Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ukulele UPDATE!

I can now play Dynamic Duet from Holy Musical B@man pretty well!!! :D I have played it through about 6 times (it is an awesome song!)! It is helping me practice switching chords during the song. I thought singing while playing would be hard but it is really helpful to the rhythm and tune! :D

As you can see, I am NOT in love with the ukulele, and I am NOT excited and happy about it.

Haha. I bet I fooled you! I AM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED AND I AM IN LOVE WITH MY UKE! It is just so much fun to sit and play music!

Random + Writing + Updates,


Yesterday I went to a thrift store with my grandma and behind the counter was a ukulele. Now, for a while, I had been wanting to start playing it, and when I saw it I wondered if it was my chance to get it! I asked the lady about it and she said it was 8 dollars! Keep in mind, new ukuleles are usually around 100 dollars. This one was in pretty good condition (for a thrift store uke) and it could easily have been 50 outside of the thrift store. 8 dollars was a great deal! So, of course, we got it.

Later, when my dad came home he helped me tune it. This morning I set out to learn the main notes! It is really fun! :D

Now my three school friends and I have the two main musical talents: Voice and instrument! In our group we have Uke and voice, drums and voice, guitar and voice, and violin and voice.

RK, you play guitar right? How long have you been playing? 'Uhhh... Blackbird?' was really good! :D



P.S. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make or buy (a cheap something to use as) a Uke shoulder strap? I kinda need one so I can stand and play. :) Thanks!! If you have any suggestions just write them in an email to me at or as a comment below! :)