Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Keep it Nurby! ~RK and 1000 Views.

Fact # 30: Age 30

Since this is out 30th fact, out 30th anniversary of our 1st fact, and just a pretty cool daily thing we do, I will give a fact having to do with '30.'

After age 30, the brain shrinks about a quarter of a percent (0.25%) in mass each year. So, not only is 30 a hurtful age to the 30-year-olds, but you brain gets smaller, too? I suppose that explains a LOT.

30 Years Old:

 /             \
(               \

40 Years Later:

(            \

Oh, poor adults. More specifically, poor adults age 30+ :( Good thing I'm not there yet!!!


Happy 30th anniversary, 1st fact!

Random + Writing - 0.25% of Your Brain,

Flower Power

A dainty flower goes for a walk but is almost robbed by the notorious Spool of Dread!!! Funniness ensues.

Music: Flower Power Song
Artist: Connor Doohicky
Written By: Connor Doohicky
All rights to this video are reserved (be ME)


Random + Writing + Flower Power,

Today at School (CB)

We have been doing this Continent study thing where we pick a continent and sometimes we can focus on one country. I have been sorta doing it with Loang (name scrambled for protection). I noticed Loang hadn't been doing much and I had been doing all the work and at the end of the day, he would say, "So what have we done so far?" And it always bugs me when people don't do their work. I don't mind doing all the work myself, but when I am supposed to be in a GROUP I am supposed to be in a GROUP. So I told Loang that I wanted to do it by myself (that is essentially what I said. I said it nicer and more sugar-coated than that, though). Loang wanted to have "One more chance!" so tomorrow is his last day to show he can work. He doesn't reach my standards, well, he has three more weeks to do his own, and heaven KNOWS he is not copying off mine.

I am going to write a book with my friend Miras (name scrambled for protection)!!! He loves ships and world trade between the 1400's and the 1700's and I love to write about secret symbols and cults and that type of stuff, so here is some of the background:

There is one of the boats that they are using to transport millions of dollars worth of things to another country, but hidden among that cargo is some sort of precious artifact. A strange ship tries to rob them, and everyone assumes it is a pirate ship, but it has strange symbols on it. In truth it belongs to a secret cult. The cult is gathering lots and lots of artifacts either to offer to or communicate with their gods.

We are making up an entire mythology! It is going to be so much fun!!! I love collaborating with people to write books.

I wrote along side one of my best friends on this blog: www.wordsofbirds.blogspot.com. It is called Words of Birds and it is about these two birds whose fates intertwine and form a touching story of longing and freedom of two helpless creatures that somehow find their way through the tangle of branches of life. I wrote for Raven Black. Go ahead and comment here or there. Feel free to email me at itsbumpybackhere@gmail.com. Thanks!!

That is it for today. More might happen tonight, but for the school day, that is it! Thanks for reading!!!

Random + Writing,


I tried to get to the Art Drawer today from school and it said it was blocked for my protection. Mrs Stanley said that usually all blogs are blocked. Poo. I really wanted to post from school, but when I tried to get there I didn't even log in I just typed in the URL. Man, lots of run-on sentences here, huh? Haha! Well, school went great, and I hope RK's second day goes well too!!!

Fact of The day # 29: Cell Phones

Keep cellphones away from infants not only because they might slobber on it and destroy it, but they can also end up getting EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiation) which can harm chidren aldults and especially babies.

Keep it Nurby.. And not too close to cell phones~ RK

First day of school

The first day of school went great! I sorta blew it on the whole being shy thing, because I wasn't very sociable. Anyways. I was a lot less shy then when I went into Indialantic, because they kind of force you to hang out with each other on the first day. They encourage it at least. Speaking of hanging out with people you don't know, when we went out on the P.E field (made of fake grass) we had to play a few games like frogger where there is a detective and frogger stares at someone and sticks his/her tongue out and that person who got their-tongue-sticked-out-at, does the most dramatic death they can think of and detective tries to figure out who frogger is. Then we did the human knot which is kind of complicated to explain but I will try my best for you to under stand. (We got to get p really close and personal to each other...) A girl walks up to me and shakes my hand and tells me her name and where she went to school in elementary. Then I walk up to some one else with out letting her hand go and take my other hand and shake someone else's and share my name and where I went to school and it keeps going on like that. Then we are all next to each other holding hands in this HUGE knot and we had to untangle our arms without letting go. Then we finally ended up in a circle with people holding hands. After that we played duck duck goose. Then we went inside for and assembly and then went to meet our teachers in class. I have to ride the bus to and from school. I ride bus 119 Blue. Now I have to eat breakfast. Wish me luck today for second day of school! I'll figure out what to post for fact of the day while I eat! Byeneeee!!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK