Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Loom Knit a Ball (Round and Straight Looms)

Check out these in instructions from These instructions are not mine, they are copyright Becky Hardy, 2006. NONE OF THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS ARE MINE. I did not create these directions or change them in any way.

Using a Knifty Knitter Newborn Loom (blue loom)
  • Using 2 strands of worsted weight, 4 ply yarn held together, e-wrap the loom 3 times around. Leave a 6" tail at the beginning. 
  • Double Knit  (2 wraps lifted over 1 wrap) around and around until a ball is formed.
  • Remove with the gathering off method. (Like you would for a hat top).
  • Gather it tightly.  Stuff with fiberfil.  Then thread the initial 6" yarn tail into a yarn needle, and weave it in and out of each stitch on your initial round.
  • Gather tightly and weave ends under several times.  

(The copyrighted stuff ends at this point)

Now you know! This could be used to create a stuffed animal or anything else that takes a sphere. In the picture on the linked page where these directions originally came from, the ball looks to have about 15 rows, 7 or 8 stitches across. If you can count them more accurately, please do comment to us and tell us YOUR number!

You should also be able do this on a straight loom. Same stitch as the above directions.

Knit a rectangle, 8 stitches wide, 5 rows. Tie off regularly. Cut a long string from the ball of yarn and tie on end to on of the top corners. Use a yarn needle (not a knitting needle) and draw the string through the top row of stitches, away from your knot. Gather it and tie it so the top row has become like a corner. Do the same with the bottom (different string). Turn the points towards the inside and sew some of the open side closed. Stuff it with stuffing. Tada!

I tried to do it on a straight loom exactly as the round loom instructions say and I made a cucumber. SO I gave it to my dog as a new toy! :)

If you find it is easier another way, or have better instructions please do comment or email them! Thank you very much!

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