Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

A night, so scary and frightful, a night so sweet and fun!
No, this is not a poem, though, yes, I know, it sounds like one.

Hallow's Eve is upon us! The Headless Horseman reaps your fear,
And the Jack-O-Lantern stands outside your door.

Ghosts, mummies, Witches, zombies, pumpkins, animals galore!
What are YOU dressing up as? Any of these, or more?

Okay, I guess it was a poem. I hope you enjoyed my accidental awesomeness. Sorry I am being so theatrical right now. I am in my WRITING MOOD! NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow, but that is another post for another time.

Happy Halloween!


Saturday, October 29, 2011

CONTEST: The Art Drawer Logo! *UPDATE!*

NO ENTRIE5. I have drawn two, and hopefully RK has drawn one. We haven't gotten ANY from YOU!! Please, no matter how terrible, no matter how horrific it may be, please, just send it to us. It doesn't have to be scanned into the computer, just a simple photo of your drawing will do! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Random + Writing,

P.S. Furryicecreamcone? I am sure YOU have an idea!!! ;)P Haha! ;)P

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Art Drawer Logo!

CONTEST: Please email us your idea for an Art Drawer logo!


The logo MUST include:

  • the Art Drawer
  • By RK and CB!

Be creative!

It must be legible, eye catching, easy to read, and interesting. Also, if possible, try to make is compact. Look at the iCarly logo. It says clearly iCarly, it catches your eye with its vibrant colors, and it is small and compact.

Try to stay away from too much detail, because if your idea is chosen, we will have to redraw it and enter it into the computer and trace it on, and too much detail isn't easy for that.

Also, you muSt be open to critiquing.*

Good luck!! The contest will close when we receive the winning logo. No deadline! There is no material prize, just mention on the Dedication page, a post about your logo, and, with permission**, your logo will be used as the logo FOR the Art Drawer!!

Have fun! All entrants will be mentioned in the final post.

AND DON'T FORGET TO SIGN YOUR FIRST NAME AND LAST INITIAL REAL SMALL IN THE CORNER OR SOMETHING. When we draw it out and do stuff to get it onto the computer, your first name and last initial will be written quite small in the corner or somewhere. Also, if you could, please include your name written in the email. Just so we spell it right.

*This means that we might change your logo a bit to fit our needs. Say you drew this really good drawing, and you forgot to add .blogspot in the .com. We would have to change that, now wouldn't we? This means just basically means you are okay with us possibly changing it a bit, but you would still get full credit. :)

**To stay away from copyright and royalty stuff, when you send us your entry, you are saying that you knowingly have sent us a picture that may potentially be the logo, and that we have the rights to it. We aren't saying you can't draw it afterward, but you can't say that you yourself own it. We own it after you send it (you will still have full credit for drawing and designing it, though). Also, just to be sure you know, you must include in your email that you give us permission to use it as our logo. Just incase.

Random + Writing + Logo!,

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Costume

Some people are going to be vampires, or zombies, or something like that. How may people do you know that are going as a Victorian-Era Newspaper-boy? You know, the ones that ride their bikes and throw the newspapers to someone's house? Yeah, except REALLY old-fashioned. If you are a big fan, I mean BIG fan of the Art Drawer, I think you should dress as one, too. Haha! LOL! JK! Only I am. I mean, you can, but I am not asking you to. But it would be cool if you did. ;) Pics to come!

CB's Polls: What is your favorite video on the Art Drawer?

