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The Light in the Darkness: A memoir of the remarkable friend and dog named Sunny

The Light in the Darkness
A memoir of the remarkable  friend and dog named Sunny

This book in your hand is the gateway into the true story of Sunny. She was a true warrior, even though she fought no battles. There is nothing to compare her kindness to, for there was nothing that matches up. Sunny was the picture of magnificence. Who would have thought a small, slow, old mutt would have touched my life in the way that she did?

Remember as your read this that you are reading the recollections I have of a beautiful girl. A beautiful dog. A beautiful friend. Remember that Sunny helped me through the hardships, even after she was gone. Sunny still helps me. She always will.

Enjoy this book, reader, and remember who you are, even when your true self is hard to find. Remember who those around you are, because they may be gone someday. Remember that love can come from small places, and even the smallest love is large.

Never forget to remember.

Sunny and the Child

Sunny, Hershey, and Shiloh weren’t sure what they thought about this... Thing. It looked enough like them. Though, it had naught but a hair on it’s body. Completely bald! What an ugly thing.

Sunny didn’t think it was ugly. Sunny thought it was beautiful. What a wonder of nature! What a beauteous creature! Sunny followed the family, as did Hershey and Shiloh. They followed them into a small room with a small crib in the center for the small newborn. The room was painted a sunny yellow color.

The infant reached an arm through one of the bars in the crib. Sunny cautiously walked over to it. The infant touched the tip of Sunny’s nose, gently and lovingly. It was then that Sunny realized she was supposed to watch over this wrinkled, small, rather wet newborn.

And so she did. From that day on, Sunny walked next to the child. Sunny followed the child everywhere she could.

Sunny watched over the child. She kept her from harm. The child was convinced that Sunny was magic. But Sunny was just a dog. Nothing more or less. Of course, everything had its own kind of magic, whether with spells and wands, or miracles all in themselves.

Should the child wander far in her life, or stay close to home, Sunny vowed to be there for that child, even after Sunny’s life was over.

Sunny’s canine companions soon passed away all around her, but Sunny didn’t mind. Sunny knew that they wouldn’t want her to be sad for them. She knew they would want her to be happy, even though they had died. Maybe death was the true adventure, and life was just a holding pattern? Sunny truly believed that. Sunny knew that no matter what happened, she would be happy.

They all moved to California when the child was one. Beautiful weather, but no rain. Sunny loved the rain.

The child was four years of age now. After Sunny was the only dog, the family acquired a second. This dog was name Jessie. Jessie was larger than Sunny and much younger, but both of the girls got perfectly along. Jessie was completely kind to Sunny, and Sunny was as she always is. That is to say, Sunny was so very kind.

Soon after the dogs were familiar with each other, the family moved back to Florida. It was a five day trip, but Sunny didn’t mind. She got to be with her favorite friends and family.

After they arrived, Sunny noticed she was quite old. She was around fourteen years of age, now. Her muzzle was graying, she was aching all over, and she was tired. Sunny knew she was nearing the end.

But the end came not. She grew older yet and the child aged with her.

The child and the dog grew close. They were inseparable, it seemed.

Then the child turned six. Sunny was fifteen. She knew her end was close, but she didn’t mind. She was okay with that. Sunny knew that, no matter what life threw at her, she would always be okay. She would always be kind.

Two days before the child turned seven, Sunny knew that the end was very near. Death was taunting her with its blissful peace. It was drawing her near, and Sunny-- No. Sunny had to stay a bit longer, to tell the child she loved her.

That she did.

On the night before the child’s birthday, Sunny was dying. Sunny tried to get to the child, to say goodbye, but her legs had none of it. She was dragging herself in a circle in fruitless efforts to get to the child. Sunny knew it was the end. Her mother picked her up and took her to the vet. The vet gave her some sort of medicine and she grew sleepy. But Sunny couldn’t die, she wouldn’t die. She still had to watch over the child! But sleep was tickling her eyes. She closed them, and didn’t open them.

This may have been the end for Sunny, but this was not the end of Sunny. She was gone, but she was still here. She could still help the child.

