Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Artsy Shtuff

Hmm... I am thinking of doing some more videos. A while ago (around the time of Callous in Blunderland) I wrote a silent movie. About a minute long. I might film that soon. I want to to a comedy song! My friends at school and I have been into singing and music lately. I Amin loooooove with performing and I am in love with the acting troupe starkid! They are amazing singers and actors. They have done five musicals so far (A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, Starship, a very dirty one that I will not name, and Holy Musical B@man!) and six productions in all if you count Little White Lie. They are all on YouTube and you can search them if you want! Anyway, we did medleys and bits of some of the musicals and my drama friend Alpscirl and I might do a medley of HMB!!! So I might write another song like the tofu song. A different style perhaps. Ooooh!!! Maybe I could write a funny song and sing it in all different styles? Could be interesting. My gosh, I've missed the Art Drawer. Random + Writing, CB

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