Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ball Lightning ("Thunderstorm" response)

IN RESPONSE TO "Thunderstorm": The same night on our walk before I could film it, I saw a little orb of light buzzing around the small thunderhead. Dad told me it sounds like ball lighting, which it still pretty controversial on whether it exits or not. I think it does since I saw it, but I don't know for sure... :)

How many of you think you saw ball lighting? It might be a gold orb of light buzzing around a cloud, or something like one of these at this link (google images):

The ball-lightning.jpeg at b3ta.com pic is pretty close. It is the one on a dark blue background with a white streak of lighting and a trail of golden orbs coming off of it.

When my grandma was young, their house was struck by lightning, and the stove exploded. A ball of light rolled across the floor and disappeared. Was this ball lightning, or just a shared hallucination?

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