Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coming Soon: RK Paint's and designs her room!

Are you ready for the bluest walls in history of BLUE walls?! Well I am gonna take a guess that there's even bluer than mine, but ANYWAYS! If you have ever seen my discontinued blog The Q and A, I am going to guess you know that I have been planning to paint my room, from that cranberry color. I decided put all the idea's into a hat picked one out, and now the theme of RK's room is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNDER WATER!! I was chatting with one of my old friend and she said that everyone is copying her on her underwater idea, but it's not like they are all going to look the same. I AM TAKING MINE TO THE EXTREME! Blue walls, Origami fish hanging from the ceiling, Different shaded blue tulle (a net-like fabric) pinned to the ceiling, fabric fish hanging down, bubbles painted on my walls, and some of you may not be familiar with this one but she comes from the anime named Squid girl. I am hoping that I can get my brothers dad to make a graphic of her because that's what he does. Makes graphics.

P.S.) If you happened to have seen The Q and A blog, I will have you know, if you comment on the last post I made that you won't want me to discontinue it, I will be more then happy to keep posting.

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

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