Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Logo Opinion Poll

Thank you very much to our visitors who have voted. I think some of them may be the Art Drawer's personal friends, like moonembrace, or maybe they are all from our friends across the globe!

The results are in. Here are the standings:

Yes - Very much  0
Yes - Yes             0
Yes - Okay           0
Neutral                 0
No - Not really     1
No - No                5
No - I hate it         0

Wow... There is an overwhelming sense of NO there... Hmm... Well, we will crunch the numbers and see if the logo is affecting us any... If so, BYE BYE, BOW TIE! If not, DEAL WITH IT, YOU NINNIES! Hahaha! :D Thanks, everyone, for participating in our poll.

Random + Writing,

Holiday Poll

Do you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or anything else during the holidays? Are you looking forward to the holiday time of the year, no matter what you celebrate? Go ahead and scroll... Keep scrolling... And... There! In the left hand side! See it? Under the calendar. Yeah, that. Click one of the choices and SUBMIT! You have 5 days left!