Monday, September 26, 2011

Spider and Cockroach

I have all of this bio equipment for containing dead bugs and animals. Mainly bugs, but I have some owl yarp (A.K.A. Droppings, or vomit) and a snake skin, though. I just got a cockroach into a test tube and a huge spider into a petri dish.

The spider was BEAUTIFUL! It had been laboring in the corner of our bathroom for two months, but I finally got up the nerve to disturb it. It is just gorgeous! It has tan and black furry legs, interesting markings on its back, and it eyes! Oh, its eyes! When you look closely, you can see its fangs. Enormous, wonderful fangs! I had to wait a while to be sure all of it supposed venom had dried up before I could touch it. It would have been nice to collect a sample of it, though... But the poor spider... :( I wish it hadn't died... I wonder where its eggs are...

The roach was nothing special, but usually (and sadly), when my parents see roaches they kill them, so it was good to get one intact, for a change. :( :D

I have LOTS of bugs and snake skins in my bio drawer!!! I spent all year last year looking for dead things, and I found a non-decayed frog, but it started rotting so my parents wouldn't let me keep it... :(

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