Friday, September 9, 2011

Fact of the day # 27: For the Lack of a Better Title

Did you know that 12 infants are given to the wrong parents daily?

Just think how embarrassing this would be!:

Nurse: Here is your beautiful baby boy.

Mom: *Starry eyed* Thank you!

Dad: He look's just like you, honey!

*Doctor walks in room*

Doctor: Mrs. Turnip, we would like to inform you this is not your baby. Sorry we got mixed up. *Hands real baby and takes wrong one back*

Dad: *slowly walking out of room backwards*


I just stopped yay-ing so much because, thanks to our dedicated viewers, we have hit a LOT of goals. Now we have 903 page views. NINE-HUNDRED-THREE, BABY!!! Only 50 more to 950, and from that 50 more and we hit 1003!!! Haha. Thanks SO much everyone! And, as RK said on the What To Look For Page, I DO love my views.

(Not my as in I am in possession of them, but my as in 'I love me my dawgs!' That doesn't mean all dogs are mine, it just means I love dogs. Oh, what the heck.)

I love our views.

(There. Now THAT would have been easier to type.)

Random + Writing + 50 + 50,

Cleaning my room

Remember how I said I was gonna clean my room but I don't like to clean and I don't like messes, In the one post titled 'WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!'?Well I finally got up and did it!!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK