Monday, October 24, 2011

The Art Drawer Logo!

CONTEST: Please email us your idea for an Art Drawer logo!


The logo MUST include:

  • the Art Drawer
  • By RK and CB!

Be creative!

It must be legible, eye catching, easy to read, and interesting. Also, if possible, try to make is compact. Look at the iCarly logo. It says clearly iCarly, it catches your eye with its vibrant colors, and it is small and compact.

Try to stay away from too much detail, because if your idea is chosen, we will have to redraw it and enter it into the computer and trace it on, and too much detail isn't easy for that.

Also, you muSt be open to critiquing.*

Good luck!! The contest will close when we receive the winning logo. No deadline! There is no material prize, just mention on the Dedication page, a post about your logo, and, with permission**, your logo will be used as the logo FOR the Art Drawer!!

Have fun! All entrants will be mentioned in the final post.

AND DON'T FORGET TO SIGN YOUR FIRST NAME AND LAST INITIAL REAL SMALL IN THE CORNER OR SOMETHING. When we draw it out and do stuff to get it onto the computer, your first name and last initial will be written quite small in the corner or somewhere. Also, if you could, please include your name written in the email. Just so we spell it right.

*This means that we might change your logo a bit to fit our needs. Say you drew this really good drawing, and you forgot to add .blogspot in the .com. We would have to change that, now wouldn't we? This means just basically means you are okay with us possibly changing it a bit, but you would still get full credit. :)

**To stay away from copyright and royalty stuff, when you send us your entry, you are saying that you knowingly have sent us a picture that may potentially be the logo, and that we have the rights to it. We aren't saying you can't draw it afterward, but you can't say that you yourself own it. We own it after you send it (you will still have full credit for drawing and designing it, though). Also, just to be sure you know, you must include in your email that you give us permission to use it as our logo. Just incase.

Random + Writing + Logo!,

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