Thursday, September 29, 2011

Name Change *UPDATE*

Okay, my name is back to C-O-N-N-O-R, But instead of being exactly that, it has a silent 6 between the N's.


See? Anyway, I still sign my name CB now. :)

Random + Writing + 6,
Con6nor B

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I am changing my name. Not officially and legally, and also not forever, but just for fun.

If you read the 20 Things People Typically Get Wrong About My Name post, you will know my name is Connor.

Now, it is spelled Khannir. Sounds the same, but is spelled differently. My drama substitute teacher says she changed her name in college. Now, between the two N's in her name, there is a silent 8. Haha! Cool! :D

So, now, I am going to sign my name KB. Eh? Eh?

Random + Writing,


Guess what? You are only suppoed to select TWO videos for the poll. TWO. I thank whoever voted last, but, it is in the question. No offense. I lurv you anyway. ;D Haha! I kid, I kid, but in the future, and I am talking to everyone, read ALL of the question. Thanky thanky!

Random + Writing,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our School

I was coming home today, and at exactly 3:21, a fire rescue vehicle was leaving my school without its lights on. No ambulance. It might have left already, filled or empty I don't know. All the aftercare kids were standing outside the music room in the North wing. I wonder what happened? My teacher was absent today, so she wouldn't know, but maybe someone will tell her tomorrow. I hope everyone is okay... They should have had me there!! (I am a survivalist)

Random + Writing,

Monday, September 26, 2011

Riddle: What Happened? *Update* *Updated* CONTEST CLOSED

Time is almost up! Hurry! Get your answers in quick! Would you like to be posted on our dedication page? Well head on over to the new events page and see just how you can do that! Remember that this riddle ends on 10.1.11!

Keep it Nurby! ~Rain Kissed

THIS CONTEST NOW CLOSED. See Dedication Page and October 1 for winner.
Woow! It's as if all of cyber world knows me! I went to look at to see if any of you emailed, (No one did. *glares at you*) And look at the emails I have! I have always wanted to get more viewers and advertise! :D

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Thanks for test driving Snagit. There's only 1 thing left to do...
Sep 12
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Club Penguin Member Serv.
Club Penguin Account Confirmation
Sep 11

Uhhhh what's up with the Club Penguin thing? Hahahaha!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

In the most sane way pos- Wait what is this? Buisness?


Keep it Nurby! ~Rk

Spider and Cockroach

I have all of this bio equipment for containing dead bugs and animals. Mainly bugs, but I have some owl yarp (A.K.A. Droppings, or vomit) and a snake skin, though. I just got a cockroach into a test tube and a huge spider into a petri dish.

The spider was BEAUTIFUL! It had been laboring in the corner of our bathroom for two months, but I finally got up the nerve to disturb it. It is just gorgeous! It has tan and black furry legs, interesting markings on its back, and it eyes! Oh, its eyes! When you look closely, you can see its fangs. Enormous, wonderful fangs! I had to wait a while to be sure all of it supposed venom had dried up before I could touch it. It would have been nice to collect a sample of it, though... But the poor spider... :( I wish it hadn't died... I wonder where its eggs are...

The roach was nothing special, but usually (and sadly), when my parents see roaches they kill them, so it was good to get one intact, for a change. :( :D

I have LOTS of bugs and snake skins in my bio drawer!!! I spent all year last year looking for dead things, and I found a non-decayed frog, but it started rotting so my parents wouldn't let me keep it... :(

Random + Writing,

OMG!!! My Play Is Being Staged!!!!

I wrote a play about a Jeopardy!™episode, except it is with fairytale characters and it is called Jeopardy! the Celebrity and Guest Episode. I think it is pretty cool! In my drama class, we are gonna read it today, and if everyone likes it, we might be able to actually have a show of it! I might film some of our reading today and then post it here, if the kids give their permission. Then, for the play, I am SO posting it!!! :D

Also, Miss Pam says that if we DO end up doing it, I can be the FULL ON DIRECTOR!!!! I was thinking director's assistant, but, okay! Haha! Can't wait! We are reading it in the Monday class (today) and the Wednesday class. Fun! :D

I will update you on it after the class. Lurv ya!

Random + Writing,

P.S. If you want to write a script, too, just mosey on over to the post archives bar and find CB's How To Write a Script, or search for it in RK's handy little search bar to the right. Thanks!!

Coming Soon: Callous in Blunderland *UPDATE*

So, you all know of my soon to be Alice in Wonderland spoof. Well, we have hit a bump... RK was going to record three of the voices in the video, but I can't figure out how to get HER voices into MY movie when she lives all the way across the USA.

Here is the problem: We both have Macintosh computers available for use. I would use iMovie. But I can't figure out how I would get the voce she would email me into my iMovie video. If there are any Techies out there like KingofRandom, that would be helpful. Thanks, and may there still be hope for my spoof. If it is impossible, RK might get over her anger at me if I did it myself. :( Only a year of hatred. ;) Haha! I kid, I kid!

Random + Writing,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vote vote vote!

CB's Polls: What is your favorite video on the Art Drawer? (Please select two)

Remember to vote on the poll! The one in this post is a valid poll, so just click change your vote if it is the wrong screen and then select the two of my videos you really liked. This poll is only of CB's videos, not RK's, though they were all splendid. Thanks!

And remember, only 97 days left to vote! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your grandmother! Tell your favorite book!

Just vote.

Random + Writing,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Coming Soon: Sims 3 Expansion Pack: Real life

Ever played sims three and relized just how funny it is to watch their actions? Well what if we turned that into real life? What would it look like? See it all on November 15 right here on The Art Drawer!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

*cough cough*

Giant worms who eat pants.

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Friday, September 23, 2011

Coming Soon: Atreus Triklotte and the Shadow Lions of Frindlor Farm

An incredibly gifted five-year-old's parents die, so he is sent to his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins' house in Kansas. It is a wonderful and nice home, except for the creatures that inhabit the residence with them. The Shadow Lions are Shadow creatures of darkness. Atreus learns from his cousin, Contria, who is very knowledgeable of the supernatural, that he is the last one that can stop the creatures from overrunning the the community. And the worst part: If the Shadows succeed, barely anyone would know.

As you can see, I have started a new book. 

Last night, my cousin that lives with my aunt and uncle (his grandma and grandpa) across the street was out for a walk. We walked with them, and when we got back, I told him that these creatures live in our yard. I told them the are called Shadow Lions, and he, gullible as he is, believed me. I told him that I have tried to stop them and failed, and that he was the last one that could stop them from taking over. 

With all the other things I had written and put on here, such as Escape of the Institute, and the Guilt is Eating You Alive were fun little things I had written for fun, and thought you'd enjoy reading. I would  hate for someone to take them and call them theirs, but they are not necessarily valuable to me. If they ever do become valuable to me, I will take them down and use them for what I need. The Atreus book is very very very valuable to me, because I hope to have it published once I am finished. And, once my cousin is older, it might be fun to give the book to him and tell him that I wrote it based on him. 

Thanks! Also, please email me at to send away for a few paragraphs of it. I think it is pretty good! Also, it is set in Kansas, so that is why no one would know. I think I am gonna add that to the summary. Yeah... So, you would have read it with my changes in it, but as I write this, it doesn't have it in there. Now it does. Yay! Thanks for reading!

Random + Writing + Atreus + Shadow Lions,

This book's content and ideas property of Connor B.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coming Soon: RK Paint's and designs her room!

Are you ready for the bluest walls in history of BLUE walls?! Well I am gonna take a guess that there's even bluer than mine, but ANYWAYS! If you have ever seen my discontinued blog The Q and A, I am going to guess you know that I have been planning to paint my room, from that cranberry color. I decided put all the idea's into a hat picked one out, and now the theme of RK's room is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNDER WATER!! I was chatting with one of my old friend and she said that everyone is copying her on her underwater idea, but it's not like they are all going to look the same. I AM TAKING MINE TO THE EXTREME! Blue walls, Origami fish hanging from the ceiling, Different shaded blue tulle (a net-like fabric) pinned to the ceiling, fabric fish hanging down, bubbles painted on my walls, and some of you may not be familiar with this one but she comes from the anime named Squid girl. I am hoping that I can get my brothers dad to make a graphic of her because that's what he does. Makes graphics.

