Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to make Pajama Shorts!! :D

Hey guys! I went to the store today and saw this cute fluffy fabric, and it made me think of pajamas. We bought the fabric and I put together a tutorial for you, about how to make PJ shorts! :D **Editors note: I said in one of the videos that you don't have to make the shorts two layers... I take it back!! Make the shorts have two layers!

-Fluffy, soft, or cute fabric of your choice
-Fabric Chalk
-Shorts or shorts pattern (You can get shorts cheap at a thrift store)
-Ribbon (optional)
-Sewing machine (recommended) or Needle and thread

Step One:

Written instructions: Get a pair of shorts and cut ONE of the sides of the shorts. Then cut the part of the shorts that goes in between your legs. Iron the shorts, so they are flat and easier to work with.

Step Two:

Written instructions: Place the shorts on the fabric you're going to use and trace the shorts with fabric chalk, or bar soap. Cut along the line.

Step Three:

Written instructions: Flip over both pieces of fabric, so that you see the underside of your fabric. Stack both pieces of fabric on top of each other, and then sew both pieces together on every side except the two sides if you lay the fabric horizontally.

Step Four:

Written instructions: Flip the fabric right side out... That's all you really have to do for this step so watching the video is completely pointless.. :I (and find ribbon that you like ;) )

Step Five:

Written instructions: Measure how long your shorts are with a tape measure or ruler. Then take that length and measure X amount of inches on your ribbon. Add an extra 2 feet or so. Once you cut your ribbon, fold the ends over about a centimeter and sew a seam, so the ends don't fray. Next measure how tall your ribbon is and put that measurement on the top of the shorts sew a line that is as tall as your ribbon down the top of the shorts. Then sew the two sides together and sew the part that goes in between the legs to the rest of the shorts. (PS its easier to understand if you watch the video)

Step Six:

Written instructions: Cut two slits about in inch apart on the front of the shorts. Then where the seam was, cut a slit in front, and on the other side of it to make it so you can thread the ribbon through.

Step Seven:

Written instructions: Attach a safety in to one of the sides of the ribbon, and put it through on of the slit in the front. Then when you get to the seam, make it go out the first slit and back in through the other. To move the ribbon through bunch up some fabric in one hand and with the same hand grab the safety pin through the fabric and with the other hand pull the fabric so it un-bunches. As it un-bunches it will also have pulled the ribbon through. When you get back to one of the other slits, pull it through the slit, then take the safety pin off. Make the ribbon even and you have successfully made a pair of PJ shorts!! They also make wonderful gifts!

Keep it Nurby! ~RK

(P.S. Here is a picture of the outcome:

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  1. Mine turned out awesome! Thanks RK! I <3 THE ART DRAWER!!


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