Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween!: Detached Eyeball Crochet Pattern

I'm still alive, I promise! Sorry it has been so long, but I have been practicing crochet and making lots of different things, and now I am pretty good!

I might be alive, but this eyeball isn't! In my soon-to-be long line of Halloween-themed patterns comes a detached eyeball! Created originally for my dad to take to work and sit on his desk, this eyeball will spruce up any candy bowl or empty table this halloween.

If you cover you eye with your hand while holding the tip of the red,
it swings all grossly and it looks really cool/funny/disgusting/all three.

UPDATE: If you use a smaller hook, like a G, and attach the red a bit farther back, it makes it a LOT better. I don't like how the one in the picture has this weirdly shaped iris and pupil, but I made a new one with a lighter and brighter blue and the things I mentioned and it turned out a lot better!

Yarn: Black (pupil), Blue/Green/Brown (iris), White (white of eye)
Crochet hook: J/10 (6.00mm)

R[#]: Round [#]
sc: single crochet
dec: decrease
inc: increase
*_* [word]: In between ‘*’ is order of pattern, word after is how many times to repeat the pattern
--: continue for as long as desired
ch: chain
Sk: slip knot

Worked from pupil to back of white of eye (back of eye will not be exposed)
R1 Magic ring 3 (3)
(Iris Color)
R2 *2 sc* around (6)
R3 *1 sc, 1 inc* around (9)
R4 *2 sc, 1 inc* around (12)
R5 *3 sc, 1 inc* around (16)
R6-7 *1 sc* around (16)
R8 *3 sc, 1 dec* around (12)
R9 *1 sc, 1 dec* around (8)

Worked from middle of eyeball down into cone shape
R1 Attach red at eighth round (16)
R2 sc 1 in each (16)
R3 1 dec, 2 sc (12)
R4-5 sc 1 in each (12)
R6 1 dec, 2 sc (9)
R7 sc 1 in each (9)
R8 1 dec, 2 sc (7)
R9 dec 2, sc around (4)
R10-- sc around (4)
Join together so there is no hole in the red. 
Ch 12 from the closing, tie off.
Sk, then work 7 stitches on the chain from the closing of the cone.

Random + Crochet,

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  1. Coolio! you have to do a tutorial on how to crochet! I'd love to learn :)


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