Saturday, October 1, 2011


Today is the beginning of October! I have been in October three hours longer than RK! :D RK is already here, of course, but at 12:00 this morning, she wasn't in October yet, until 3:00 AM for me! FREAKY!

Happy Halloween! To get into the Halloween spirit, comment to us what you are going to be for Halloween!

Last year I was a pirate, and the year before I was a nerd. Last year my mom was the crazy cat lady, and the year before tat she was a nerd with me.

Last year, RK was Finn and Marceline the Vampire queen from Adventure time. I'm not real sure what the story was, there. I think she was Finn at a costume party and her Marceline wasn't finished..? IDK. She can tell you more.


Random + Writing + October,

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