The Child and Sunny

The child awoke.

The child knew something was different.

She was seven, yes, but that was not the difference.

Was it darker? Yes, it was raining.

Didn’t Sunny like rain? Yes, the child recalled, she once tried to escape into a rainstorm on the first day they had arrived in Florida after the move.


Why was she thinking of Sunny?

Sunny was right down the hall, wasn’t she?


Where was Sunny?

But the child knew. She didn’t allow herself to think it, but deep down, she knew.

Sunny was gone.

But she was still here.

She never left.

She has always been watching over the child.

The child knew it.

The parents knew it.

And most of all, Sunny knew it.

Was Sunny watching the child right now?

Maybe she was.

And Sunny was.

Of course the child was sad. Who wouldn’t be? Her best friend and dog had just died. She was allowed to stay home from school that day to mourn for her friend.

Oh, how it pained Sunny to see the child so sad. She dearly wished to go to her, to comfort her, to sit with her. But she couldn’t. She wouldn’t. Goodbyes are harder when you know there has got to be an end.

Sunny couldn’t bear to leave her, but she knew she must. As did the child. The child held no resentment towards Sunny for leaving her. The child knew it was coming. She had always known. And for many years after, the child was sad.

Until one night. The Night of the Visit, as the child called it. She dreamt she had come home to find Sunny waiting for her. The child gave her so much love. And again the child awoke to find Sunny was not there. Though that visit left the child in tears, the child cried of happiness. She knew Sunny was still here, somewhere. The child just had to find her in herself. And Sunny would always be there.

Now, ever since, the child thought of Sunny and did not cry, but smile.

And the child never forgot her love for Sunny, or Sunny’s love for the child.

Never forget to remember.

Author's Note

Now that you know the story of Sunny, you know what it felt like to lose a guardian. And here the child sits writing this.

Sunny was my light. She was everything. Because of her I have learned how to remember things happily, even when the memory is slipping away. She taught me to grasp love with my hand and to never let go, even when the subject of that love has let go of life. She taught me to remember love, and forget death. It is not that Sunny was everything, it is that she is everything.

And I will never, ever forget to remember.

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If you have come to this site thinking it is a supplier for crafty type of stuff, like selling stuff, then you have come to A right place, but not THE right place. Go to www.etsy.com for really cool, homemade, vintage and miscellaneous artsy things to buy! There is miscellanea, jewelry, stuffed animals, buttons, pins, and everything!! Check it out!

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The Art Drawers 4th month anniversary... beautiful....

The best finger art I have ever done.

The Script for a Really Weird Shakespeare Play

Hello, Sally. Are you ready for our outing?

Hello, Joe. (walks over to him) I am.

Then shall we--(looks at audience) Depart?

Oh, Joe! Yes!!

This place we are going to-- I believe it is called... "Wal*Mart"

Yes, I do think that is correct.

Then shall we go?

You already asked that, and the answer is still yes.

Then; Come.

At Wal*Mart

How are you liking our-- (looks at audience) Outing?

(A very large, very strangely dressed shopper walks by. SALLY stares at him/her as he/she walks by)

O, wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, that has such People of Wal*Mart in it!

Oh, my! Behold this boldly dressed culture!

My, my. These creatures dress with such an arrogance! Showing off their un-shaven glutes! How not-goodly this world is!

Sally, I oblige you, close your eyes.

These two guys were thus appalled,
That the self was not the same;
Single register's ticket name
Neither two nor one was called.
Reason, in itself confounded,
Beards and eyebrows grow together.

Hey! Who's that talking? Innercom lady? Where's the moo-moo dresses!

And all your yesterdays have lighted you, fool
The way to un-fashionable death.


Goats and monkeys! Impudent strumpet!

Are you still talkin'?

If I do not upchuck myself,
I am.

The end.


Now tell me what you think of the new Art Drawer!!

Keep it Nurby!~ RK

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Omigod! It has been so long you guys! Happy Thanks Goving everyone... I just feel bad for grandma because she made food for 11 hours straight and we ate for at least 30 minutes and we were ALL full. poor grandma.

