Saturday, October 20, 2012

Haunted House: Building Phase

Today we built the sets! It was amazingly fun!

I was the first there. Alone. In a dark, abandoned place. Yeah. Then more people came! Yay! But we still couldn't find Miss Pam. Then we found her down in the basement, through several drapes and walkways. She gave us buckets and boxes to carry and sent us off through the rooms of the abandoned haunted house. It was all these dummies and actually scary stuff, but it was all about 3 years old and completely untouched. We were to ransack the place for any props and such we could find. We ripped all these fake cockroaches off the walls, took all these spice jars and cups and all the scary stuff. I think the best find was this goblet with skulls as the stem! Another great find were actual animal bones. The girl with us freaked, and I wanted to examine it, but they wouldn't let me. (***not a find as in we took them with us***)

We went through room after room doing this, and all we had were two flashlights (one of which was mine). It was completely dark. No A/C, either. But we made it!

More people came and we took them down and went in all the rooms again and got even more stuff. We finally came to this one room that was too scary for any of us to go through. Probably didn't have anything, either. It was a room FILLED with hangers. With something on them that looked like a head and shoulders. With sheets over them. With blood on it. BODY BAGS HANGING FROM THE CEILING!!! One of us went through, not sure who, and we never saw them again......... Until they came back out. We left the basement and collected the foam headstones from the stairs.

We came out with our loot and loaded it into the Henegar basement (we had been in the high school basement). Then two more people came. We all worked and did stuff.

Mrs Pam gave us these carpeted stage dividers. They were rectangles with these little feet on the bottom. Used to divide a scene, or as a backstage, maybe. We took the elevator to get the four of them to the first floor, then got them down the basement stairs (finally). We did stuff after that down in the basement, looking for things. Mrs Pam them walked us through what the haunted house would be like. Really cool!!!

We blew up inflatable pumpkins, too, and went through props. We have the scarecrow scene set up, and the fortune teller's set almost done. :) I am going to be in the cemetery!

We danced around together for a while, but then it was four and we had to leave (we were to be there from 1 to 4).

I had a lot of fun, and it was an amazing bonding experience for all of us! I think we are better friends now after being scared and startled together for hours! All the people there were from our cast, so we were all friends already. Now we have even more trust for each other and will be able to perform with each other even better than before!

Random + Writing,

P.S. Don't forget! Next Saturday, October 27!