P.S.) If you happened to have seen The Q and A blog, I will have you know, if you comment on the last post I made that you won't want me to discontinue it, I will be more then happy to keep posting.

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coming Soon: Callous in Blunderland

Soon, (not SOON soon, but soon) I will post a one-man video about a girl named Callous who accidentally opens the Art Drawer drawer instead of the Misc Drawer and falls into it!!! Funniness ensues.

Sunday, September 18, 2011



P.S If you are saying well why were YOU in the comic if it had curse words and all that? I was in the comic because I wasn't one of the zombies, and I didn't have to curse AND it is okay to take pictures for the comic for kids, just not reading it for young eyes! I didn't make the script, so I am not a bad person. Hahaha! By the way, the comic I was in won't be posted until the end of the year at most. (look for the teen who always stands next to me. He is my brother. He is in a gray shirt and gray pants and looks like he got a blow to the face.)

Keep it Nurby! (And away from bad websites, kids!) ~RK

Dear people,

If you look up, The Art Drawer CB or The Art Drawer RK you can find our blog on Google in a link!

So pretty much get on the internet. Go to the search bar. Type in the art drawer rk OR the art drawer cb. click on the fist link, and it will come up with the one and only ArtDrawer!!!!

(P.S dont look up the art drawer without CB or RK behind it, because then it will come up with Craigslist things to buy a drawer used for art projects.)

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Friday, September 16, 2011

Riddle: What Happened? UPDATE!!

I know this is kinda RK's riddle, but just reminding you, it ends on 10/1/11. Answer quick! Email one of us your answers so no one steals them if you comment it. CB RK

See the New Events page for the full text of the contest and the riddle.

Fact #.....Whatever: SICK! Again

So, a girl in my class comes to school with a fever just so she can do P.E., and I sit next to a sick kid who got checked out, and the next day I have a sore throat and a stuffy and runny nose. Wow. Some people, you know? Haha! I can't hold it against anyone, but I have been sick twice in about a months time (in different months, but with less than a month's-worth in between them). Poo.

Random + Writing + MANY MANY MANY tissues,

P.S. That is the fact for today. It is a fact that I feel like a poo pit. Yep.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Poll!!

Over there to the right. Yes, yes, right there. Focus on the words that form the question of this newfangled survey. Essentially, (because I can't remember the exact words) it is about which of CB's videos you like more. So. Vote. Yes, you. I have been talking to you the whole time. Haven't you been listening? Poll. To the right. 107 days left. Vote. Videos. Narwhals. GET TO IT!

Go. Seriously. There is nothing else here that you need to FIND. No SECRET MESSAGES or anything. Nothing you need to FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIND... Nope...

Thanks you for finding this. You are smart. That is rare. Please comment the answer to this question without giving away this secret message OR the answer: (So sort of write the answer in code. e.g. if the answer was B (it is not) you could say, "I got stung by a B today!")

I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space.
I am essential to creation and I surround every place. What am I?

Fact of the day # 31: Share the Rainbow. Taste the... Strawberry.

Did you know that Strawberry skittles Candies, are the only flavor to be produced in Skittles, Skittles Crazy cores, Sour Skittles, and tropical Skittles?

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hi guys

Its Rk here and I am bored. Let's all comment on how we deal with our bordlyness.

Keep it Nurby!~ RK

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


Keep it Nurby! ~RK and 1000 Views.

Fact # 30: Age 30

Since this is out 30th fact, out 30th anniversary of our 1st fact, and just a pretty cool daily thing we do, I will give a fact having to do with '30.'