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

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Newscast Taping

I was in a taping of a newscast yesterday. It wasn't like, CNN or something. It was an assignment to write a transcript for a Greek/Roman "newscast." We all did other projects, but one of my friends, who also writes scripts, wrote a transcript and we all participated (there are six 6th graders in my class. All the rest are fifthies. d(; ) I played Persephone, goddess of gardens and flowers. Sarmasi played Demeter, goddess of agriculture, who is also Persephone's mother. Bigab played Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle strategy.  Macreon played Larry Zuza (a play on the host of the CNN Student News show, Carl Azuz). Scarlett Telsarct played Dionysus, god of wine (the actress was a girl). And Rasim was our technician (all of their names were scrambled for security. Those aren't ACTUALLY their names).

Anyway, we all played our parts pretty well, and we recorded it in our school's newsroom. It was a lot if fun! If I can get access to it, I will post it here.

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For some reason this strange, old brain didn't come up with any tutorials or posts or ANYTHING!!! :( I am sorry, guys. I should have posted SOMETHING. I really am sorry. Thanks a lot for your patience, even though we got one view today and yesterday, and 4 the day before that. ;) Thanks, guys!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Keeping Mealworms

Do you have an amphibian or reptile that eats crickets or mealworms? Do you need to nurture them for science class? Or do you just want to keep them for fun? Do you have a small SMOOTH-SIDED Tupperware™ or bowl? You can keep mealworms easily, and for a long time. (Not the mealworm itself, but you can have a running cycle of them.)

You can obtain the mealies from Wal*Mart or any pet store. They come in small packages and come with their own meal (fine grained oats and other grains).

Life Cycle: 114-165 days to complete. First it is a larva, then a pupa (the mealworm stage), then it grows to adulthood (darkling beetle) where they mate and then die a few weeks after the eggs are laid. Also, they might go dormant for a couple days before the make their chrysalis to turn into beetles. (THE BEETLES FLY AND LAY UP TO 500 EGGS PER BETTLE. Try not to cause an infestation of your house.)

Genders: They are virtually genderless, though they do have indistinct genders. It is said that the males have smaller heads, and the females have larger ones (if the males' are smaller, then duh the females would seem larger. Doi).  You can find the gender by turning your mealworm on is back, or looking at its belly through a clear cup. Use a hand lens for this. The end closest to its 6 legs is its head. The side farthest is the tail. See the sections of the worms? Count seven down from the head. On a female, there will be a swelling and two outcroppings. This is most likely a female.

Keeping Materials:
  • Shallow smooth-sided cup, bowl, or box
  • Fine grains with no additives (e.g. Bleach in flour)
  • Sticks, leaves, etc. etc.
  • A lid with air holes or a rag with a small-medium hole (away from the sides of the container)
  • Small fruit slices with HIGH water levels
  • NO NO NO NO water EVER
  • Mealworms!
Keeping Directions:

Lay the grain throughout the container. Add any leaves or twigs you want. Put in the small fruit slices around the box. Add the mealworm!

Now, just try to keep them healthy and safe. NEVER EVER EVER add water. No added moisture is needed, or they will die. They are hydrated form the water and other liquids in the fruit that they need to eat.

Mine's name is Leopold (Leo for short). I am trying not to get too attached because he is going to die soon. I am going to release him when he cocoons.

Happy mealing!

Random + Writing,

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4 *REDO* This is the computerized version of entry 4 (which is mine). It is a bit different, but virtually  the same ("virtually"--No pun intended).

The Art Drawer Logo! *UPDATE!* Entry #2, 3, and 4


All three of these come from yours truly, CB.



4  This one has been computerized, but because the computer doesn't like the Art Drawer, it won't let me post it. (My computer doesn't recognize the file. (D': )

The Art Drawer Logo! *UPDATE!* Entry #9

This next one comes from Molly J.  The only way I could get it was from a low resolution picture of her logo, so we apologize for the pixilation. Her real one was much better than this.


