Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Doctor Who Contest

Who watches Doctor Who on BBC or BBC America? It is a show about an alien called a Timelord who is the last Timelord left. He calls himself the Doctor. He is in love with the Human race and does his best to save us from aliens and possible threats, like machine aliens called Daleks, stone angels that move, and many more! He travels around the universe in a big blue time machine police box that is bigger on the inside, and it is called a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space). Also, it has been going since the 50's. The Doctor regenerates when he is dying, and that means the studio can switch actors. If you DO watch Doctor Who, you should participate in this contest!

moonembrace is on of our followers. She is also one of my close friends. She LOVES Doctor Who, so I thought she would enjoy this contest.

Please send in a picture of something creative you made from the show! I just made a paper TARDIS, and I saw online some pictures of people dressing up as their favorite Doctors from certain seasons. Whatever you want to do, just be creative and please read the Safety Online Rules and Regulations at the bottom of this post.

Since this is a CB contest, please email to itsbumpybackhere@gmail.com to enter. Please include a nickname for us to call you, because all pictures and FIRST/NICKNAMES will be posted! None of your personal info will be shared with anyone, also because you WON'T BE GIVING US ANY, right?

Good luck! This contest ends when we have at least 5 entries. The winner will be chosen soon after, but everyone will be mentioned! :D

Safety Online Rules and Regulations

  1. Do NOT include personal information in your email or photo. If any personal information is found, it will be edited out. If personal information is included in your photo, you will be disqualified and you entry will no longer count.
  2. Do NOT be gross. This a nice contest, and there is no reason to be inappropriate. Why would you?
  3. Do NOT ever give us personal information in a casual email (not in a contest). Never give us your phone number, address, last name, or user names and passwords, whether for us to post or not. An alias for you will be created and we will post that you have given us personal information. Your info will not be posted, but the fact that you have emailed that to us will be.
  4. If you are ever rude to another reader, you will be reported. Oh yeah. We went there!
Thank you for reading our Safety Online Rules and Regulations! If, and only if, any of these rules are broken, you will be reported. Thank you!

Good luck, and BEGIN!

Wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuff! OooOOh!!!
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