After age 30, the brain shrinks about a quarter of a percent (0.25%) in mass each year. So, not only is 30 a hurtful age to the 30-year-olds, but you brain gets smaller, too? I suppose that explains a LOT.

30 Years Old:

 /             \
(               \

40 Years Later:

(            \

Oh, poor adults. More specifically, poor adults age 30+ :( Good thing I'm not there yet!!!


Happy 30th anniversary, 1st fact!

Random + Writing - 0.25% of Your Brain,

Flower Power

A dainty flower goes for a walk but is almost robbed by the notorious Spool of Dread!!! Funniness ensues.

Music: Flower Power Song
Artist: Connor Doohicky
Written By: Connor Doohicky
All rights to this video are reserved (be ME)


Random + Writing + Flower Power,

Today at School (CB)

We have been doing this Continent study thing where we pick a continent and sometimes we can focus on one country. I have been sorta doing it with Loang (name scrambled for protection). I noticed Loang hadn't been doing much and I had been doing all the work and at the end of the day, he would say, "So what have we done so far?" And it always bugs me when people don't do their work. I don't mind doing all the work myself, but when I am supposed to be in a GROUP I am supposed to be in a GROUP. So I told Loang that I wanted to do it by myself (that is essentially what I said. I said it nicer and more sugar-coated than that, though). Loang wanted to have "One more chance!" so tomorrow is his last day to show he can work. He doesn't reach my standards, well, he has three more weeks to do his own, and heaven KNOWS he is not copying off mine.

I am going to write a book with my friend Miras (name scrambled for protection)!!! He loves ships and world trade between the 1400's and the 1700's and I love to write about secret symbols and cults and that type of stuff, so here is some of the background:

There is one of the boats that they are using to transport millions of dollars worth of things to another country, but hidden among that cargo is some sort of precious artifact. A strange ship tries to rob them, and everyone assumes it is a pirate ship, but it has strange symbols on it. In truth it belongs to a secret cult. The cult is gathering lots and lots of artifacts either to offer to or communicate with their gods.

We are making up an entire mythology! It is going to be so much fun!!! I love collaborating with people to write books.

I wrote along side one of my best friends on this blog: It is called Words of Birds and it is about these two birds whose fates intertwine and form a touching story of longing and freedom of two helpless creatures that somehow find their way through the tangle of branches of life. I wrote for Raven Black. Go ahead and comment here or there. Feel free to email me at Thanks!!

That is it for today. More might happen tonight, but for the school day, that is it! Thanks for reading!!!

Random + Writing,


I tried to get to the Art Drawer today from school and it said it was blocked for my protection. Mrs Stanley said that usually all blogs are blocked. Poo. I really wanted to post from school, but when I tried to get there I didn't even log in I just typed in the URL. Man, lots of run-on sentences here, huh? Haha! Well, school went great, and I hope RK's second day goes well too!!!

Fact of The day # 29: Cell Phones

Keep cellphones away from infants not only because they might slobber on it and destroy it, but they can also end up getting EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiation) which can harm chidren aldults and especially babies.

Keep it Nurby.. And not too close to cell phones~ RK

First day of school

The first day of school went great! I sorta blew it on the whole being shy thing, because I wasn't very sociable. Anyways. I was a lot less shy then when I went into Indialantic, because they kind of force you to hang out with each other on the first day. They encourage it at least. Speaking of hanging out with people you don't know, when we went out on the P.E field (made of fake grass) we had to play a few games like frogger where there is a detective and frogger stares at someone and sticks his/her tongue out and that person who got their-tongue-sticked-out-at, does the most dramatic death they can think of and detective tries to figure out who frogger is. Then we did the human knot which is kind of complicated to explain but I will try my best for you to under stand. (We got to get p really close and personal to each other...) A girl walks up to me and shakes my hand and tells me her name and where she went to school in elementary. Then I walk up to some one else with out letting her hand go and take my other hand and shake someone else's and share my name and where I went to school and it keeps going on like that. Then we are all next to each other holding hands in this HUGE knot and we had to untangle our arms without letting go. Then we finally ended up in a circle with people holding hands. After that we played duck duck goose. Then we went inside for and assembly and then went to meet our teachers in class. I have to ride the bus to and from school. I ride bus 119 Blue. Now I have to eat breakfast. Wish me luck today for second day of school! I'll figure out what to post for fact of the day while I eat! Byeneeee!!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Sunday, September 11, 2011

RIP penguin

Yeah... I gotta go to bed in like..... 9 minutes........