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The Art Drawer Logo! *UPDATE!* Entry #5, 6, 7 and 8

Each of these are from moonembrace. Beautiful! Thank you, moonembrace!


Thank you, moonembrace!! Very creative.

Random + Writing,

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The Art Drawer Logo! *UPDATE!* Entry #1

Our first entry comes from Toot or Anna. She has been commenting on some of our posts. Here is her entry:

This is pretty much what we were asking for. Very good idea and attention to detail. Good job, Toot or Anna!! Did you know that both of those names are palindromes?

Nice work!

Random + Writing,

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Celina E - The Sun Wave e-Book

If you have an e-reader (like an Amazon Kindle or a Barnes and Noble Nook) then you should download the Sun Wave, an e-Book by one of the Art Drawer's friends, Celina E. I don't believe it is out yet, but it is coming soon! If you own an e-reader and it has WiFi, please click here: http://www.lulu.com/product/ebook/the-sun-wave/18620327 

Iah is about to be sacrificed to an evil beast when she is spared by the king. Soon she faces an explosion, kidnapping, and, worst of all, discovering herself. 

"In this thrilling and fast-paced short story, Iah Aku goes on an adventure that will have her readers eager for part two."
--The Art Drawer

I hope to see you reading.

Random + Writing,

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Sewing Your Own Drawstring Bag

You have probably seen those little fabric bags that have a piece of yarn or string going through the top, so that you can pull the string and the opening gets all bunched up and closed. These are called drawstring bags. If you have seen them for sale, chances are, they were pretty expensive, or they were holding something expensive. Well, now, you can make your own in 8 easy steps!

These are the 4 bags I have made using this technique. The green floral one was made differently, but similar to the ones you will be making. It is different in that the drawstrings come through a different way. They come through the sides and not the middle, but it works the same and is as easy to make as the others.

  • Two fabric squares of any size
  • Thread
  • Sewing needle
  • String or yarn (enough to go all the way around the top of your squares twice)

Time Duration: About one (1) hour

No. of Steps: 8

How To Make It:

  1. Make sure that your two fabric squares are about the same size. Don't worry about small differences, because none of the edges will show.
  2. Turn the squares inside out (so the front of each square are facing each other). Thread your needle with enough but not too much thread. Decide which end of the squares you want to be the top (left open) and put the first knot on the corner of that end.
  3. Sew away from the top (in the direction that leaves the top open) and go as far as you can with that thread. If you need to thread the needle again, that is okay and to be expected. Make sure you finish sewing in the very top corner opposite your first knot. Tie it off.
  4. Cut a length of yarn or string that s long enough to go around the top of your fabric square twice with some left over. Flip down the rim of the bag so that the front of the fabric shows (a little less than an inch). Slip the yarn into the crevice that appears. If you don't have enough thread to go all the way around the bag with a bit left over, tie it off and rethread. Begin at the side you finished at, and sew through only one square at a time. Use the over-under stitch and go to about the middle of the next square. 
  5. When you get there, cut a very small hole (for the yarn/string to go through) in the layer that is NOT flipped down (this hole goes to the side that is facing the front of the fabric). 
  6. Put one OR both ends of string through the hole. If you only put one, cut another hole near the first (but not touching) and string the yarn/string through. 
  7. Now, turn your bag inside out. Pull on the strings and close and open the bag until they are about the same length. Cut the strings to about 1 inch more than your desired length. Tie a triple/double-knot near the end of each string. If you have enough string, you can tie a knot through both strings at the hole/s (MAKE SURE THE BAG IS FULLY OPEN).
  8. Make any other minor adjustments to your bag until it is exactly how you want it.
Now you have your own drawstring bag!!

How to make a nail design without messing up

Hey Art Drawerians! You have got RK here and today I want to tell you how you can create your own "stickers" for your fingernails.