This poll is now closed. There were technically 70 days left to vote, but I got bored with it. here are the results:

Flower Power
  2 (40%)
The Tofu Song
  4 (80%)
The Girl, the Ghost, and the Train Ticket
  1 (20%)
Why is the sky yellow???
  1 (20%)
My Feet Are Flying!
  2 (40%)
CB's Stop Motion Films
  2 (40%)
The Midnight Meeting (One-Man Show)
  0 (0%)
Learn To Draw CB's Characters
  1 (20%)
Votes: 5

1. The Tofu Song
2. Flower Power
2. My Feet Are Flying!
2. CB's Stop Motion Films
3. The Girl, the Ghost, and the Train Ticket
3. Why is the sky yellow???
3. Learn To Draw CB's Characters
4. The Midnight Meeting (One-Man Show)
Thank you to all that voted! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011



Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fact #.....Whatever: No More

It is now an almost-fact that the facts of the day have been discontinued as you may have already figured out. Thank you for reading our facts, but the facts are gone now. Bye bye. At least, they are CB gone. RK might want to do some, but CB is done. Sorry. Zip. None. Nada. Goose eggs. (<-- Most of that phrase from the Tale of Despereaux)

Thanks for your patience with my forgetful self, or at least your non-violent impatience.

Random + Writing - Facts,

New contests!

Cehck out all the new contests in the New Events Page! There are so many! And there fun to!

Keep it nurby! ~RK

New Contest!!!

Heeeeeyyyy!! Word up? Tee hee.. Okay, so everyone who reads The Art Drawers posts, you will know that I, Rain Kissed ALWAYS have a signature at the bottom of my posts.
"Keep it Nurby! ~RK"... BUT sometimes I sign it a bit differently! ex.
"Keep it Nurby! ~rk" "Keep it Nurby! ~Rk" OR "Keep it nurby! ~Rk" etc etc etc etc! Now! The contest is to find the EXACT number of how many times my signature looked like one of the examples above (Do not look for any that say
Keep it Nurby ~RK: Because that is the correct way to do my signature!!!!!)! Have fun!!

Keep it nurby! ~RK

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fan Mail #1: CONGRATS

We got our first ever FAN MAIL!! This comes from Molly J of NC. Thanks, Molly!

hey. i just wanna say, congrats on being GREAT website! you know, that great wasn't supposed to be in caps, but i accidentally hit capslock. EVEN THE KEYBOARD KNOWS YOU'RE GREAT!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Why am I so tired? I am never tired at 8:04

P.S: No, it is not 10:04 it is 8:04. CB made this blog originally and shared it with me so it is in southern USA time. I do not happen to live down south anymore so we both have different times.
Keep it Nurby! ~rk

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Science Fair *UPDATE*

I found one last night! I didn't find it, but it came to me.

Does pH, Salinity, or Temperature in a substance affect how well it conducts electricity?

I don't want to tell my procedure, because then other people can copy me, but my hypothesis is that, over all, the substance with the most salt in it will conduct electricity the best.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Science Fair

I HATE IT. I have looked at EVERY SINGLE PHYSICS PROJECT EVER!!! And most of them aren't physics. The best physics question on this one website was "What is the Best Type of Pet?" What, and you going to interview a Pomeranian vs a rat?

Please help! Possibly water, probability, or what affects what physics questions. And this year, we have to ENTER it and talk to mean old college students they gathered up off the streets.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Doctor Who Contest

Who watches Doctor Who on BBC or BBC America? It is a show about an alien called a Timelord who is the last Timelord left. He calls himself the Doctor. He is in love with the Human race and does his best to save us from aliens and possible threats, like machine aliens called Daleks, stone angels that move, and many more! He travels around the universe in a big blue time machine police box that is bigger on the inside, and it is called a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space). Also, it has been going since the 50's. The Doctor regenerates when he is dying, and that means the studio can switch actors. If you DO watch Doctor Who, you should participate in this contest!

moonembrace is on of our followers. She is also one of my close friends. She LOVES Doctor Who, so I thought she would enjoy this contest.

Please send in a picture of something creative you made from the show! I just made a paper TARDIS, and I saw online some pictures of people dressing up as their favorite Doctors from certain seasons. Whatever you want to do, just be creative and please read the Safety Online Rules and Regulations at the bottom of this post.