No penguin actually died... I just wanted to make it for some reason.....

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Just a little chart of what's going on

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

Big day for RK: Getting ready for school

School is tomorrow. Let's see what RK has to do, the day before school starts!

To do list:
☞ Clean Room ☑
Vacuum ☑
Pick outfit ☑
☞ Organize things to put in binder and back pack ☑
☞ Put PE uniform in backpack ☑
☞ Put away clothing ☑
Swat rug ☑


Bed time at 8:30. Get up at no later then 6: 00. Make breakfast, and pack lunch. If mom changes plans she will leave money for school lunch. Get dressed. Take shower if you didn't take one before bed. Mom will not be driving you to school. You are required to take the bus. Charge your cell phone before bed and don't forget to bring it to school JUST INCASE! Smile and have a good day at school!!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Happy Birthday, Princess Anime!!!

It is Princess Anime's birthday today!!! Happy birthday, PA!!

You can view PA's blog at I think... If not, comment and tell me it it wrong.

Happy birthday from CB and RK!!

Random + Writing,

Happy Birthday Princess Anime!!

Today it is PrincessAnime's Birthday! Yay!! Happy, Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you! Happy, Happy Birthday and 12 candles for you! WOO!
I will post better quality pictures soon. I need to find them though on iPhoto.

Keep it Nurby! ~RK and PA

I didn't know!

I didn't know that on Mac you could, click Edit then Special Characters and type stuff like this!:


And there is a bunch more but I don't feel like clicking that much.

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yay! 9

950 views!!! 50 more to 1000!!! YAY! Eek!!

103 posts?

THATS AMAZING! I JUST MADE IT 104!! WOOPIE! This is a great day! And great news, I have never been so productive in my life! .... Yes I know a lot of them were CB's but I think I have been getting better at posting too, no?

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Yay! 103 Posts!

This is the 103d post! Happy day! We have posted MANY MANY MANY artistic and non-artistic posts. 103 to be exact. Have fun on the Art Drawer. You have 103 posts to choose from.

Random + Writing + 103,

The Guilt Is Eating You Alive

   If you decided to, you would be crying, too. Nara couldn't believe she had just done it. It was the boldest thing she had ever done in her life. She had chosen to turn in her enemy for the crime that she had committed. Nara had stolen seventeen watches from the shop, and blamed it on her worst enemy. Even though it was her nemesis, the guilt was eating her alive.
   Quite literally.
   The symptoms began early one morning. The sun was shining down, the heat was warming Nara's face, and the bacteria were eating on her stomach.
   The itchiness was unbearable. Nara couldn't resist going to the doctor. Nara couldn't resist anything since that morning. She had never liked green peppers, but now she was craving them all the time.
   The doctor ordered x-rays. The doctor ordered biopsies on samples they had taken. The doctor ordered a nephrectomy, or a kidney removal. The doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong with Nara, but something was strangely, undeniably wrong.
   The doctor couldn't find them because the bacteria didn't exist. The bacteria were figments of Nara's imagination, but they were unmistakably there, nevertheless. These bacteria were guilt. Guilt is both a feeling and a medical condition. Guilt is a sickness brought about by your mind, by your choices, but the sickness is truly real. And incurable by anyone else. The only thing that will stop the bacteria from eating Nara alive was herself. She had to right her wrongs, and then, only then, would the bacteria mysteriously vanish.
   And Nara knew all of this. She knew she was the only one to make it better. She knew what the bacteria was. But she didn't want to right her wrongs, for it meant putting herself in a bad situation. Of course, it is just that that she had done already.
   But Nara decided not to. She decided to soldier through her guilt.
   But it only got worse.
   She itched all over, she was always so tired, she was always confused and forgetting things she had obviously known before she lied about her crime. The bacteria must have gotten into her mind. They were driving her mad. She was mentally aging ten years every day.
   But on she went.
   And on.
   And on.
   And the bacteria went on and on.
   Until one day. Nara was 37 years old that day. She got the mail. Inside the stack of junk mail was a letter from her nemesis. She had finally gotten out of jail.
   Nara thought the itchiness would stop.
   But it didn't.
   It went on and on and on.
   Finally, when Nara was 98 years old, the guilt finally got to her and she turned herself in. Finally, the itchiness stopped. The bacteria mysteriously vanished and everything was okay. Nara laid down on the ground and smiled. She was free.
   After all of the suffering, Nara was free.
   She was free to go.
   Nara died with a pure heart.
   Nara died guilt-free.

