Saturday, October 1, 2011

So You Think You Can Spin? Guest Star on TAD!: Tamy!

Me and my new Bestie just having a blast! It all started out because, Tamy was suppose to have a sleep over and the power went out. We got really bored so we decided to have a spinning contest, and she said Hi! So you think you can spin! We laughed a lot afterwards and made this video!!!!!!

Tamy: Tamy

Kira: Rain Kissed

Judge A: Rain Kissed

Judge B: Tamy

Advertisers: Tamy and Rain Kissed

Editing: Rain Kissed

Original Idea: Tamy

Video by: Tamy and Rain Kissed

Keep it Nurby! ~RK


  1. Funny! I was worried you would be too homesick to make good friends! I am so happy! I, on the other hand, have made a friend of an acquaintance! Haha! Funny!

  2. :D Thanks CB!! Nah.... I am still like UBER homesick though...


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