You will need:
Nail polish
A plastic baggie or cling wrap
A dotting tool or a bobby pin
Paper plate (optional)

Lay out your plastic sandwich bag or cling wrap. Say you wanted to make a pink star. Poor out a little bit of nail polish onto your paper plate. If you do not have a paper plate just poor it onto the cling wrap or sandwich bag. Take your dotting tool or bobby pin and dip it into the small pool of nail polish and then on a spot of your cling wrap or sandwich bag create the star with the dotting tool or bobby pin. Wait an hour for it to dry come back, peel it off and put a clear coat onto your fingernail. Stick the star on and put a clear coat over the fingernail. Now you have a perfect star without messing up on your left hand. Enjoy!

(Pictures to come soon!)

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

MLP:FiM - Sewing a Parasprite

Have you ever seen My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? In the episode Swarm of the Century, these little bugs called Parasprites infest Ponyville. The bugs eat a lot and them spit up more bugs. I thought they were cute, so here is how you make one:

What You'll Need:

  • Sewing needle 
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • 4 colors of fabric (for the body(and color), wings and glisten in eye(white), eyes(green), and legs(black)
  • Lots of stuffing (if you have enough, you will have extra)

How To Make It:

  1. First, you need to print out or copy down the sewing patterns provided for you at the bottom of this post. Be sure they are the size you want.
  2. Next, trace your body pattern onto your body fabric. Fold the fabric over so that you will be cutting two layers. Carefully cut around your pattern.
  3. Use your eye pattern to make two eyes. You will have to flip one around so it looks right. Sew your eye onto the outside of ONE LAYER of fabric.
  4. Then, you can cut out the glisten. You will have to adjust it to get it just right. Sew it onto your eyes wherever you like.
  5. Cut out a small smile out of the black fabric. Since the smiles were so small, there was no use making a pattern. You can choose the exact size and shape of your mouth. When you do, sew it on your fabric with the eyes.
  6. Next, cut out the legs. On the pattern, it is a rectangle with an oval inside it. Leave the rectangle around it. The oval is the part you will sew together. Sew it so that the inside it on the outside. Then, before you get completely finished sewing it, you need to turn it inside out (technically inside-in)
  7. When you are happy with the shape of the parts, you need to turn the body over so the messy side with all the strings is facing you. Do the same with the other side, even though it has no strings. Sew around the edges. Not the over-under stitch, but the stitch where the thread goes up around the edges, forming a loop-looking stitch. You could do the over-under stitch, but the stuffing might get out a little bit. REMEMBER TO LEAVE ROOM IN THE VERY BOTTOM FOR TURNING IT RIGHT-SIDE OUT, STUFFING IT, AND ATTACHING THE LEGS. About an inch and a half space would do.
  8. Them, you need to turn it right-side out. Even if it seems like the strings are coming loose, they aren't. If you need to, poke the edges from the inside with a pencil or something. Just to be sure it is all right-side out.
  9. Next, you gotta STUFF IT! Just use any old stuffing or even cotton balls for this. Make sure you stuff it enough that when you close the gap, it will still be as firm as you want it, with no unfilled spaces.
  10. Now, using those four legs you made, you gotta finish your body. Put a leg in at the beginning of where you want your legs to be. Then one at the very end, and put the other two evenly spaced between them. Sew them on, and while you are sewing these on (through both layers) you will also be closing the gap.
  11. Next, using the wing patterns, cut out 8 large wings and 8 small wings. Sew the large wings together first, using the inside-out technique we have used many times earlier. When you are finished, attach one on one side on the back of the body, wherever you like it best. Then you can sew the little pattern in the middle of (that looks like a leaf).
  12. Do the same for the other large wing, and try to attach it symmetrical to the first one.
  13. Do almost the same with the small ones, except you don't do the leaf pattern (unless you want to).
  14. Make any minor adjustments to make your Parasprite exactly how you want, and voila! You have finished your Parasprite! Now, to only come up with a name . . .
Good job!! I hope you enjoy your Parasprite. Also, with left over stuffing, fabric, and felt, you can make cute little friends for your Parasprite, like teensy boxes and spheres! 

