Sunday, November 25, 2012

My posting relapse

Hey everyone!! Its RK again... Omigosh, I am very sorry I haven't posted anything in..... almost....... a year..... O____O wow has it really been that long?! Well anyways I am going to make it a personal goal that if I find somethng interesting, motivating, or fun then I will post about it!! Right now I am feeling very motivated and organized and prioritized enough to start posting again! I just can't type fast enough to get all my thoughts down!!! AAAH!! Well my next post might not be the most interesting, but after reading it I'm sure you will be able to accomplish.... *in whispery voice* ANYTHING.  Okay! I'ma go type it!! :D

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Monday, November 19, 2012

Haunted House: Night Of

The haunted house was on Oct 27, 2012. I had a bunch of stuff to do after that with drama so I couldn't write about it yet. Anyway, it was amazing! My whole schpeil was about no one ever bringing my grave flowers, and how I was so upset that they were going to Grandmother's House (the plot of the HH was that they were going to Grandmother's House) instead of visiting me! It was a lot of fun and everyone did a super awesome job!

We had probably 20 groups of about 20 people, and each person was a $3 dollar donation to the Henegar Center, so we made a lot of money! But, of course, having fun and giving the little ones a fun experience was the main goal! :D

One of the groups had to be sent through backwards for reasons I don't know. So we got about a minute to try and figure out what the plot was going to be since they started at Grandma's House, where it usually ended. So it was just that they were running away from Grandma instead. It was our least happy and nice group! The other ones at least answered. And in Grandma's, they are supposed to dance  to funny Halloween music and have fun, but they just stood their while our Grandma danced.

ME: Oh, you all went to grandmother's house, didn't you?
GROUP: -_-
ME: She is not a very fun person to be with, now is she?
GROUP: -_-
ME: Well, did you at least dance?
GROUP: -_-
ME: Well, then! But I know I can assume you brought me flowers!
ME: Then you are not welcome in MY graveyard! Go on, then!
GROUP: -_- (leaves)

So, yeah.

But I didn't get any pictures, I apologize. There wouldn't have been any light, after all! It was a great acting experience for me, and I think I would like to participate in future Haunted Houses and similar improvisational things like that.

Have you every been to a Haunted House? Have you ever worked in one?

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