New challange for RK

This one won't be the hardest challenge I have forced myself to do but it won't be the easiest. I spend a lot of time on the computer, Talking to my friends, posting on this blog, and it's really not a healthy habit, especially for someone my age. I hate to admit it but I can spend hours-on-end without getting bored of the internet. I am going to get off the computer a lot of the time. I have limited my daily use on the computer to one hour a day. No matter what. It doesn't matter if I am bored, one hour is the limit. 15 minute segments seems good. I would also like to suggest this challenge to a few of you. If you think you are on the web too much, try this challenge with me! It will help to lead a healthy life and provide a better future. They're are a lot of things you can do on the internet but there's also a lot of things you can do with out it. We can survive. It's not like the whole world is gonna fall apart because we aren't on a computer in fact it would probably do the opposite.

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Fact of The day # 28: Tera-Brayns

The estimated human brain can hold up to an estimated 1-10 terabytes of information. Using and estimated 5 terabytes per brain it would take 1,000,000 brains to store the internet.

And just to give your brain an idea of how much we use the internet daily here's one more.
In 2007: 5,000 Tweets PER day
In 2008: 300,000 Tweets PER day
In 2009: 2.5 Million Tweets per day (35 Million per day by the end of the year)

Man we need to get off the internet...


Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fact of the day # 27: For the Lack of a Better Title

Did you know that 12 infants are given to the wrong parents daily?

Just think how embarrassing this would be!:

Nurse: Here is your beautiful baby boy.

Mom: *Starry eyed* Thank you!

Dad: He look's just like you, honey!

*Doctor walks in room*

Doctor: Mrs. Turnip, we would like to inform you this is not your baby. Sorry we got mixed up. *Hands real baby and takes wrong one back*

Dad: *slowly walking out of room backwards*


I just stopped yay-ing so much because, thanks to our dedicated viewers, we have hit a LOT of goals. Now we have 903 page views. NINE-HUNDRED-THREE, BABY!!! Only 50 more to 950, and from that 50 more and we hit 1003!!! Haha. Thanks SO much everyone! And, as RK said on the What To Look For Page, I DO love my views.

(Not my as in I am in possession of them, but my as in 'I love me my dawgs!' That doesn't mean all dogs are mine, it just means I love dogs. Oh, what the heck.)

I love our views.

(There. Now THAT would have been easier to type.)

Random + Writing + 50 + 50,

Cleaning my room

Remember how I said I was gonna clean my room but I don't like to clean and I don't like messes, In the one post titled 'WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!'?Well I finally got up and did it!!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Look At All The New Pages!

You see that green bar above all this? There are lots of links in it to different pages. We used to just have three separate pages (aside from the Miscellaneous Pages). Now we have six! Wow! RK was really busy today. Check them all out! They are really cool. We (she) also had the idea of having an Art Drawer Hall of Fame for our top readers. There will be really fun riddles and trivia, and depending on what it is, whoever is right or closest to the answer will get a spot on the hall of fame. Remember to comment or email us your answer AND what you would like to be called, like KingOfRandom or toottoot2e or LaurelG or moonembrace or anything else (just a shout out to a few or our followers). Thanks!! Remember, no last names or personal info or else you will be disqualified and your HOF spot will be taken by the runner-up.