Since this is a CB contest, please email to to enter. Please include a nickname for us to call you, because all pictures and FIRST/NICKNAMES will be posted! None of your personal info will be shared with anyone, also because you WON'T BE GIVING US ANY, right?

Good luck! This contest ends when we have at least 5 entries. The winner will be chosen soon after, but everyone will be mentioned! :D

Safety Online Rules and Regulations

  1. Do NOT include personal information in your email or photo. If any personal information is found, it will be edited out. If personal information is included in your photo, you will be disqualified and you entry will no longer count.
  2. Do NOT be gross. This a nice contest, and there is no reason to be inappropriate. Why would you?
  3. Do NOT ever give us personal information in a casual email (not in a contest). Never give us your phone number, address, last name, or user names and passwords, whether for us to post or not. An alias for you will be created and we will post that you have given us personal information. Your info will not be posted, but the fact that you have emailed that to us will be.
  4. If you are ever rude to another reader, you will be reported. Oh yeah. We went there!
Thank you for reading our Safety Online Rules and Regulations! If, and only if, any of these rules are broken, you will be reported. Thank you!

Good luck, and BEGIN!

Wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuff! OooOOh!!!
Random + Writing,

Ball Lightning ("Thunderstorm" response)

IN RESPONSE TO "Thunderstorm": The same night on our walk before I could film it, I saw a little orb of light buzzing around the small thunderhead. Dad told me it sounds like ball lighting, which it still pretty controversial on whether it exits or not. I think it does since I saw it, but I don't know for sure... :)

How many of you think you saw ball lighting? It might be a gold orb of light buzzing around a cloud, or something like one of these at this link (google images):

The ball-lightning.jpeg at pic is pretty close. It is the one on a dark blue background with a white streak of lighting and a trail of golden orbs coming off of it.

When my grandma was young, their house was struck by lightning, and the stove exploded. A ball of light rolled across the floor and disappeared. Was this ball lightning, or just a shared hallucination?

Random + Writing,

Thunderstorm *Video Updated as of October 5, 2011*

I don't remember what day I filmed this, but it was pretty recently, and it is kind of scary, if you are out in it. When it got really rapid, I had to go inside. 


07 Behold the Darkness
Medwyn Goodall

I think the music is REALLY cool!!! And thunderstorm is cool too! (The music doesn't end there, I just had to stop it because it is really long.)

At the end, it says:

Thank you for watching this thunderstorm.
Isn't it crazy that all of that happens inside a cloud???

Random + Writing,

Monday, October 3, 2011

G' Night!

Keep it nurby! ~rk

Saturday, October 1, 2011

House Pics

I think RK should post pics of her new house in WA. I would love to see it!! Below, click Love It at the Mood thingamabob, and we'll see how many people click it! And if there are over 5 Love It's by next week, RK HAS TO (Not HAS TO, but she is obliged to. ;] ) post pics of the inside of her house. Not the outside if it gives any clues as to where she lives, but just the inside, if she wants to. Thanks! OR she could do it BEFORE next week! Haha! :D Either one!

Random + Writing,

So You Think You Can Spin? Guest Star on TAD!: Tamy!

Me and my new Bestie just having a blast! It all started out because, Tamy was suppose to have a sleep over and the power went out. We got really bored so we decided to have a spinning contest, and she said Hi! So you think you can spin! We laughed a lot afterwards and made this video!!!!!!

Tamy: Tamy

Kira: Rain Kissed

Judge A: Rain Kissed

Judge B: Tamy

Advertisers: Tamy and Rain Kissed

Editing: Rain Kissed

Original Idea: Tamy

Video by: Tamy and Rain Kissed

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Hey guys!

Don't worry I am still going to post on the Art Drawer as much as I can, but with me being in middle school and having friends over and homework, it's hard to get to that! I looked at one of the recent posts that Con6nor posted, and I didn't even know we had so many views from so many places! WOW! Well keep looking at the art drawer every now and then and PLEASE leave comments or email us!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

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