Friday, September 23, 2011

Coming Soon: Atreus Triklotte and the Shadow Lions of Frindlor Farm

An incredibly gifted five-year-old's parents die, so he is sent to his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins' house in Kansas. It is a wonderful and nice home, except for the creatures that inhabit the residence with them. The Shadow Lions are Shadow creatures of darkness. Atreus learns from his cousin, Contria, who is very knowledgeable of the supernatural, that he is the last one that can stop the creatures from overrunning the the community. And the worst part: If the Shadows succeed, barely anyone would know.

As you can see, I have started a new book. 

Last night, my cousin that lives with my aunt and uncle (his grandma and grandpa) across the street was out for a walk. We walked with them, and when we got back, I told him that these creatures live in our yard. I told them the are called Shadow Lions, and he, gullible as he is, believed me. I told him that I have tried to stop them and failed, and that he was the last one that could stop them from taking over. 

With all the other things I had written and put on here, such as Escape of the Institute, and the Guilt is Eating You Alive were fun little things I had written for fun, and thought you'd enjoy reading. I would  hate for someone to take them and call them theirs, but they are not necessarily valuable to me. If they ever do become valuable to me, I will take them down and use them for what I need. The Atreus book is very very very valuable to me, because I hope to have it published once I am finished. And, once my cousin is older, it might be fun to give the book to him and tell him that I wrote it based on him. 

Thanks! Also, please email me at to send away for a few paragraphs of it. I think it is pretty good! Also, it is set in Kansas, so that is why no one would know. I think I am gonna add that to the summary. Yeah... So, you would have read it with my changes in it, but as I write this, it doesn't have it in there. Now it does. Yay! Thanks for reading!

Random + Writing + Atreus + Shadow Lions,

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