Thanks everybody!!

Random + Writing + More Random + More Pages,

Riddle: What Happened?

A rope breaks, a bell rings, and a blind man dies. What happened?

Be the first to answer this riddle right or be the closest to it and be posted on the art drawers very own dedication page! It isn't the easiest thing in the world to get on our dedication page so keep trying!

Either post your response in the comments below or email us!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK



Keep it Nurby ~RK


Yay! My grandpa invited me to go on his boat and go tubing on Sunday! For those of you who don't know what tubing is, it's when you tie and inter-tube on the back of the boat and someone gets on the inter-tube and we get pulled really fast by the boat. I have never been dropped off the inter-tube before, so that's good. If any pictures are taken I'll post 'em. The bad part is, is since school is on Monday, and mom isn't so sure about us getting back on time to get ready for bed she might not let us go... But, I think she will let us. She is a good mother. The reason she worries about getting back on time is because we have to ride the ferry boat and it is a 20 minute ride AND if your unlucky sometimes EVERYONE want's to get on the ferry and your stuck waiting for 2 hours.. Well wish me the best...


They are being towed by a boat. That's what my brothers and I do when we go boat tubing!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

The Wheel's on the Bus Go 'Round and 'Round Into a New School Year

School is almost here and I can hardly wait!! The bad news is that I HAVE to ride the school bus to and from school on the first day. They make you do so because they don't want you to forget what bus you ride. I already have a gym uniform and I am strongly hoping that they have climbing ropes. I had them in third grade and ever since fourth I've longed for them. School is on Monday. Today it's Thursday so I am SUPER excited! ONLY THREE DAY'S! My personal goal this year is to smile as much as possible, even when I'm down in the dumps. I heard that just by smiling pulls or rests some sort of muscle in your brain that tell's it that everything is okay and at ease. I love to be happy so what's better then a way to make you happier just simply by smiling?! I don't know what I will wear for the first day but all I know is that it could be crazy or simple. I know it doesn't really even matter what I wear but it might be a new shirt I got, that is black with a turtle neck and buttons starting at the under arm ending at mid neck, with jeans and who cares what shoes OR it could be My red tank top with my black plain t-shirt under that, gray leggings and black and white skirt. And my pig hat but who knows, who cares? I'll just see what happens. ANYWAYS I hope that CB is having a great year so far because I know I will. New school, New reputation. There are two sides to me. Super shy, and full of energy. Either I will blow it and be forced to be shy all year or I will be full of energy like my awesome self! Yes. Even RK is super shy. Even ask CB she'll tell you like it is! Anyways, sorry if this was a bore but I am very excited. Wish me luck! Especially on the bus.... OF DOOM!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

Fact of the day # 26: Flap your wings! Or not...

Vultures can fly for countless hours with out flapping their wings!


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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Facts #23-#25

23: In Texas, when two trains meet each other at a railroad crossing, each shall come to a full stop, and neither shall proceed until the other has gone.

24: In Texas, the entire Encyclopedia Britannica is banned because it contains a formula for making beer at home.

25: In El Pas, Texas, college football is banned at Lamar University.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RK's Amazing cosplay!!


I haven't posted posted in a while because I had to get signed up for school, go on a short vacation and overall I was just plain BUSY!

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The last of the anime drawings

Yes I do realize that some of them are better then others. The ones of Edward Elric, Alphonze Elric, Winrey Rockbell, Envy (All from Full Metal Alchemist) and Kon (From Bleach), was done with a reference picture and the rest were all made up. The ones that were made up are NOT nearly as good as the ones that I had a reference picture for. I suppose that Haters Gonna hate though. Right?

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And more anime drawings...

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

More Anime Drawings

Awkward pose, much?

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