Things to Look For on the Art Drawer!

Look out for all sorts of things on the Art Drawer! This Page will always be updated if something new comes up!

A message from RK: Hey guys! RK here asking you, well out of all the blogs I can visit, Why the art drawer? Well there are SO many fun things to do on The Art Drawer! I gave a list down below of what should be all the things you're capable of doing on the art drawer and things to check out. CB and I also LOVE to entertain you! Why go on Face Book all day? While Face Book MAY be fun for some users, we don't believe that Face Book is productive  in any way, accept for sucking you into their little scheme and then soon you will become so addicted to Face Book that you type in what you do every second of your unimaginative life! *Takes breath* No I am kidding but if you are going to be on a computer, you might as well do something fun! That's why we provide you with the art drawer!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Look out for fun things like...:
>Fact of the Day
>How-to's and Video tutorials
>RK's signature: "Keep it Nurby!" Where would she be without her signature? Tisk tisk tisk.
>CB's signature: "Random+Writing+[Insert new subject here.. Or not]"
>Pointless things to say
>Art projects for you to do at home
>Yay-ing from CB because she LOVES views!
>Coming soon's: To remind you to come back and view the new post that's being advertised
>A movie trailer
>Commenting (Including for people who don't have a blogger account)
>Emailing and questions
>Other blog's to visit
>LOT'S of joking
>So much joking that parrots in tiny boots will come crashing into your shoulder

We look forward to seeing you on the art drawer! ;-D



Note: CB's Email is not dirty or anything. Although YOUR imagination might be messed up (JOKING ><) Here is the reason behind her email: CB was sick to her stomach one day as she was riding in the car so her mom let her sit in the front. Her Mom was in the back and was trying to call a friend of hers, but was sent to the voice machine as soon as they went over a speed bump. CB's mom said "It's Bumpy Back Here!" and left that as the message by accident.

RK's Email (Lol I'm Bluer) was made because one day she was chatting her friend and got in the silliest argument of all arguments (It was a fake sorta argument) about who liked blue more. As my friend was typing I logged out of my email and made a new email: and chatted her from that.