Thursday, June 7, 2012

To Artists That Don't Feel Like Artists (A post to help you feel as amazing as you are)

On my ukulele post, I got a comment from Anonymous. This was their comment:

Sup' I'm the guitarist she's talking about.
So far I'm still not to good but slowly getting somewhat better. :P
I wish I had a blog. But I don't think I'd be allowed. Plus, I doubt I'd get taken seriously. Maybe when I'm older.

I was not happy. You know why? Because they thought you had to be older and taken seriously to be an artist. That is definitely not true. Here was my comment back:

Taken seriously? Are you comparing yourself to us? We aren't taken seriously at all! Far from it! We just have a few people from around the world that either keep stumbling across our blog or maybe just enjoy our ideas and craziness. And no matter how old you are, people can take art seriously. One of the famous composers (Beethoven, I think) started when he was four. His dad and friends had a strings band or whatever you'd call it, and during practice they took a break and went into the kitchen. They heard beautiful violin music coming out of the room they had just left. When they came back in, it was Ludwig van Beethoven. How do you think they reacted? Half probably dismissed it. Didn't take him seriously. He went one to be one of the greatest musicians in history. Half of them did take him seriously and realized his work as music. So no matter how people react to you, taking you seriously or not, you can definitely go on to become a musician. What am I saying? You can definitely be a musician right now. Never give up your art, your feeling just because of how someone reacts to it. Art is not about the way people react to it. It is about the feelings behind it, the journey you took to create your work of art. And if art has that definition, everyone is an artist because life is about the journey, too. So everyone's life is a masterpiece. You better treat your life like one.

That commenter probably won't ever see this, but I want them to know that every single artist stands behind them. There are billions of artists that feel just like them somewhere out there. Every single artist supports them in their journey on finding their artwork. Every single artist gives their love to every other artist. Artists feel how connected one another are, so we give love and strength and wisdom to each other. If you ever need someone to lean on, any of you, not just this commenter, just look at a painting or listen to some music, or watch a play, read a book, anything! Just something artistic. Through our art, we can feel the feelings that the artist put into the art, the feelings they had on the journey to creating it. And one of those feelings is always love. So feel that love through the art. And please, please, please know that you are NOT ALONE. You have the entire world standing behind you and holding your hand. Because everyone is an artist creating their life's story. And they will help you on your journey. Because not only is your life journey art, but art is your life journey as well.
I want every artist to stay strong and never stop fighting. RK and I, and every single person in the whorl, give our love to each and every one of you.

Wishing you safe travels on your life journey,


  1. Oops. I didn't mean no one would take my guitar playing skills seriously, I meant no one would take my blog seriously. Heh. But still, nice motivational speech thing.

    1. Oh... Now I feel all dummys... But it wasn't necessarily to you (but it could be!); your comment just reminded me of when people say stuff like that. Oopsies! A.A


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