Saturday, October 1, 2011

Scorpia's Wrath

I have just finished writing a play for fun. Lots of the kids in my class are going to be actors and actresses in it. This is just for fun, and it really is fun! I held auditions on Wednesday and Thursday, and everyone who signed up and auditioned IS guaranteed a part, but the auditions are sadly closed now, so all of the parts are taken.

The sixth graders in my class are playing the three main parts, but a really good actress named Ircega (name scrambled for protection) is playing a main part. She is so good, funny, sweet, and pretty. AND she dances. Wow, pentuple threat! Haha.

The play will be shown in front of the class in a few months. Until then, au revoir, and may your plays be very playful.

Random + Writing,

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