Sunday, January 8, 2012

Callous in Blunderland (A One-Man Show) (Family, Comedy)

A girl (CB) named Callous ventures into the mysterious world of Blunderland, meeting all sorts of new friends and foes. When she makes a very big mistake, she wonders if she will ever sort it out.

Written, produced, and directed by CB. A one-man show!

Thank you for watching!

This production brought to you by:
The Art Drawer, CB, GB

And Viewers Like YOU!

White Rabbit...CB
Centshire Pig...CB
Mad Hotter...CB
Queen of Hearts...CB
Poker Player...CB
The Art Drawer...Itself
The Art Drawer Voice...CB

Directed by...CB
Filmed by...CB
First waking scene filmed by...GB
Views of Poker Player filmed by...GB
Story by...CB
Written by...CB

I forgot to mention:

Costumes and Props provided by...CB

Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed. Please, don't hesitate to give feedback!

Random + Writing,

P.S. I apologize for being so late! It was supposed to be filmed and edited many, many months ago, around the time that I wrote it, but I didn't. At least it is here now!

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