Saturday, October 20, 2012

Haunted House: Building Phase

Today we built the sets! It was amazingly fun!

I was the first there. Alone. In a dark, abandoned place. Yeah. Then more people came! Yay! But we still couldn't find Miss Pam. Then we found her down in the basement, through several drapes and walkways. She gave us buckets and boxes to carry and sent us off through the rooms of the abandoned haunted house. It was all these dummies and actually scary stuff, but it was all about 3 years old and completely untouched. We were to ransack the place for any props and such we could find. We ripped all these fake cockroaches off the walls, took all these spice jars and cups and all the scary stuff. I think the best find was this goblet with skulls as the stem! Another great find were actual animal bones. The girl with us freaked, and I wanted to examine it, but they wouldn't let me. (***not a find as in we took them with us***)

We went through room after room doing this, and all we had were two flashlights (one of which was mine). It was completely dark. No A/C, either. But we made it!

More people came and we took them down and went in all the rooms again and got even more stuff. We finally came to this one room that was too scary for any of us to go through. Probably didn't have anything, either. It was a room FILLED with hangers. With something on them that looked like a head and shoulders. With sheets over them. With blood on it. BODY BAGS HANGING FROM THE CEILING!!! One of us went through, not sure who, and we never saw them again......... Until they came back out. We left the basement and collected the foam headstones from the stairs.

We came out with our loot and loaded it into the Henegar basement (we had been in the high school basement). Then two more people came. We all worked and did stuff.

Mrs Pam gave us these carpeted stage dividers. They were rectangles with these little feet on the bottom. Used to divide a scene, or as a backstage, maybe. We took the elevator to get the four of them to the first floor, then got them down the basement stairs (finally). We did stuff after that down in the basement, looking for things. Mrs Pam them walked us through what the haunted house would be like. Really cool!!!

We blew up inflatable pumpkins, too, and went through props. We have the scarecrow scene set up, and the fortune teller's set almost done. :) I am going to be in the cemetery!

We danced around together for a while, but then it was four and we had to leave (we were to be there from 1 to 4).

I had a lot of fun, and it was an amazing bonding experience for all of us! I think we are better friends now after being scared and startled together for hours! All the people there were from our cast, so we were all friends already. Now we have even more trust for each other and will be able to perform with each other even better than before!

Random + Writing,

P.S. Don't forget! Next Saturday, October 27!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Haunted House

A children's haunted house is coming to the Henegar Center for Performing Arts! [Live in our area? Here's the link!] And guess what? I am acting in it!

Miss Pam, my drama teacher at Stage1Stars at the Henegar Center, asked us to participate! A lot of our cast signed up to help, so there will be a bunch of friendly faces in the midst of the scariness! I signed up to be a cemetery character. I already have a costume funeral dress: black with black lace up the arms. I am going to be sort of a Woman in Black type of ghost. My friend Priscilla will be a mad scientist! Not too scary, but kind of creepy-halloween-y!

It also counts as community service hours! If you live anywhere near the Henegar, please come join us! Contact my teacher, Pam Mankowski at If you don't want to be a part of it, but want to send your little ones, click the link towards the top of the post! That has the flier and info on it.

The haunted house will not be all bloody and gore-y or anything. It is for little bitty kids, so just a little creepy and fun!

It has been my dream for years to be a part of a haunted house! It is creepy role-playing and costumes for people who want to be there with you! Or, really, DON'T want to! ;D

Maybe I will put up pictures from the haunted house? I don't know.

October 27th, 2012! I am excited!

Also, just missed the closest Zombie walk! Oct 11. Last week! Argh! I misread the article. I thought it was today, but the one in the article actually said Downtown Orlando, not Downtown in my town. Huff!

Random + Writing + Haunted Houses and Zombies,

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween!: Detached Eyeball Crochet Pattern

I'm still alive, I promise! Sorry it has been so long, but I have been practicing crochet and making lots of different things, and now I am pretty good!

I might be alive, but this eyeball isn't! In my soon-to-be long line of Halloween-themed patterns comes a detached eyeball! Created originally for my dad to take to work and sit on his desk, this eyeball will spruce up any candy bowl or empty table this halloween.

If you cover you eye with your hand while holding the tip of the red,
it swings all grossly and it looks really cool/funny/disgusting/all three.

UPDATE: If you use a smaller hook, like a G, and attach the red a bit farther back, it makes it a LOT better. I don't like how the one in the picture has this weirdly shaped iris and pupil, but I made a new one with a lighter and brighter blue and the things I mentioned and it turned out a lot better!

Yarn: Black (pupil), Blue/Green/Brown (iris), White (white of eye)
Crochet hook: J/10 (6.00mm)

R[#]: Round [#]
sc: single crochet
dec: decrease
inc: increase
*_* [word]: In between ‘*’ is order of pattern, word after is how many times to repeat the pattern
--: continue for as long as desired
ch: chain
Sk: slip knot

Worked from pupil to back of white of eye (back of eye will not be exposed)
R1 Magic ring 3 (3)
(Iris Color)
R2 *2 sc* around (6)
R3 *1 sc, 1 inc* around (9)
R4 *2 sc, 1 inc* around (12)
R5 *3 sc, 1 inc* around (16)
R6-7 *1 sc* around (16)
R8 *3 sc, 1 dec* around (12)
R9 *1 sc, 1 dec* around (8)

Worked from middle of eyeball down into cone shape
R1 Attach red at eighth round (16)
R2 sc 1 in each (16)
R3 1 dec, 2 sc (12)
R4-5 sc 1 in each (12)
R6 1 dec, 2 sc (9)
R7 sc 1 in each (9)
R8 1 dec, 2 sc (7)
R9 dec 2, sc around (4)
R10-- sc around (4)
Join together so there is no hole in the red. 
Ch 12 from the closing, tie off.
Sk, then work 7 stitches on the chain from the closing of the cone.

Random + Crochet,