Thursday, September 8, 2011


Yay! My grandpa invited me to go on his boat and go tubing on Sunday! For those of you who don't know what tubing is, it's when you tie and inter-tube on the back of the boat and someone gets on the inter-tube and we get pulled really fast by the boat. I have never been dropped off the inter-tube before, so that's good. If any pictures are taken I'll post 'em. The bad part is, is since school is on Monday, and mom isn't so sure about us getting back on time to get ready for bed she might not let us go... But, I think she will let us. She is a good mother. The reason she worries about getting back on time is because we have to ride the ferry boat and it is a 20 minute ride AND if your unlucky sometimes EVERYONE want's to get on the ferry and your stuck waiting for 2 hours.. Well wish me the best...


They are being towed by a boat. That's what my brothers and I do when we go boat tubing!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

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