forward to posting it! It should be baked with golden edges by tomorrow. Look for it soon!

Random + Writing + VIDEOS! YAY!,

Coming Soon: Callous in Blunderland *UPDATE!*

:( Camera ran out of battery. We have to charge it for 6 hours for every 2 hours of use. :( Well, it feels like that, at least. :( I am super sorry guys, but there will not be a new video anytime soon. There will be, but not yet. :(

Random + Writing - Videos, :(

Coming Soon: Callous in Blunderland *UPDATE!*

Okay, I am finally going to make Callous in Blunderland. Three more days to do it. Let's go!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Possibly Coming Soon: The Secret Puppeteer of Fast food: A Soap Opera

I MIGHT make a video about two characters (CB (myself) and Betty) that meet in a twist of fate and have an argument about the fast food menu... I won't give away too much of it... Anyway, if it sounds good, just comment or click "Love It!" in the mood thing, or something.


The Diary of Neville Longbottom

Check out this new blog:

It is a fanfic of Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter. He is really depressed! Poor Nevvy!

Written by Yours Truly

Based on and inspired by the Harry Potter novels by J.K.Rowling and movies, property of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Neville Longbottom or other characters, settings, names, and objects are completely and absolutely property of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., and J.K.Rowling. COPYRIGHTED NAMES ARE NOT PROPERTY OF THE ART DRAWER, OR CB. Some story lines are kind of my property, but not copyrighted. Reproduction is just discouraged. Thanks! :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! IT IS 2012!!!! :D

I will upload the video once i figure out how to do so!! I got a new computer for Christmas so Iam still figuring out how to use it!!! Happy Holidays!!

Keep it Nurby!~ RK