Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Doctor Who Contest Results *CONTEST NOW CLOSED*

Thank you to all who participated in the Doctor Who Creativity Contest! Everyone here behind the scenes of the Art Drawer really appreciated how creative your entries were. Every single one of us, technicians, writers, comedy writers, actors and more all enjoyed seeing the wonderful drawings and buildings. I am sure Doctor Who would, too.

The Results:

First up, we have KingofRandom with his really cool manga drawing!
(Text: Text Box:
"Today's Lecture: Time
Guest Speeker: The Doctor"
Chart: Time [arrow] Wibbly wobbly timey wimey"
"Zander Krasny")
We really liked the idea! Never would have thought of it! Thanks, KingofRandom!

Second, we have moonembrace! She has sent us two pictures of her creations. She made CRAYON TARDISES!!!!!!!! I was quite impressed with her creativity. She tells us the photo quality was bad, so she tells us these are crayon Tardises. Thanks!!

Those were our winners (Both tied for first place). Sorry for the wait, but creativity never ceases! If you are inspired by these winners and want to enter your own idea, feel free! The contest is still open, but our winners have already been chosen. Thanks!!

Random + Nurby,
CB and RK

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