Thursday, September 8, 2011

Look At All The New Pages!

You see that green bar above all this? There are lots of links in it to different pages. We used to just have three separate pages (aside from the Miscellaneous Pages). Now we have six! Wow! RK was really busy today. Check them all out! They are really cool. We (she) also had the idea of having an Art Drawer Hall of Fame for our top readers. There will be really fun riddles and trivia, and depending on what it is, whoever is right or closest to the answer will get a spot on the hall of fame. Remember to comment or email us your answer AND what you would like to be called, like KingOfRandom or toottoot2e or LaurelG or moonembrace or anything else (just a shout out to a few or our followers). Thanks!! Remember, no last names or personal info or else you will be disqualified and your HOF spot will be taken by the runner-up.

Thanks everybody!!

Random + Writing + More Random + More Pages,

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