Sewing Patterns:

Here is the MLP episode through YouTube.com:

Here is the MLP episode through DailyMotion.com:

A Picture of the Parasprite:

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I am not doing so good. I have 2000 some words when I should have 6668 words. :( Tell me how you are doing!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Doctor Who Contest Results *CONTEST NOW CLOSED*

Thank you to all who participated in the Doctor Who Creativity Contest! Everyone here behind the scenes of the Art Drawer really appreciated how creative your entries were. Every single one of us, technicians, writers, comedy writers, actors and more all enjoyed seeing the wonderful drawings and buildings. I am sure Doctor Who would, too.

The Results:

First up, we have KingofRandom with his really cool manga drawing!
(Text: Text Box:
"Today's Lecture: Time
Guest Speeker: The Doctor"
Chart: Time [arrow] Wibbly wobbly timey wimey"
"Zander Krasny")
We really liked the idea! Never would have thought of it! Thanks, KingofRandom!

Second, we have moonembrace! She has sent us two pictures of her creations. She made CRAYON TARDISES!!!!!!!! I was quite impressed with her creativity. She tells us the photo quality was bad, so she tells us these are crayon Tardises. Thanks!!

Those were our winners (Both tied for first place). Sorry for the wait, but creativity never ceases! If you are inspired by these winners and want to enter your own idea, feel free! The contest is still open, but our winners have already been chosen. Thanks!!

Random + Nurby,
CB and RK

Huffington Post Books

As you know, I am hoping to become a published author quite soon. And as you also know, I entered NaNoWriMo. Mom saw on Twitter that Huffington Post Books put out a Twitter feed asking if anyone who was participating in NaNoWriMo would be open to an interview about it. Mom said that her daughter was participating, so I wrote back to the woman that asked and I said yes, and I slipped in that I hope to be a published author soon. They might know some people who could do that for me. Could this me my big break? I doubt it, but I might get a quote in an article about NaNoWriMo! You might be able to see it sometime on the HuffPost Book section on their website. Not yet of course, probably not for a while. I will tell you exactly when and where when it is published. :)

Random + Writing,

4 Month Anniversary

Yay! We have kept the Art Drawer going for 4 months so far. I hope we have a lot of great readers, nay, I know we do. You guys have stayed with us through thick and thin, through bad writing days and good writing days. And weird days. A heck of a lot of weird days. But that is beside the point. The point is, thanks. The point is, the Art Drawer is not only here for our enjoyment, but yours, too. And we hope you have enjoyed the Art Drawer so far, because there is a lot of it left! Because November is the 4th month of the Art Drawer, AND National Novel Writing Month, why don't you write some fan fiction of CB and RK's daily lives? You can leave them in the comments. You know, what you think we are like based on our posts. Thanks! Hahaha!

Random + Writing,


     Do any of you like to write? Well, November is the national novel writing month! Or NaNoWriMo for short. This is a national activity that encourages the art of literature.
     Every year, published and celebrated authors and even regular people are challenged to write 50,000 words or more by the end of November. It is a fictional book that was completely started and finished within the month of November.
     You can't have written any part of it or even outlined it. You can have an idea starting in your head, but try not to think too much about the plot, since many people outline books in their heads.
     If you want to sign up, it is free and it is a very trusted website. www.nanowrimo.org is the URL. Remember, when you are making your quick and easy account, click the button that says you are 13 and up, because this means the website is not violating the law that no personal information may be solicited from children 12 years and younger over the internet. It means you knowingly give your permission to have an account created.
     I entered a few days ago, and I have been waiting for three painstaking days to start writing, and today is November 1 so I began writing. I have 494 words of 50,000 so far. I might just make it. The goal is 1,667 words a day. In 30 days. Do you think I can do it? Do you think YOU can do it? Even if you aren't going to participate, do you think you WOULD be able to do it? Leave your answers in the comments!

Good luck and get writing!

     Every fictional novel has a main question, a question that decides the plot. What is yours?

Random + Writing + 50,000 words,

Happy Halloween Art Drawerians!

Happy Halloween/ Harvest Day guys! I hop you had a great day today! Or I at least hope you had a better one then me! :D I literally got a handful of candy and thats it. Well I had fun at least....! I hope you guys had a great Harvest Day/ Halloween!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK