Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Contest!!!

Heeeeeyyyy!! Word up? Tee hee.. Okay, so everyone who reads The Art Drawers posts, you will know that I, Rain Kissed ALWAYS have a signature at the bottom of my posts.
"Keep it Nurby! ~RK"... BUT sometimes I sign it a bit differently! ex.
"Keep it Nurby! ~rk" "Keep it Nurby! ~Rk" OR "Keep it nurby! ~Rk" etc etc etc etc! Now! The contest is to find the EXACT number of how many times my signature looked like one of the examples above (Do not look for any that say
Keep it Nurby ~RK: Because that is the correct way to do my signature!!!!!)! Have fun!!

Keep it nurby! ~RK

1 comment:

  1. Keep it nurby ~RK: 2
    Keep it nurby ~Rk: 17
    keep it Nurby ~RK: 1
    Keep it nurby! ~RK: 5
    Keep it nurby ~Rk

    I am just guessing. Haha!


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