Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Art Drawer is Back

The Art Drawer will be returning soon. We are treating its injuries in our HQ, but it will be as good as new in a few days. We cannot explain the circumstances or events that occurred having to do with the Nerds or the Art Drawer's disappearance. We did operate under secrecy, as we should have the entire time. We regret posting the beginning of the Art Drawer's plight, for it gives much information to our HQ's location. But so many of you have undoubtedly viewed it, that there is no point in taking it down. We will be unable to tell you the goings on regarding the Art Drawer or the nerds until its full recovery, or until the facts are unclassified.

Contest: Who can gather the most facts or almost-facts from 'Searching for the Art Drawer' first? We will post the facts you all come up with once you email it to us at:

Thank you for your understanding in this time of loss. ;)

Random + Writing,

P.S. The Art Drawer is completely safe.

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