Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crocheting and Knitting *UPDATED AND CHANGED!*

I am updating this post, because I felt it was wrong! I LOVE to crochet! I made myself a cell phone holder, I have made a few bags, I made a crocheted crochet hook case! It is a lot of fun! I may post a how to crochet tutorial sometime soon. Also, I am going to post a very basic How to Loom Knit tutorial! I noticed all of my loom knitting tutorials were assuming you already knew how to loom knit! I think I will try and make a video for that, because I actually can only use visual things for instructions... I don't know WHY I write my tutorials with no pictures...

Do you crochet or loom knit? Or needle knit? I find that pretty hard right now. Maybe with more practice I will get it! :D

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