Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Wheel's on the Bus Go 'Round and 'Round Into a New School Year

School is almost here and I can hardly wait!! The bad news is that I HAVE to ride the school bus to and from school on the first day. They make you do so because they don't want you to forget what bus you ride. I already have a gym uniform and I am strongly hoping that they have climbing ropes. I had them in third grade and ever since fourth I've longed for them. School is on Monday. Today it's Thursday so I am SUPER excited! ONLY THREE DAY'S! My personal goal this year is to smile as much as possible, even when I'm down in the dumps. I heard that just by smiling pulls or rests some sort of muscle in your brain that tell's it that everything is okay and at ease. I love to be happy so what's better then a way to make you happier just simply by smiling?! I don't know what I will wear for the first day but all I know is that it could be crazy or simple. I know it doesn't really even matter what I wear but it might be a new shirt I got, that is black with a turtle neck and buttons starting at the under arm ending at mid neck, with jeans and who cares what shoes OR it could be My red tank top with my black plain t-shirt under that, gray leggings and black and white skirt. And my pig hat but who knows, who cares? I'll just see what happens. ANYWAYS I hope that CB is having a great year so far because I know I will. New school, New reputation. There are two sides to me. Super shy, and full of energy. Either I will blow it and be forced to be shy all year or I will be full of energy like my awesome self! Yes. Even RK is super shy. Even ask CB she'll tell you like it is! Anyways, sorry if this was a bore but I am very excited. Wish me luck! Especially on the bus.... OF DOOM!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

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  1. I was considering wearing my Elise Island costume on the first day of school, but I wasn't sure if it was going to be a P.E. day or not, so I didn't.

    Elise Island was a fifth grade project where you dress up as an immigrant from a long time ago and then they set up the church across the street like Elise Island. Everyone is speaking different languages, and they purposely turned off the A/C!!! It was a lot of fun!


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