Monday, January 9, 2012


I go to drama class every Monday, and we just got back to it after the break, so this was everyone's first day back. Anyway, there were SO many new people, and we were running short in scripts to do. We had all decided on a light-hearted, lightly funny serious one with a deeper meaning, but not, like, sad or dark, or anything. I mean, serious can be a little sad, but it isn't all sad...


I have taken it upon myself to write one by next week. :)

If any of you are fellow playwrights or writers, feel free to email us any scripts or ideas you have! I will not take credite for them or anything. :) I mean, if I write the play with your idea, I will take the writing credit, but I will say something like, "Originally by so-and-so," or something.

I hope I can do it! :D

Thanks guys!

Random + Writing,

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